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Guild Hangout and Housing



- When a guild reaches a certain level, the guild can open a Guild Hangout that can house its members and allow them to take part in various content such as farming and raising companions.




Guild Hangout



- When a guild reaches Lv. 5, the Guild Hangout becomes available, which can be accessed via the Guild Tower.
- The Guild Hangout has a garden and the two halls consisting of the first and second floors.
- There are NPCs you can interact with to purchase useful items or to take part in various guild content.


Hangout NPC's to the West


Hangout NPC's to the East




Farming Crops



- Plant Dilgele seeds in the guild farm to harvest Dilgeles at a later time. Dilgele seeds are obtainable from the guild events and can also be purchased from the Templar Master.



- Guild Farming requires the corresponding Guild Attribute.
- The Guild Farming Attribute can be learned at the Guild Tower.
- Guild Farming Attribute level allows the Guild to raise more crops at a time as it increases.



- You can use seeds to plant crops.
- Crops need to be watered and taken care of until they are ready to be harvested.
- Watering Can is sold by the Templar Master.
- You can use the Watering Can by pressing the 'C' key.
- Each crop takes 5 hours to fully grow up and be ready to harvest.
- Any member of the guild can harvest the crops and the harvested crops can be found in your inventory.


※ Important
- Crops will not wither away even when the water gauge reaches 0.
- If you water the crops 3 times while the water gauge is maxed, the roots rot away and the crops die.
- Dead crops count toward the total Guild crop count until they are removed manually by players.




Guild Companions


- Guild Companions are hatched from eggs, which can be obtained by completing Guild Quests.



- Guild Taming Attribute is required for Companions to be raised in the Guild Hangout.
- Guild Taming Attribute can be learned at the Guild Tower.
- The number of companions that can be raised in the Hangout correspond to the level of the Taming Attribute.
- Guild Companions have different stats and appearances to regular companions.
- Guild Companions can be trained by spending Silver just like regular Companions.
- Guild Companions must be fed regularly in order to be raised.
- Baby Companions take 5 days to grow fully.
- Fully grown companions can be adopted by anyone in the Guild.


* Important
- Companions will not die even when their food guage reaches 0.
- Companion will die when fed 3 times while its food guage is maxed.
- Dead companions count toward the total Guild Companion count and must be removed manually by players.




Guild Hangout Expansion



- Guild Hangout can be expanded by meeting the following prerequisites.


Guild Hangout
Expansion Level




Guild Level

Guild Funds (Silver)

Guild Mileage

Stage 1


- Basic Guild Hangout

Stage 2

10 and above



- Expands the Guild Hangout

- Guild Housing items are purchasable

- Crafting Workshop is available

- Grants Guild Farm x1 in the Guild Storage

Stage 3

10 and above



- Expands Guild Housing area allowing to place more items

- Guild Labs are available

Stage 4

12 and above



- Expands Guild Housing area allowing to place more items

Stage 5

12 and above



- Expands Guild Housing area allowing to place more items



- The current state of Hangout expansion can be viewed on the Guild Info UI's Hangout Info tab.




Purchasing Guild Housing Goods and Facilities



- Guild Mileage can be converted to Housing Points in the Hangout Info UI.



- You can use Guild Housing Points to purchase Housing Items and Facilities from the Hangout Manager NPC.



Purchasable Items



Decorate your Guild Hangout with a wide range of installations.


Place facilities within your Guild Hangout to benefit other guild members.


Hire a farm manager increase harvest more crop.


- Items purchased will be available in your character's inventory.




Installation of Housing Items and Facilities



- The Edit Mode icon is displayed when the Guild Hangout Expansion Level is 2 or above.
- Players can install, remove or relocate various Housing Items and Facilities by entering Edit Mode.
- Removing installed items and facilities will cost Guild Funds.




Guild Labs



- Guild Labs can be installed in order to conduct various researches that yield beneficial effects once the Guild Hangout Level has reached 3.





Weapon Lab

Weapons Research - Plant

Increased damage to Plant type monsters

Weapons Research - Insect

Increased damage to Insect type monsters

Weapons Research - Beast

Increased damage to Beast type monsters

Weapons Research - Mutant

Increased damage to Mutant type monsters

Weapons Research - Devil

Increased damage to Demon type monsters

Armor Lab

Cloth Armor - Material

Reduces damage taken from monster
per cloth armor equipped

Leather Armor - Material

Reduces damage taken from monster
per leather armor equipped

Plate Armor - Material

Reduces damage taken from monster
per plate armor equipped

Cloth Armor - Functionality

Recovers additional SP per cloth armor equipped every 20 seconds at a certain chance

Leather Armor - Functionality

Increases Max. stamina
per leather armor equipped

Reduces stamina consumption while dash
per leather armor equipped

Plate Armor - Functionality

Recovers additional HP every 20 seconds
per plate armor equipped at a certain chance

Property Lab

Property Theory - Fire

Increases additional Fire damage

Property Theory - Ice

Increases additional Ice damage

Property Theory - Lightning

Increases additional Lightning damage

Property Theory - Poison

Increases additional Poison damage

Property Theory - Dark

Increases additional Dark damage

Property Theory - Holy

Increases additional Holy damage

Property Theory - Earth

Increases additional Earth damage

Property Theory - Psychokinesis

Increases additional Psychokinesis damage


- Guild Labs can be upgraded by interacting with the already installed facility.
- Upgrading a Lab will consume Guild Funds and Mileage.



- The maximum Research Level that can be reached increases as the Lab is upgraded further.



Expansion Lvl

Expansion Condition

Max. Research Level

Guild Funds

(Unit: Silver)

Guild Mileage




Lv. 5




Lv. 10




Lv. 15




Lv. 20




Lv. 25


- Research Level can be increased at the cost of Guild Funds.
- Labs provide beneficial buffs respective to the field of research, which can be activated Solo or for the entire Guild.



- Solo Activation costs Guild Contribution points while Group Activation costs Guild Funds.
- Solo Activation only provides 50% of the buff's effects.


Research Activation


Group Activation

Research Points invested * 1,000,000 Guild Silver

Solo Activation

Research Points invested * 2 Contribution Points


* Buffs provided through Guild Labs are not applied in PvP environments.




Crafting Workshop



- Crafting Workshops can be installed when the Guild Hangout Level is 2 or above by spending Guild Funds and Mileage.
- Upgrading the Crafting Workshop increases the maximum amount of Housing Points that can be accumulated.




Guild Farm



- Farming methods will differ as below depending on the Hangout Expansion level.


Expansion Level

How to Plant

Stage 1

Use crop seeds on a farm in Guild Hangout

Stage 2+

1. Place an obtained Guild Farm

2. Use crop seeds on a Guild Farm in Guild Hangout