Combat System Changes Dossier Pt. 1


May 10th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!

Following up on our QnA sessions about the ‘Plans for Combat System Changes’, this time we would like to create a series of posts with more detailed information on each aspect of the changes.

Today, the topic we're discussing relates to a few specifics on how the new calculation formulas are going to affect the way combat is played in TOS.

Other topics we have in mind for the next posts are subjects like the use of stats, skill factors, item changes and other updates.

1. What main differences will we see in TOS when the big changes are applied?

In a nutshell, starting with the new combat system formulas, you’ll be getting revised character stats (in terms of both how they’re used and how they’re calculated), improved item stats and transcendence/enhancement systems, readjusted monster hunting difficulties and many other changes which will serve as guidelines to future dev improvements.

2. What’s the advantage of the new combat calculation formulas compared to our current ones?

Our current [attack - defense] formula may be easier to understand, but in a game like TOS where you have several different types of classes, customizable basic stats and two types of attack and defense (physical/magic), it’s not so straightforward. When a game like this allows for such a wide range of character development and customization but the attack/defense values of items, monsters, etc. are fixed, it’s inevitable to come across certain limitations, and we (as well as our players) have certainly started to feel those limitations.

That is why, if we’re going to consider future content updates, we need a formula that can take all these values and produce fairly balanced results no matter the stage of development of your character. That’s what we intend to achieve with the new combat calculation formulas (we ended up dwelling on this topic a little more specifically in topic no. 3, so do keep reading).

3. Can you give an example of how the new combat calculation formulas are going to work?

Below is the new formula we’re using for calculating damage:

damage = (% increase factor) x attack x min {1, log10 ((attack / (defense + 1))^0.8 + 1)} + (+ increase)

  • 0.8 is the number we previously introduced as 0.x
  • min is there to ensure that the applied attack value calculated via defense does not exceed 1
  • % increase factor refers to skills and other factors that increase attack on a percentage
  • + increase refers to additional damage (+) from sources like property damage
  • Now let’s calculate an example case of attack 1000 and defense 800.

    A = attack / (defense +1) = 1.248 (1 is added to defense so as to not divide any number by 0)
    B = A^0.8 + 1 = 2.19
    C = min (1, log10 B) = 0.341 (min limits the maximum value of C to 1)
    This C value is a ratio applied according to the attack value, which makes
    D = attack x % factor x C + additional damage = 341

    Here are a few examples of what the damage value would amount to according to different attack and defense values (assuming a % factor of 1.00 and a + increase of 0), under the new calculation formula:

    As you can see, with this formula, when attack and defense are the same value, the damage amounts to 30% of that number. The higher the defense, the lower the proportional damage; and vice versa. If the defense is 0, the damage will be the same value as the attack.

    For the sake of comparison, and to add a little to topic no. 2 of this post, here are the same calculations performed under the current formula (again, assuming a % factor of 1.00 and a + increase of 0).

    Here, with the [attack - defense] formula applied, investing enough in defense can make you virtually invincible. Some monsters compensated for this by upping their attack, which allowed them to deal some pretty nasty blows to your average player.

    As we explained before, this hindered many players wanting to quest or solo in Rank 8 fields or enjoy endgame contents like Earth Tower and, on the other hand, produced very extreme attack-defense proportions.

    We hope these examples help demonstrate how the new combat formulas can help players with different character builds experience a variety of contents more comfortably, which really is what we’re aiming for when applying these changes.

    4. How will the new changes affect monsters under my character’s level in particular?

    For normal-grade field monsters 50 levels under the player’s, a virtual equipment factor is applied to maintain an attack reduction ratio of about 40% to 60%. This factor is applied at an even higher degree in special monsters like giant Hunting Ground monsters, elite or boss monsters.

    5. Will the new changes make me invest more in defense?

    It depends on your circumstances. You can make your attack higher than your defense by investing in stats (STR/INT), but if the attack and defense values you get from items are similar, considering the significant attack increase you get according to your defense value, there won’t be that many contents demanding very high degrees of defense.

    Because of this, you can get fairly good results in regular fields, Hunting Grounds and instanced dungeons with moderate attack and some Heal or HP potions. On the other hand, the feedback you get from seriously investing in defense becomes more important in Earth Tower and other high-end PvE contents, as well as in PvP situations where it’s hard to estimate the attack of your opponent.