Combat System Changes QnA Session 1


May 10th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!

As explained in the last section of our 'Plans for Combat System Changes' post, we gathered a few of your questions from the forum about the new changes for a Q&A session. Here are the answers from the dev team.

Please keep your questions and suggestions coming in [this thread] for the next Q&A session!

Basic Stats

Q1. SPR looks like it’s going to become less effective without status ailment resistance or magic defense. What can SPR be used for now other than saving up on potions?
A1. Well, I can tell you that SPR is going to become a lot more important when it comes to saving up on potions. SPR will have a bigger effect on SP, and with the increase of SP consumption in several skills, it will be difficult to keep casting them like before without investing at least a little in SPR.

Q2. How will DEX affect skills? Will magic skills also be influenced by DEX?
A2. The attack speed increase from DEX will not apply to all skills. Magic skills, for example, will not have their attack speed increased by DEX.

Q3. If critical attack is under DEX now, does that mean STR will no longer have an influence on anything critical-related?
A3. That is correct.

Q4. Will DEX increase the speed of basic attack for all classes?
A4. Yes, it will.

Q5. You talked a lot about how attack skills are going to change with the new combat formulas, but do you also have plans regarding non-attack skills?
A5. Yes, the new combat formulas are going to affect non-attack skills as well. Realistically it would be hard for us to explain how our plans will apply to each individual skill, but we will announce skill-specific changes when they do happen via the blog or our patch notes.

Other Stats

Q6. How will critical rate and critical resistance work? If critical rate/resistance were removed from the main stats, how will they be calculated? Also, will there be other ways to increase your critical rate other than items?
A6. Critical rate and resistance will come from items (including additional stats), skill buffs and attributes, with a new critical rate calculation formula. Our plan is to add critical rate mostly to leather armor, via added item stats and full-set effects, and to attributes. In the case of leather armor, we expect it to have lower physical defense than plate, lower magic defense than cloth, but instead come with critical rate and other attack-centric additions that make it stand out from the other types of armor.

Q7. How will property attack and resistance work? Will you make resistance skills more significant in PvP?
A7. Property attack and resistance are going to be calculated the same as before, with a subtraction formula. The new way basic defense is calculated is unrelated to property attack, which means this type of attack is going to deal actual damage regardless of the enemy’s defense.

Q8. Will magic amplification remain the same? Or will you make it a little more advantageous to Wizard classes?
A8. We have no changes planned for neither the values nor the calculation formulas of magic amplification.

Q9. Block and penetration are factors that matter in PvP. Will they matter more now in PvE as well?
A9. Regular monsters blocking players’ attacks enough to taunt them is not really a common issue. As such, we don’t have any plans to increase the importance of block and penetration in regular monsters. You may, however, find some high-block monsters in certain raids or in specific locations.

Q10. Are boss monsters included in your monster-related changes?
A10. Yes. We’re readjusting the attack, defense, HP and other combat factors of all monsters to match the new combat formulas.


Q11. How will green gems change?
A11. All gem stat options will remain the same as before. Some gems may become a little more or less valuable depending on the circumstances, but we have no plans to exempt players from gem extraction fees.

Q12. Will you revise the additional stats you get from gems and Enchant Scrolls?
A12. So far we haven’t considered changing them.

Q13. You mentioned a lot of changes about the transcendence of weapon equipment. What about armor and accessories?
A13. The transcendence changes we talked about will apply in the same way to armor and accessory equipment items.

Q14. Will we need the same amount of Blessed Gems as before to transcend equipment? If not, can you share the specifics on how that will change?
A14. Using the Lolopanther Two-handed Sword (level 270, unique) as a standard for all equipment, the amount of Blessed Gems needed will be almost the same. Items with a higher level and grade will require a little more, and vice versa. The amount will be different for each piece of equipment depending on its level and grade, and on whether it’s one-handed/two-handed/sub-weapon or weapon/armor, so it’s too much for us to publish the exact values for every single item here. I’m afraid you’ll have to see for yourself in the game.

Q15. Any changes planned regarding collection bonuses?
A15. After we apply the big changes, we want to monitor the value of those additional bonuses, along with the added stats of gems and Enchant Scrolls, and then we will decide whether they need to be revised. We also think it would be good to readjust the difficulty of achieving these collection bonuses.


Q16. How will SPR affect summoned creatures specifically? How much will the damage of summons increase with SPR?
A16. Investing in SPR is going to increase the damage (not the attack) of summoned creatures, although it’s hard to tell exactly how much the damage of the average summon will increase with the new combat formulas.

Q17. If higher SPR increases the SP consumption of summons, by how much does it boost their DPS? Unless there are serious improvements to DPS, it sounds a little unreasonable.
A17. The SP consumption of summons will become a fixed value instead of a percentage.

Q18. Will INT also affect summons?
A18. No, it will not.

Reset Event

Q19. If I want to advance into a hidden class, will I have to take the advancement quest during the reset event?
A19. If your character already advanced into a hidden class before, you’ll be exempted from taking the quest again and your requirements for that quest will not be reset. If your character has never advanced into the desired hidden class, however, you will still need to meet the advancement requirements.

Q20. During the reset event, will you allow all players to learn attributes instantly, similarly to the benefit offered by Tokens?
A20. No, we have no plans to allow that.