First time playing? : The Basics

Personal trade

-You can check whether your team is using a Token or not via the icons in the upper-left corner.

-Silver and some other goods in the game cannot be traded.

No. of times After Trade
Token Trades Left Remaining Trades Equipment Status Regular items
(consumables, recipes, materials)
TP costumes
Enabled Enabled 1 or more 1 or more Minus 1 Minus 1 No changes Changed to untradable No changes
Enabled Enabled 0 1 or more No changes No changes Changed to untradable
Enabled Enabled 0 0
Enabled Disabled 1 or more 0
Enabled Disabled 0 0
Disabled Disabled 0 0

※ However, items with 0 potential cannot be traded.

-Premium Circle 3 costumes can be traded, but they can only be equipped by characters of the corresponding Circle 3 class.

-The following items cannot be traded.

: Transcendence materials and transcended equipment

: Regular/premium hairstyles and eye lenses

: Equipment and costumes with 0 potential

: Traded Enchantment Scrolls


-Tokens are items which apply certain effects to all the characters in your team.

-Tokens can be purchased from the TP Merchant NPC in cities (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian).

-Tokens apply their effects to all the characters in your team for 30 days.

-Once your Token is activated, you will see the Token icon appear in the buff menu on the upper part of the screen. 


※ Important

Q. I'm a Token user, but the equipment I traded became untradable.

-When one or more of the players participating in the trade is not a Token user, or has used up all of their Token's trade counts, the traded equipment will become untradable.

Q. I'm using a Token, but in the other player's trade window it says "Token Disabled".

-When you aren't using a Token or you have no trades left in your maximum count, your status in the other player's trade window will appear as [Token Disabled].

Q. Do consumables, recipes, materials and other regular items also become untradable?

-Regular items will also become untradable after they are traded (the same as other items).

Q. Can untradable items be moved to another one of my characters through the Team Storage?

-Untradable items cannot be traded 1:1, registered in the Market or transferred via Team Storage.


[How to Trade]

-Right-click the other player's character and select Trade.

-Click and drag the item you wish to trade from your inventory to the empty slot in the window.

※ Transcended items cannot be traded.

※ After you have used up all 30 trades from your Token, the benefits section will no longer show the number of trades available.

-Regular items (consumables, recipes, materials) become untradable.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.