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Level Dungeon

Level Dungeon



-Instanced dungeons are maps in which you can play in parties of up to 5 people.

-Type /indun in the chat or press Contents Status Board (F10) to display information about Instanced Dungeons.

- You can enter 3 times per day. (resets every 6 AM)

- You can see the location by clicking on the map.

1. Level requirements and location


- You can enter Instanced Dungeons via [Sentinel] NPC in each town.


| Monument of Desire Dungeon (Lv. 50~299)

| Lanko Lake Dungeon(Lv. 300~399)

| Lv.400 dungeon that changes daily. (Lv. 400 or above)


- You cannot enter the dungeon lower than the character's level.

  EX. Character with Lv.400 or above cannot enter Monument of Desire Dungeon and Lanko Lake Dungeon.


[Klaipeda - Sentinel Rian]

[Orsha - Sentry Viola]

[Fedimian - Sentry Ailee]


2. Lv.400 Dungeon

- Dungeon type of [Lv. 400 Dungeon] changes every day and the procedure differs.

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Dungeon Crystal Mine Seven Valley Village Catacombs Canyon Belt Saalus Convent Castle  Siauliai  Royal Mausoleum

- EXP, Talt, and Silver will be given according to the Achievement Rate of Instanced dungeon, and Blessed Shard x1 will be given regardless of the Achievement Rate.

- Cleare reward for Achievement Rate 100% is [Blessed Shard x1, Talt x6, and 100,000 Silver].

- When the level gap between character and Instanced Dungeon is over 30, silver for the clearing reward decreases according to the exceeded level.


3. How to Enter

- There are 3 ways to enter Instanced Dungeon.

① Auto Match for party. (Auto Match)
② Make a party with other users to enter. (Auto Match with Party or Enter Now)
③ Enter by Solo party. (Enter Now)


- When you enter via 'Auto Match for party. (Auto Match)', you can enter the dungeon with the characters who've pressed Auto Match even when you don't have a party.

- When matched with other characters, you will automatically enter the dungeon.

※ Character can only enter the dungeon according to the character's level.

| Monument of Desire Dungeon (Lv. 50~299)

| Lanko Lake Dungeon(Lv. 300~399)

| Lv.400 dungeon that changes daily. (Lv. 400 or above)


4. Multiply Mode and Clear Voucher

[Apply Multiply Mode]

- You can increase the chance to obtain EXP/Silver by using [Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token].

- The entry count and chance of EXP/item drop rate increase up to 3 times according to the number of Multiply Tokens used.

- You can add or subtract the Instanced Dungeon Token by the ◀▶ arrows.


[Clear Voucher]

- You can clear the dungeon instantly by using the Instance Clear Voucher.

- Dungeons that you can use Instance Clear Voucher are as follows.

Item Dungeon
Instance Clear Voucher (1 Star) Monument of Desire Dungeon (Lv. 50~299)
Instance Clear Voucher (2 Star) Lanko Lake Dungeon(Lv. 300~399)


5. Enter by Match 2 to 4 Players

1) [Match 2 to 4 Players] button activates when you click Auto Match.

- When you click [Match 2 to 4 Players], a checkmark will appear on the characters who've clicked [Match 2 to 4 Players].

▼ Following message will appear when clicking Match 2 to 4 Players.

※ If you want to cancel the [Match 2 to 4 Players], you need to cancel the Auto Match.

- Both saviors who've pressed [Match 2 to 4 Players] and saviors who haven't will appear in the waiting queue.

- You can enter the content when half or more saviors selected Match 2 to 4 Players after 30 seconds of waiting queue.


2) [Match 2 to 4 Players] is available when you play by [Auto Match with Party].

- [Match 2 to 4 Players] will be activated when clicking on Auto Match with Party.

- When 1 of the party members clicks [Match 2 to 4 Players], it is applied as every party member's consent. Also, every party member will be canceled when 1 of the party members cancels.

- You can enter the content when half or more saviors selected Match 2 to 4 Players after 30 seconds of waiting queue.


3) 1 minute after selecting [Match 2 to 4]

- You enter with the recruited members. (minimum 2 members)

- When 5 saviors are in the queue, you can enter instantly regardless of the [Match 2 to 4 Players].

- After 1 minute passes, checking message will appear at a specific point in time to check whether or not to enter.

(1) Moment someone pressed [Match 2 to 4 Players]

(2) Moment when a new savior is added or canceled.

- Waiting time is based on the 'first savior who entered the waiting queue'. You can enter [Match 2 to 4 Players] instantly if the first savior has waited for 30 seconds or more even when a new user has been in the waiting queue for 1 second. 


6. Rewards


- Achievement Rate will appear on the minimap UI as %.

- To increase the Achievement Rate, you and your party members must defeat more monsters inside the dungeon.
- The dungeon's rewards increase with every 20% Achievement Rate. (max. 5 increments).

Ex.: 100% completion rate = 6 cubes.

▶ Boss monsters do not count towards the dungeon's Achievement Rate.

- If you end the dungeon with an Achievement Rate under 20%, you will not receive EXP from regular monsters.


- When you clear the Instanced Dungeon, you can receive reward via popped up message.

- When you clear the Instanced dungeon, only EXP can be obtained. (unable to obtain silver)


- If a member leaves or moves to another area after Party Match, +120% of EXP for each remaining member is calculated and applied.

- Bonus EXP will be given when you proceed Level Dungeon with Party Match, and additional Bonus EXP will be given when Party Match.

- Additional EXP won't be given in Solo mode.

 ▶ Party Bonus EXP is applied only in Equal Distribution.


7. Entry Limit and Reset

- Level Dungeon resets every 6 AM.

- Entry count for dungeon can be reset with Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher.

- Entry count will be deducted once you receive the reward after defeating the dungeon's final boss monster.

- When using Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher, the entry count will reset to 3.

- When you're kicked out of the Instanced Dungeon, you can re-enter from the entrance and will join the party again.

- You can re-enter the Instanced Dungeon in the following situations.

① When the party members are in the Instanced Dungeon

② When you re-enter before the Instanced Dungeon ends




※ The contents above is subject to updates and modifications.