Combat System Changes QnA Session 2


Apr 20th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!

Today we bring you another round of answers from the dev team about the ‘Plans for Combat System Changes’ post.

Please keep your questions and suggestions coming in [this thread] for the next Q&A session!

Rank Reset

Q1. If I’m a Templar, will I need to transfer the position of guild master to someone else or disband the guild to reset my rank?
A1. Yes. We know it’s not the most convenient solution, but you will have to transfer the position of guild master or leave the guild in order to reset your rank. We want to continue to work on improving the rank reset system while taking into account the issue of Templar guild masters.

Q2. What happens if I don’t immediately advance into higher ranks and just leave my character as it is after the rank reset?
A2. After you reset your rank, you receive rank-up cards that can restore your EXP to the rank you had before the reset. If you choose not to use these cards, you can still keep playing the game to increase your EXP and advance ranks the way you would normally do. There’s no advantage in saving the rank-up cards, however, since they can only take your character up until the rank you had before the reset. Also, you won’t be able to reset your character’s rank if you still have any rank-up cards left over from the previous rank reset.

Q3. What if I was a Kannushi before the reset and want to advance into Kannushi again after the reset?
A3. We mentioned last time that players who have advanced into hidden classes will not have their hidden class advancement requirements reset. To become a Kannushi, however, you will still need to use Switch Gender again after the reset.

Q4. Can I only reset one of my characters each day? Or only once during the rank reset event?
A4. During the reset event, you will be able to reset you rank, stats and skills one time per day, per character. This means that, during the event, you can reset all your characters on the same day if you wish, but to reset one or more of them again you will have to wait until the next day.

Stats and Skill Attack

Q5. If I wait until Circle 3 to start increasing my skill levels, will that make the skills stronger?
A5. No. The performance of skills will be proportional to the skill level; the timing at which you rank up will not have an effect on it.

Q6. How will the use of single- and multi-hit skills change according to item stat boosts and the enemy’s defense?
A6. Because damage will be calculated on a division system, a single-hit skill with 500% attack and a five-hit skill with 100% attack, for example, will offer the same basic damage. However, you’ll also have to consider additional property attack factors and buffs, which can change the way in which single- and multi-hit skills are used. An enemy with high defense will likely take a toll on your damage, but since additional attack factors and buffs are calculated as true damage (independently from the enemy’s defense), skills which hit multiple times can turn out more advantageous.


Q7. Since the effects of the Glass Mole Card are based on the attack of the main weapon, we barely get to see any effect in the subweapon. Will this be improved, too?
A7. Yes, with the new combat system changes, the effects of the Glass Mole Card will apply to subweapons as well.

Q8. When is Rune Caster going to be patched?
A8. There are still a few Rune Caster improvements we want to implement that unfortunately were a little pushed back by the plans for the new combat system changes. We will introduce them in a future patch though, so stay tuned!

Q9. I’m worried about players using the rank reset event to abuse the Varnalesa and Lettuce items, since they can just advance into a class that can get those items to purchase them in large quantities, then reset into their actual desired class.
A9. We have no plans to keep players from resetting into another class after advancing into Alchemist to purchase herbs. We’re in the process of readjusting the performance, cooldown time, etc. of all herbs and potions, however, so keep that in mind.