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Monster Card

1. NEW Monster Card Equip System


- Monster Card slots are now accessible by clicking the Monster Cards button in the inventory.
- Every character will now have a total of 12 card slots, regardless of Rank.
- Monster cards are now divided into 4 groups, each characterized by a different frame color: Red, Blue, Green and Purple.
- You can equip up to 3 cards of each color group.
- All equipped cards will be unequipped and sent to your characters' Market Retrieve tabs after this maintenance.
- To equip a card, open the Monster Cards slot UI and right-click or drag the card to equip.
- To unequip a card without reducing its level by -1, you will need to use 5TP.


2. NEW Monster Card Albums


- Monster Card Albums are consumable items you can use to summon a random Lv 330 boss monster.
- The Albums come in Red, Blue, Green and Purple variations and can be obtained from fields and dungeons of level 100 and up.
- Albums can only be used in fields, but not near Goddess Statues or other boss monsters.
- You can summon a total of 5 bosses in the same field at any time using the Albums.
- Once defeated, the summoned boss drops a Boss Monster Card of itself.
- If left undefeated, the summoned boss disappears after 10 minutes.
[Summoned Boss Monsters]
- Red Albums: one boss from the Mercenary Post Catacombs Mission
- Green Albums: one boss from the Mercenary Post Seven Valley Mission
- Blue Albums: one boss from the Mercenary Post Siaulai Mission
- Purple Albums: one boss from the Mercenary Post Crystal Mine Mission


3.NEW Monster Card Effects

[Red Group]
Achat: Increases [★]% damage against Lightning property monsters
Archon: Increases [★]% damage against Fire property monsters
Bearkaras: Increases [★]% damage against Earth property monsters
Centaurus: AoE ratio +[★/5]
Chafer: Increases [★]% damage against Insect-type monsters
Chapparition: Magic attack +[★]% for 6 seconds when using SP potions
Clymen: Increases [★]% damage against Poison property monsters
Corrupted: Increases [★]% damage against Stationary-type monsters
Deadborn: Critical Attack +[★*20]
Devilglove: Increases [★]% damage against Mutant-type property monsters
Froster Lord: [★/2]% chance of inflicting Frost for 4 seconds on target
Giant Red Wood Goblin: Increases [★/2]% damage against Cloth-wearing enemies
Giant Wood Goblin: +[★]% damage against stunned enemies
Ginklas: Increases [★/2]% damage against Plate-wearing enemies
Glass Mole: Physical attack +[★]% for 6 seconds when using any type of SP potion
Gremlin: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Slash weapons
Grinender: Increases [★]% damage against Flying-type monsters
Helgasercle: Magic attack +[★*5]
Hydra: +[★]% damage against frozen enemies
Iltiswort: Increases [★]% damage against Plant-type monsters
Ironbaum: +[★]% damage against sleeping enemies
Kepa Chieftain: Increases [★/2]% damage against Large-sized monsters
Mandara: Increases [★]% damage against knocked-down enemies
Master Genie Card: Maximum secondary physical attack +[★*3]
Merge: Increases [★]% damage against Ice property monsters
Mirtis: Increases [★/2]% damage against Small-sized monsters
Moa: Increases [★]% damage against Devil-type monsters
Moldyhorn: +[★]% damage against petrified enemies
Mothstem: Magic attack +[★*7] when equipping Strike weapons
Moyabruka: Increases [★/2]% damage against Leather-wearing enemies
Plokste: Physical attack +[★*5]
Prison Cutter (NEW): +[★]% damage against bleeding enemies
Rajatoad: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Pierce weapons
Reaverpede: Increases [★/2]% damage against Medium-sized monsters
Red Vubbe Fighter: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Strike weapons
Rexipher: Magic amplification +[★*10]
Sparnas: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Missile weapons
Tomb Lord: Increases [★/2]% damage against Boss monsters
Unicorn: Increases [★]% damage against Dark property monsters
Velnia Monkey (NEW): +[★]% damage against poisoned enemies
Vubbe Fighter: Increases [★]% damage against Beast-type monsters

[Blue Group]
Armaos: 10% chance to shield [★*100] damage for the duration of 10 seconds when hit.
Bramble: Earth property resistance +[★*10]
Colimencia: Poison property resistance +[★*10]
Denoptic: Magic defense +[★*10]
Flammidus: Fire property resistance +[★*10]
Glackuman: [Slash] defense +[★*10]
Golem: Physical defense +[★]% for 10 seconds when using any type of HP potion
Gorgon: [Strike] defense +[★*10]
Gray Golem: Physical defense +[★*10]
Nuaele: Magic defense +[★]%
Progola: Magic defense +[★]% for 10 seconds when using any type of HP potion
Saltistter: Ice property resistance +[★*10]
Scorpio: [Pierce] defense +[★*10]
Sequoia: Physical defense +[★*5], magic defense +[★*5]
Shnayim: Lightning property resistance +[★*10]
Sparnasman: Dark property resistance +[★*10]
Woodspirit: 10% chance of recovering [★*70] HP when hit.
Yonazolem: Holy property resistance +[★*10]
Zaura (NEW): Physical defense +[★]%

[Green Group]
Abomination: DEX +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Blut: CON +[★]
Ellaganos: DEX + [★]
Gorkas: Looting chance + [★*5] Kubas: INT + [★/2], SPR + [★/2]
Lavenzard: Added SP recovery +[★*1.5] for 10 seconds when using SP potion.
Linkroller: SPR + [★]
Minotaur: DEX +[★/2], SPR +[★/2]
Mummyghast: STR +[★/2], DEX +[★/2]
Netherbovine: STR +[★]
Pyroego: INT +[★]
Rafene: +[★/3] to STR, HP, INT, SPR, DEX.
Simorph: STR +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Stone Froster: Added HP recovery +[★*1.5] for 10 seconds when using HP potion.
Templeshooter: STR +[★/2], SPR +[★/2]
Unknocker: SPR +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Wood Houngan: INT +[★/2], CON +[★/2]

[Purple Group]
Basilisk: Critical resistance +[★*2]
Bebraspion: SP recovery +[★ * 6]
Biteregina: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Poison for 6 seconds
Canceril: [★]% chance of recovering 2% HP when hit by Medium-type monsters
Capria: Sleep state resistance +[★*2]%
Carapace: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Ice property monsters
Cerberus: [★]% chance of recovering 3% SP when hit by Medium-sized monsters
Crabil: Stun state resistance +[★ * 2]%
Cyclops: Stamina +[★]
Deathweaver: [★]% chance of recovering 3% HP when hit by Large-sized monsters
Dullahan: [★]% chance of resurrecting with 10% HP after becoming incapable of combat
Ferret Marauder (NEW): Provocation per attack +[★]%
Fire Lord: Fire property damage +[★*10]
Gaigalas: Earth property damage +[★*10]
Gazing Golem: [★]% chance of using Lv1 Pain Barrier upon being hit
Harpeia: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Lightning property monsters
Honeypin: Poison property damage +[★*10]
Kirmeleech: Block penetration +[★ * 1.5]
Lepus: Attack speed +[★] when equipping one-handed weapons
Lithorex: Lightning property damage +[★*10]
Magburk: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Mutant-type monsters
Mallet Wyvern: [★]% chance of recovering 3% SP when hit by Large-sized monsters
Manticen: Movement speed +[★/5] for 10 seconds after using Stamina potions
Marionette: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Slow for 3 seconds
Marnox (NEW): Critical attack +[★ * 1.5]
Merregina: Ice property damage +[★*10]
Mineloader: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Shock for 3 seconds
Molich: Block +[★ * 2]
Mushcaria: SP recovery +[★ * 6]
Naktis: Accuracy +[★ * 2]
Necroventer: Dark property damage +[★*10]
Neop: HP potion effects +[★]%
Nepenthes: Maximum HP +[★*90], maximum SP +[★*15]
Nuodai: Stun state resistance +[★], Sleep state resistance +[★]
Poata: HP recovery +[★ * 30]
Rajapearl: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Bleeding for 6 seconds
Ravinepede: Stamina potion effects +[★]%
Rikaus: SP potion effects +[★]%
Riteris: Blind state resistance +[★*2]%
Rocktortuga: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Earth property monsters
Salamander: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Fire property monsters
Shadowgaler: Silence state resistance +[★*2]%
Specter Monarch: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Dark property monsters
Specter of Deceit: Maximum SP +[★ * 30]
Stone Whale: [★/3]% per attack of reducing damage by 10% for 5 seconds
Succubus: Provocation when attacking monsters reduced by [★]%.
Tetraox: Bleeding state resistance +[★*2]%
Throneweaver: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Poison property monsters
Tutu: Maximum carry weight +[★]%
Velnewt: [★]% chance of recovering 0.5% HP when hit by Small-type monsters
Velorchard: Evasion +[★ * 2]
Velpede: [★/3]% chance per attack of increasing movement speed +4 for 6 seconds
Werewolf: [★]% chance of attacks being registered as rear attacks
Yekub: Holy property damage +[★*10]
Yeti: Maximum HP +[★ * 180]



4.Card Synthesis

-Target cards can be synthesized with other cards for more EXP and higher levels (★).

-Depending on the card's level (★) and the number of cards equipped, the card's effects will increase.

Number Description
1 While sitting (Insert Key) you can open the Card Synthesis Menu.
2 In the Inventory [Card] Tab, you can select the card you want to synthesize.
3 Select the card material.
4 Click the [Enhance] button and the selected card and material will synthesize.

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