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Item Enhancement

1. Anvil Types

No. Description
Lightweight Anvil Can only be used when an item has not been enhanced and does not consume silver. 
Practice Anvil It can be acquired by hunting monsters.
Anvil You can buy them from the Item Merchant in Klaipeda, Orsha, and Fedimian or acquire them from hunting monsters.
Silver Anvil Can be acquired from monsters and can enhance items without a silver fee.
Golden Anvil Can be acquired from monsters and can only be used with items that have zero potential.Even if Item Enhancement fails, the item is not destroyed but the enhancement level is reduced by 1.

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2. How to Use Anvils

-Anvils can be acquired from the Item Merchant or from monsters and can be used to enhance equipment.

-Right-click the Anvil then select the equipment you would like to enhance.

-When the Anvil generates, you must attack the Anvil three times and your enhancement will either succeed or fail.

-Be careful not to move too far away from the Anvil, or it will disappear.

3. Item Enhancement/Failure

(1) Enhancement Success

-If item enhancement succeeds, the enhance stage of the item will increase by +1 along with its power.
-Weapons have a 100% chance of enhancement success until they reach +5, while armor, bracelets and necklaces have the same chances until they reach +3.
-Starting from +6, the stats of weapons increase 2 times with each stage of enhancement.
 Ex) If from +1 to +5 enhancement, stats increase by 10% in each stage, in +6 and higher stages, they increase 20%.

(2) Enhancement Failure</p>
-There is a chance that your attempt to enhance an item will fail. For weapons, it starts at +6, and for armor, bracelets and necklaces at +4.
-You can check the enhancement penalties of each item in-game as well.

-When an attempt to enhance an item fails, the item's potential decreases by -1.
-The potential of an item is like it's longevity, meaning if you fail upon attempting to enhance an item with potential 0, the item will disappear.

▶ The maximum potential varies according to the item and can decrease when the item is traded or added sockets.
※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.