First time playing? : The Basics


-In cities, you can visit the [Market Manager] to buy and sell items at the marketplace.

1. Registering items

-Registering items in the market requires a Silver (in-game currency) commission fee, which varies according to the item's registration period.

-The silver fee is consumed as you register the item in the market, and it will not be returned even if the item doesn't sell before its registration period ends.

-You can have 1 item registered in the Market at a time, or up to 10 items if you are using a Token.

▶ You can consult the Market to check the prices at which other players are selling their items.

▶ It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours for your registered items to appear in the Market.

2. Selling items at the Market

-If your registered items are sold, you can retrieve the silver (minus the commission fee) earned after 48 hours.

-Silver made from selling Tokens, however, can be retrieved instantaneously.

-The basic silver commission fee charged for registering items in the market is 30%, although only 10% is applied to Token users.

-The silver commission fee is applied from the moment the item is registered in the Market. 

- This means that, if you register an item in the market while you have a Token active, the commission fee charged will be 10%.


[Market Policies]

Type Registered Items Commission (silver) Sale complete commission (%)
Regular 1 1 day 1% of reg. price 30%
3 days 1.5% of reg. price
5 days 2% of reg. price
7 days 2.5% of reg. price
Token Enabled 5 Same as above 10%