Official GTW Guide 3 – Strategies and Tips


Feb 11th, 2019

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3. Strategies and Tips

Paths to the Spot Area

There are only three Spot Areas in total, but each of them is connected to multiple maps, which allows for different approaches to the battle.

Guilds can split and divert the attention of the enemy while the main forces carry on, or enter together for a combined attack.

Invincibility Buff

Upon entering a Spot Area, your character gains a temporary invincibility buff that lasts for 5 seconds unless you move, jump, or use a skill or basic attack.

This protects players when they are entering the Spot Area and allows guilds to move more systematically.

Expanded View

Your view is expanded within all Spot Area maps, meaning you can zoom out further than you would in regular maps.

This gives you a better perception of the full scale of the battle and lets you catch your enemy’s movements earlier.

Respawning in GTW

After becoming incapable of combat inside a Spot Area, you have multiple options for how and where you can respawn.



Respawn Location Options


Goddess Statue in a nearby city
(automatic after 30 seconds)

Having a Guild Tower

Guild Tower

Having a Base Camp installed
by a Squire in your party

Squire Base Camp

Receiving the effects of Resurrection

On the spot

Using a Mysterious Crystal

Receiving the effects of a Wide Resurrection Scroll


Using different respawn options makes combat generally more unpredictable, but it provides a good chance to turn the flow of the battle in your favor.

Seizing Strategies

Attacking guilds need to collect points in order to seize the Spot, and there are two ways of doing so. You can stay within the parameter of the Territory Tower and gain points per second according to your number of guild members on the Spot, or you can destroy one of the Amplifiers spread throughout the map to instantly gain 200 points.

The defending guild, on the other hand, can reduce the points of the attacking guilds every second by staying near the Tower. Ultimately, the advantage goes to the guild with the most organized reactions to both the combat by the Tower and the Amplifier situation.

Kicking Enemies to the City

When the Spot is seized during a GTW session, all members not of the seizing guild are kicked to a nearby city.

The new defending guild can use this time to place themselves inside the Spot Area according to their strategy, and attacking guilds can also prepare a new approach from the outside.

Tactical Elements in the Spot Area

There is a variety of tactical elements you can use inside the Spot Area.





Territory Amplifiers

Dealing the last blow
(attacking guilds only)

+200 points
Damage and movement speed buff

Boss Monsters

Dealing the last blow
(attacking guilds only)

Damage taken reduced and immunity to knockback/knockdown

GTW Items

Using the item

Installing combat objects and other beneficial effects

Tree Root Crystals

Dealing the last blow

Different buffs according to the type of crystal


Class Strategies

Every class has strong points that can give them an advantage in GTW combat. Here are some examples.

1) Templar

Templars are not just strong support characters in GTW, they are the best battle leaders.

Templar skills reach not just party members but guild members as well, so they are a valuable piece in keeping the guild strong and united.

2) Squire

Squires are a crucial part of team if your guild wants to target multiple Spot Areas at once.

When a Squire in your party installs a Base Camp, you can choose to respawn there if you become incapable of combat inside the GTW map. This allows you to quickly return to the battlefield or join the attack on a different Spot Area.

3) Scout

All Scout-tree classes can learn the Cloaking skill, which is extremely useful for assessing your enemy’s strategy.

Knowing in advance what your rivals are planning and how they are moving gives you a major advantage in battle.

4) Mounted Classes

Only some classes can summon and mount Companions inside Spot Areas.

One of the most decisive factors in the battlefield is mobility, so your guild’s mounted forces will always be an important part of the combat.

GTW Restrictions

The following is a list of restrictions that apply within all Spot Area maps.

1) Classes that can summon and mount Companions

- Cataphract
- Falconer
- Hackapell
- Hunter
- Lancer
- Schwarzer Reiter
- Templar

2) Restricted skills (cannot be used)

- Base Camp
- Briquetting
- Enchant Armor
- Equipment Maintenance
- Forgery
- Gem Roasting
- Identify
- Item Awakening
- Magnum Opus
- Oblation
- Portal
- Portal Shop
- Repair
- Spell Shop
- Switch Gender

3) Restricted consumables (cannot be used)

- Anvil (all kinds)
- Basic Warp Scroll
- Blue Orb (all kinds)
- Challenge Portal Scroll
- EXP Card (all kinds)
- Guild Tower
- Monster Card Album (all kinds)
- Popup Book (all kinds)
- Red Orb (all kinds)
- Skill Scroll (Barrier): restricted only within the Tower perimeter
- Soul Crystal
- Warp Scroll

- Elixir cooldown applies as 60 seconds.
- Dispeller and Omamori cooldown applies as 30 seconds.

4) Restricted buffs (can be used, but characters under these buffs will not count towards gaining/reducing points)

- Annihilation
- Burrow
- Cloaking
- Mijin no Jutsu
- Shadow Pool
- Stop