Official GTW Guide 1 – How to Play


Feb 11th, 2019

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1. How to Play
2. Rewards
3. Strategies and Tips


Guild Territory Wars (GTW) are a guild-oriented PvP game mode where guilds can battle each other to seize one of the game’s Spot Area maps. Winning at GTW comes with special perks and benefits which cement your guild’s influence and prestige.


GTW sessions happen every Sunday on the following schedule.

Server Region



[NA] Klaipeda

EST 20:00

EST 21:00

[SA] Silute

EST 17:00
BRST 20:00

EST 18:00
BRST 21:00

[EU] Fedimian

EST 14:00
CET 20:00

EST 15:00
CET 21:00

[SEA] Telsiai

EST 07:00
SGT 20:00

EST 08:00
SGT 21:00



If your guild wants to participate in GTW, the guild master can change your participation options under the combat tab of the Guild window.

- Participation options can be changed by the guild master only.
- If participation is set to ON, the guild master cannot transfer their position to another member.
- Participation options cannot be changed from 5 minutes before a GTW session starts to 1 minute after it ends.
- If your guild is participating in GTW, joining, abandoning and disbanding the guild will not be possible during the session.
- Members who abandoned their previous guild less than 14 days in the past cannot participate in GTW sessions.

Spot Areas

Spot Areas are the game maps your guild can try and seize during a GTW session. There are three Spot Areas available in the World Map.


Spot Areas

Connected Maps

Genar Field

Altar Way


Pilgrim Path

Bridge Area

Tenants' Farm

Myrkiti Farm

Demon Prison District 1

Greene Manor

Baron Allerno

Tenants' Farm

Gytis Settlement Area

Myrkiti Farm


To enter a Spot Area during a GTW session, use the green arrows in connected maps and select the ‘Territory Wars Location’ option.

GTW Rules

1) Start

Once the session starts, all members of the participating guilds are allowed to enter the Spot Areas. Inside these maps, PvP combat is always available among competing guilds.

- Some items and skills are restricted inside the Spot Areas.
- Save for a few select classes, summoning and mounting Companions is not available inside the Spot Areas.

2) Seizing a Spot

Inside each Spot Area there is a Territory Tower, around which guild members can either gain points or make the attacking guilds lose points. You can also gain points by destroying the Amplifiers that spawn around the map.

2.1) Gaining Points

Members of attacking guilds (those trying to seize the Spot) can stand within the Tower perimeter to gain points for their guild. The number of points gained per second depends on the number of guild members around the Tower.

No. of guild members

1 member

2 members

3 members

4+ members

Points gained per sec






When your guild reaches 1,000 points, you seize the Spot! If more than one guild reaches 1,000 points at the same time, the points will no longer accumulate until only one guild remains.

2.2) Reducing Points

Members of the defending guild (the one currently holding the Spot) can stand within the Tower perimeter to reduce the points of the attacking guilds. The number of points reduced per second depends on the number of guild members around the Tower.

No. of guild members





Points reduced per sec






3) Spot Seized

Once a guild succeeds in seizing a Spot, members of the other guilds are automatically sent to a nearby city after 5 seconds. The guild that holds the Spot by the end of the session can enjoy beneficial buffs within the Spot Area, with buff effects stacking according to the total amount of time that the Spot is held.

Buff name





-20% damage received (additional -5% per stack)

For as long as the same guild holds the Spot

Max. 3 stacks


Territory Amplifiers

Territory Amplifiers are devices that spawn around a Spot Area. When an Amplifier is destroyed, the guild that dealt the last blow can receive +200 points and a beneficial buff effect. Amplifiers can be destroyed by both defending and attacking guilds, with the latter receiving both the points and the following effects.


Buff name




Damage and Movement Speed Increased

Damage +30%
Movement speed +5

5 min

Does not stack

- Each Spot Area map produces a maximum of 5 Amplifiers.
- The effects apply only inside the Spot Area map, and they disappear if a new guild seizes the Spot.
- Amplifiers appear 8-10 minutes after the beginning of the session. If one is destroyed, it respawns after 8-10 minutes.
- An alert message appears in the Spot Area 30 seconds before an Amplifier is generated.
- Amplifiers will no longer be generated starting 10 minutes before the end of the session.

Tree Root Crystals

Different types of Tree Root Crystals are randomly generated within the Spot Area. Each type gives you a different beneficial effect, according to its function.


Type of Crystal



Speed (Blue)

Greatly increases movement speed

5 sec

Regeneration (Pink)

Instantly restores 30% HP and SP,
then 500 more per sec

30 sec

Attack (Red)

Increases damage dealt and taken by 50%

30 sec

Defense (Purple)

Reduces damage taken and dealt by 50%

30 sec


- If you are already under the effect of one Crystal, other Crystal effects will not apply (the effects do not stack).
- Buff effects disappear if your character becomes incapable of combat.

Boss Monsters

At certain times during the session, a boss monster will appear in the Spot Area map. The guild that deals the last blow to it gets a special buff within the map.


Buff name




Thick Skin

-30% damage received
Knockback/knockdown immunity

5 min

Does not stack


The first boss monster appears 10 minutes after the start of the session, then it reappears 10 minutes after it is defeated.

GTW Items

The Expedition Merchant NPC in your Guild Hangout sells GTW-exclusive items you can use strategically during the session (these can be used only inside Spot Areas, except for the Warp Scroll).




Wooden Barricade

- Keeps attacking guilds from trespassing for 600 seconds.
- Used only by the defending guild.
- Durability +20% when used by a Squire, Alchemist or Pardoner.


- Shoots one or multiple damaging arrows at enemy guild members within range for 600 seconds.
- Single arrows include penetration, knockback and stunning effects.
- Used only by the defending guild.
- Durability and attack +20% when used by a Squire, Alchemist or Pardoner.

Siege Tower

- Structure you can ride while attacking enemy guild members and objects for 600 seconds.
- Up to 5 members can ride the tower to drive it and attack.
- Used only by attacking guilds.
- Durability and attack +20% when used by a Squire, Alchemist or Pardoner.

Divine Flag

- Lets you teleport to the location where the flag is planted for 180 seconds.
- Used only by members of attacking guilds that have a Warp Scroll – GTW item.
- Cooldown shared with all guild members.

Mysterious Crystal

- Revives you when you become incapable of combat inside the Spot Area.
- Crafted using the recipe sold by the Expedition Merchant (requires Soul Crystals as materials).

Wide Regeneration Scroll

- Revives all guild members currently incapable of combat within the Spot Area with 50% of their HP and SP restored.
- Cooldown shared with all guild members.
- Crafted using the recipe sold by the Expedition Merchant (requires Soul Crystals as materials).

Warp Scroll - GTW

- Transports you to a Spot Area.
- Defending guild members are sent to the Territory Tower.
- Attacking guild members are sent to their Divine Flag.
- Used only outside of Spot Areas.

Recon Map

- Reveals the location of all members of the defending guild within the current map for 5 seconds.
- Used only by attacking guilds.


- Squires, Alchemists and Pardoners can repair installed items.
- These items cannot be installed near the Territory Tower or Amplifiers.
- Mysterious Crystals and Wide Regeneration Scrolls cannot be used near the Territory Tower.

Final Moments

At the end of the session, the last guild to have seized the Spot is declared the winner, and the Spot Area closes after 1 minute.

The winning guild will appear on the World Map as the owner of the Spot Area until the beginning of the next GTW session.