Re:Build - FAQ 3


Jan 23rd, 2019

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Greetings, Saviors.


Today we would like to go over some of the class features that a lot of the players may feel are nerfed and the explain to you the reasons behind those changes, as well as the general direction that the Re:Build update will be heading in the future.



The Removal of Skills

The removal of class skills is the cornerstone on which Re:Build’s balance adjustments are based on. With Re:Build, each class is made to be given 6 to 8 skills that players can choose from, as we came to the decision that some skills had to removed due to one of the following reasons:


- The skill is rather useless and can easily be replaced by other better skills
- The skill hurts the class’ characteristics
- The skill overlaps with roles played by other classes
- The skill has a negative impact on the overall balance of classes



1. Swordsman Tree


Class Removed Skill Changes Reasons & Future Plans
Swordsman Pommel Beat


Double Slash

  We believe that the base class in a tree must provide players with the foundations on which they can plan their build. [Pommel Beat] was removed because it was heavily underused and [Double Slash] was removed for the reason that it is merely an inferior version of the [Skyliner] skill.

While skills like [Gung Ho] increased character ATK value by a percentage, [Concentrate] was removed because it was a skill that raised ATK value by a fixed amount, which inevitably ends up “better” or “worse” when compared to similar skills.
Highlander Skull Swing

Vertical Slash
  The central mechanic behind the Highlander class is the chaining of its skill sets. This meant that the class required excessive amounts of skill points to be fully effective, so we have removed two of the less efficient skills. Despite the removal of the two skills, the ATK values of the remaining skills have been increased to compensate for the removal.
Peltasta Umbo Thrust

Threat level 50x → 10x

We aim to make Peltasta the main tanker class in TOS. Re:Build’s Peltasta skills are defense-oriented and have been carefully selected to increase synergy with other shield-wielding classes. Other skills that did not fit in with the class’ tanker roles were removed during the process, leaving the class with 7 core skills.

Due to the balancing changes in Re:Build, Peltasta’s threat level could not remain 50x, as that would mean that the class would continuously maintain threat from monsters. The threat level is reduced to 10x and is now more dependent on how the player utilizes the array of skills available.

We are planning to add more features that let players manage threat level in our future updates.

Hoplite Long Stride   Hoplite’s [Long Stride] was removed as it basically serves the same purpose as [Dragon Fall], only weaker. To compensate for the removal of [Long Stride] the overall skill factors of all Hoplite skills have been increased.
Barbarian Helm Chopper

Giant Swing

The Barbarian class skill set was in need of cleaning up as the class had too many skills. [Giant Swing] was removed because it was an underused skill and the strike-type skill [Helm Chopper] has been moved to the Hackapell class.

Skills like [Embowel], [Stomping Kick] and [Pouncing] could have been removed instead but they seemed to fit in better with the Barbarian class’ concepts. While they may be considered just as underwhelming in terms of effectiveness, we plan to provide improvements for those skills following further inspection.

Cataphract   Skill duration and cooldown time for [Trot]

Having greater mobility in a PvP environment is a huge advantage. Until Re:Build, the Cataphract’s skills had been limited by its low rank, but now that the class has increased skill factors we felt that its mobility had to be limited instead.

The effects of [Trot] can be sustained with reuse but now with the downtime and also with having to reuse the skill makes the class more vulnerable in PvP situations.

Doppelsoeldner Mordschlag   Doppelsoeldner was a class that had too many skills, which in turn required selective skill point investment on the part of the player. In order to diffuse this, skill acquisition levels are adjusted and Zornhau, Zucken and Redel can officially be chained one after another. [Mordschlag] was removed because it was deemed unfitting for the Doppelsoeldner class that wield two-handed swords in wide arcs.
Rodelero High Kick   Like the Doppelsoeldner class, Rodelero was a class that required many skill points. Also, to keep the class concept of ‘DPS with a shield’, we have removed the [High Kick] skill. With the removal of High Kick, the ‘increased strike-type attack’ buff has been moved to [Shield Shoving] to maintain the chaining of skills that were available before Re:Build.
Fencer Lunge

Attaque Coquille

Attaque Au Fer

[Lunge] was removed because it lacked compatibility with other skills that used the rapier, and [Attaque Coquille] was removed because it was deemed harmful to the balance of the game due to its ‘ignore defense’ property that applies to critical attacks. [Attaque Au Fer] was removed because it was difficult to implement skills that make the target drop their weapon.

As compensation, the cooldown of [Epee Garde] has been reduced so that the skill’s effect can be maintained continuously. Also, the damage of some skills has been enhanced to reinforce the class characteristics that make use of amplified damage through critical attacks.

Templar Summon Guild Member

Warp to Guild Member

Build Guild Tower

Reduce Craft Time

Buff Share

Templars were a class designed for guild functions. Because of this, the class has had many systematic difficulties such as players not being able to use rank reset.

The same problems persisted after Re:Build, so all previous skills relating to guild system functions have been removed and the Templar has been altered to specialize in GvG content.

We are hoping that the Templar class will be an influential part in TOS’ GvG content and are currently investigating to see if there’s room for further improvement.

Retiarius Vital Protection

of skill factors:
Dagger Finish,
Trident Finish

The Retiarius’ [Finish] skills have been nerfed somewhat due to the standardization of skill factors with Re:Build. Skill factors share a common formula and it is impossible for us to increase the efficacy of Retiarius skills alone.

We are looking to make adjustments to restore the impact of one-handed spear attacks that go hand in hand with the class’ Rete skills.

Hackapell Leg Shot   Hackapell has lost the use of pistols since having been moved to the Swordsman tree and hence the skill [Leg Shot] is removed. This was a heavily underused skill because most would choose swords over pistols in the subweapon slot when playing the Hackapell class. To improve overall class function over class concept accuracy, [Helm Chopper] has been added to the list of Hackapell skills in the place of [Leg shot].




2. Wizard Tree


Class Removed Skill Changes Reasons & Future Plans



Quick Cast



The Wizard class has been given basic attack and defense magic as well as debuffs that can increase the efficacy of party members’ attacks.


[Quick Cast] was transferred to the Chronomancer class as it seemed redundant in the Wizard class with the removal of the circle system. However, the cooldown of Wizard skills has been reduced and we changed the Rod Mastery attribute to make up for the loss of Quick Cast.

Pyromancer Flare   Pyromancer has become a DPS class following the implementation of Re:Build. In order to make the Pyromancer a more simple damage centered class, we have removed [Flare], a skill which required delicate controls, and added [Prominence] in its place.
Psychokino Telekinesis   While [Telekinesis] had been a critical skill in PvP, it was next to useless in the game’s PvE content. We felt that the Psychokino had enough viability in both PvP and PvE with its remaining skillset, which includes great skills like [Heavy Gravity].

The Alchemist’s role as a support class has been reinforced with the addition of [Sprinkle HP Potion] and [Sprinkle SP Potion] skills.


The crafting of various potions and the [Homunculus] skill still requires work, and we will make this one of our top priorities for early 2019.


Attack Ground



[Attack Ground] and [Hold] were removed as they overlapped with [Summon: Force Attack] and [Summon: Cancel Attack], which are skills that are available for all summoning classes. Another reason for their removal was because they were skills that should have been available without the need to invest points into.


If there is enough feedback from players who feel that it is now more difficult to control their summons, we will work towards improving this particular aspect of the summoning classes.





[Quicken] and [Haste] were given to another class as we felt that the two skills were more physical in nature rather than magical, which is what the Chronomancer class should be concerned with.


Following the Re:Build update, the role of party support has been moved to classes in the Cleric and Scout trees while the Chronomancer class will now focus on providing synergy between the different classes within the Wizard tree.


But being a support class first and foremost, it will have skills like [Reincarnate], [Stop] and [Pass] all provide the player and the party members the upper hand in combat.


Dirty Pole

Flesh Strike

The number of skeleton summons reduced from 10 to 5

As the number of summons grew, it was more difficult for each of the summons to be balanced in terms of power. Therefore, we reduced the total number of summons for the Necromancer class and instead increased each of their powers, while also adding the Skull Wizard to give them more variety.


In the case of [Flesh Strike], we gave the skill for the Skull Mage to use instead as we wanted to make the Necromancer a class that specializes in summons above all else.



Freezing Sphere


As the Elementalist had a variety of skills of different properties, it could not be helped that its skills overlapped with many of the other classes within the Wizard tree. Because of this, [Prominence] was given to the Pyromancer class and [Freezing Sphere] was given to the Rune Caster class as [Rune of Ice].


The overall number of elemental skills has been reduced but the Elementalist’s efficacy was kept intact with the addition of the [Elemental Essence] skill which boosts the efficacy of the class’ skillset.


Dark property
damage increase
for curse (hex) spells



Dark property damage increase removed

Classes in the Wizard tree that were above rank 7 had been somewhat nerfed for the overall balance of the new class system. We’ve planned to overcome this by enhancing the synergy between dark property damage and curses and giving more utility to other skills.


For example, players can now use [Demon Scratch] to pull enemies in, and also use the skill as the opener for chaining different skills.


[Drain] removed

With the rebalance of skills, it was difficult to balance the increase in magic damage that the skill provided previously, or give players a replacement skill which had a similar function.


With the removal of [Drain], we’ve come to question the combat methods employed by the Warlock class and what skills a Warlock would require. We are currently working to make Warlocks a class that fights using evil spirits and we’re thinking of enhancing synergies with the Featherfoot class to create a Wizard class utilizing Dark property attacks.

Featherfoot Blood Curse  

[Blood Curse] had to be removed as the Featherfoot class’ maximum HP value was adjusted with the rebalancing of the game.


Currently, AoE damage skills that can be used while in [Levitation] are in the works and also greater synergies with the Warlock class is planned as mentioned above.

Rune Caster  

Rune of Protection

Rune of Ice

Rune Caster had been a class with a vague role so we have adjusted the Rune Caster class to a more DPS-centered class. In the process, the [Rune of Protection] and [Rune of Ice] skills have been altered. [Rune of Ice] is now an attack skill.


Also, [Rune of Protection] has been made to provide damage reduction while casting and give a knockdown resistance attribute to provide the class with stable casting abilities. The [Skilled Casting] attribute will now reduce Rune Caster skills’ cooldown with each casting to a minimum of 0.5 seconds to give the class more free time to deal with the different perils it faces while in combat.

Shadowmancer   Overall damage decrease

The Shadowmancer class had high damage skills that went beyond the rules set for balance in order to deal with the problem of having a huge delay after skill use.


The reduction of skill damage in Re:Build was necessary with the reduction of the aforementioned delay.


As for the class role, seeing how the Shadowmancer class had great survival skills in PvP, we’ve decided to focus and enhance this aspect for the class in the future.

Onmyoji   Overall overheat decrease

The goal of Re:Build is to emphasize the different class characteristics. In other words, each class’ shortcomings must also be apparent as much as their advantages are.


The core concept behind the Wizard tree is AoE damage over a given time duration. The overheat for the Onmyoji class has been adjusted to reflect this and the playstyle will also be changed.


However, the cooldown for [Howling White Tiger] and [Water Shikigami] has been reduced to provide continued damage.

Taoist Dark Sight  

While [Dark Sight] was extremely overpowered for content such as Earth Tower, it did not have any uses outside of this particular feature.


The Taoist has become a DPS class, having been transferred to the Wizard tree, while [Lightning Charm] has replaced [Dark Sight] in enhancing the class’ dealing capabilities.

Bokor Ogouveve  

As all summoning classes are now in the Wizard tree with the introduction of Bokor in the Wizard tree. We felt that a class that deals with the management and enhancing of summons was required.


Opposed to classes like the Sorcerer, a class that summons a single Demon Lord, or the Necromancer, a class that summons an army of undead, the Bokor will use zombies as consumables in combat.


[Oguveve], being a skill that enhances the STR of zombies, was removed in order to reinforce the new class concept we had planned for the Bokor. Any future improvements made to the Bokor class will introduce more skills akin to [Damballa].




3. Archer Tree


Class Removed Skill Changed Skill Reasons & Future Plans

Full Draw


Heavy Shot


Kneeling Shot


The Archer is a class that can remain mobile while attacking so [Swift Step] has taken the place of the [Running Shot] skill in providing the Archer with attacking while speedily moving about.


[Kneeling Shot] was moved to the Quarrel Shooter class to provide focused attacks that the class needed.






The Hunter class is limited in the skills they can use in that they must fight alongside their companion.


[Snatching] and [Pointing] were removed because they were the two skills that were the most underused. The remaining skills were enhanced for synergies with other classes in the tree and stability of gameplay style.

Quarrel Shooter Running Shot  

[Running Shot] was a skill that did not conflict with the class concept of the Quarrel Shooter as a defense-oriented class but it was a skill that ruined the balance of the Archer tree builds. We added skills such as [Block and Shoot], [Shield Guard] and knockback defense in order to reinforce class roles.


[Running Shot] was instead replaced by [Swift Step], made available for the Archer base class so that all Archer tree builds can make use of the skill.





Damage decrease due to the addition of Pre-Emptive Strike

The Falconer’s [Call] skill was rather unfair because it was necessary for players to invest in the skill in order to gain full control of the Hawk. We felt that it was redundant to have the Hawk leave after every skill so we removed [Call] in the process of making this improvement.


[Hovering] was removed because it did not fit in with other Falconer skills so it was replaced with [Tomahawk], which is another attack skill.

Cannoneer Shoot Down Removed the increased damage effect of Bazooka

Up to this point, we have envisaged the Cannoneer as a class that provided powerful ranged attacks while remaining stationary. But since Cannoneers were the only class that made use of cannons, there wasn’t much else for players to do when using the [Bazooka] stance.


With the absence of other classes that use cannons, the devs felt that it was necessary for the Cannoneer class to take a step into a different conceptual direction. As a result, [Bazooka] has been toned down and the remaining skills have been enhanced instead.


[Shoot Down] was removed and it has been merged with the [Cannon Shot] skill to provide a more focused skillset.


Attribute: Armor Break




The Musketeer was a class that relied heavily on the attribute [Sniper’s Serenity: Armor Break]. It was intended that Musketeers have the upper hand in facing enemies with high DEF but, since the debuff was in effect for all party members and not just the Musketeer alone, it affected the balance negatively overall. It turned the Musketeer into a supporter and not a DPS class.


The Armor Break attribute was removed to consolidate this problem and [Grooving Muzzle] was enhanced to maintain the Musketeer’s advantage over opponents with high DEF, making it so that damage could be dealt even during skill cooldown time.

Mergen   Triple Arrow’s explosion is now activated by chance

Mergen is a powerful two-handed bow class both before and after Re:Build. Triple Arrow’s explosion was much too overpowered: as the character’s AoE attack ratio increased, the explosion chance had to be lowered to 50%.


To counter this, Mergen’s [Spread Shot] was changed so that it is affected by AoE attack ratio to keep the damage output changed as least as possible overall.



4. Cleric Tree


Class Removed Skill Changes Reasons & Future Plans

Safety Zone


Deprotected Zone


Divine Might

Heal mechanic changed

[Heal] in the past was too powerful in that it hindered variety in the Cleric tree builds as a support class. Now [Heal] targets a single player and will be a specialization that needs to be invested in to yield maximum effect.


Skills like [Safety Zone] that annul the incoming damage were the most powerful defensive skills available in the game. This made the Cleric tree builds even more restrictive and made the gameplay even more repetitive overall. For this reason, most of the support skills that grant invincibility to the whole party have been removed.




Stone Skin

SPR factor adjusted for Blessing and Sacrament

Priests are not an offense-focused class, so skills such as [Exorcise] were removed and replaced with [Turn Undead], while [Stone Skin] was moved to the Paladin class in order to reinforce the class’ role.


The skill factor for Blessing and Sacrament has been altered. We are aware that the currently implemented skill factor is in need of further review and we will continue to balance the class along with the Pardoner class.

Krivis   Melstis changed so that only the caster is affected

[Melstis], a skill that increased the duration of all beneficial buffs, was a very powerful skill. The problem was that the Krivis class is a DPS class and not a support class.


For reinforcing class roles and balancing issues, [Melstis] had been a staple skill of many Cleric builds so it was changed so that it only affects the caster rather than remove it altogether.

Druid Telepath

Sterea Trofh skill change


Carnivory skill change

The class design goal for Druid is to create a physical/magic hybrid class. In order to achieve this, we increased the damage of [Chortasmata] and changed [Carnivory] into a buff that increases physical and magic critical damage. Despite the removal of one offensive skill, this buff allows the Druid class to have greater synergy with the other classes in the tree.


The change made to [Strea Trofh] was for the same reason as [Safety Zone]. [Strea Trofh] was changed into an evasion skill to increase the viability of melee fighting while using [Lycanthropy].


[Telepath] was removed as it was useless in most of the game’s content and prone to cause balance issues in PvP settings.

Dievdirbys   Statue of Goddess Ausrine effect change

[Statue of Goddess Ausrine] was a skill that granted invincibility to the whole party and hence one of the skills that hindered variety for builds and play styles in TOS’ late-game content. We removed the skill’s invincibility and made it so that players can now be more mobile without having to lose the buffs gained from other Dievdirbys statues to reinforce mobility, which was one of Dievdirbys’ biggest shortcomings.


The class will provide increased DPS capabilities with [Carve Owl]’s improved damage increase and [Statue of Goddess Ausrine]’s increased mobility.





Arcane Energy changed

[Forecast] was removed as it was a skill that won’t be of any use with the new content that is to be added into the game and [Change] was removed because the change in monster stats made it inapplicable in Re:Build.


The Oracle class was restructured to supplement these changes. [Arcane Energy] is changed so that it can be used repeatedly without concern for SP consumption and [Prophecy] was changed so that it could negate incoming crowd control skills. Players can also make use of the [Death Sentence: Reset] attribute to increase party damage by up to 50% and use [Foretell] to support allies to victory.


Double Punch affects basic attack


Iron Skin, Golden Bell Shield effect change

[Double Punch] was the game’s only skill without a cooldown. It was governed under a unique skill factor. It also caused problems as the efficacy of the skill could be affected by many different factors including those outside the game.


In order to combat this, [Double Punch] was changed into a buff that altered the character’s basic attack instead of being a skill in itself.


Because of the Monk’s melee tendencies, [Iron Skin] was changed into a buff that reduces received damage which can be continuously used, and [Golden Bell Shield] was changed to provide players with reduced cooldown and increased damage when using Monk skills.




Turn Undead

Sanctuary Phys DEF, Mag DEF increase adjusted

The increased defense and additional damage gained through [Sanctuary] decreased by half overall. But since the DEF values on shields and armor have been increased and the HP of monsters has been lowered, the skill will not feel as nerfed as it does on paper.


[Turn Undead] was moved to the Priest class in order to reinforce the Paladin’s role as a defensive support/DPS class. [Smite] has been removed but since it is available to use in the Cleric class, players will still be able to make use of the skill.

Chaplain Magnus Exorcismus   The Chaplain class now is free from being bound to the Priest class and can stand on its own with its new skills, which can boost the class’ offensive capabilities. [Magnus Exorcismus] was removed as it did not fit in with the rest of the Chaplain skillset which focused on enhancing attacks.
Plague Doctor



Pandemic: Increased Range attribute




Plague Doctor is a class that specializes in buffs and debuffs. The biggest problem with the Plague Doctor class was that there was little in the way of interactivity as its skills had long cooldowns and duration.


[Bloodletting] and [Disenchant] were removed to prevent players from removing enemy buffs easily but [Fumigate] was kept so that ally debuffs can be removed. Also, [Modafinil] has been added to the Plague Doctor’s arsenal to increase party mobility.


The [Pandemic: Increased Range] attribute was removed as we deemed it to be the culprit behind making the Plague Doctor class much too overpowered.

Kabbalist Double Chance Ein Sof nerfed

Players relied too much on [Ein Sof] as it was a skill that increased characters’ HP drastically and it hindered players from investment in newer gear, so we’ve decreased the maximum HP gain for [Ein Sof] out of necessity. Nonetheless, combat and player stats have been rebalanced through the update so [Ein Sof] is still an essential part of the Kabbalist skillset.


[Double Chance] was a skill that overlapped with [Gevura]. [Double Chance] was removed because of this and [Gevura], which increases maximum damage as well, was kept instead.Despite the nerf, [Ein Sof: Stacked Healing] remains and Kabbalist is still one of the key healer classes in the game.

Zealot   The effect of maximum SP capacity adjusted It became more difficult to increase the damage dealt by [Blind Faith] since SPR no longer affects the amount of SP a character has. But players can still use item effects to increase their SP and as monster HP has been lowered overall the skill is still just as valid as it was before Re:Build.
Exorcist   Reduction of chained skills from the removal of Magnus Exorcismus The [Exorcise] - [Magnus Exorcismus] - [Entity] chain is now impossible but we will soon be introducing new skill chains that can be utilized by the exorcist class.




5. Scout Tree


Class Removed Skill Changes Reasons & Future Plans

Flu Flu


Flare Shot


Perspective Distortion





  The skills that were underused have been removed and buffs related to critical rate and evasion have been added. Attack skills that make use of the dagger and pistols have been added, replacing the bow.
Squire Penalty Reduction

Base Camp nerfed


- Players can warp only when in the same zone


- buff duration x2 bonus removed

Squires are one of TOS’s main crafting classes. While they lack combat abilities, they affect the game as much as the other classes. But in their current state, they lack in their role as a support class and [Base Camp] is also rather underused. This is why we want to add new functions and improve existing skills for the Squire class to fit into its new role.


The basis of this change will be the [Base Camp] skill. We want to make the [Base Camp] skill something more than a convenient warping point.


For this to be possible, we made it so that [Base Camps] can now be installed in a wider range of areas (except for instanced dungeons). But also in order to balance the efficacy of the skill, we made it so that players can only warp to a [Base Camp] when in the same zone as the installed [Base Camp]. The twofold increase in buff duration was removed as it was open to player exploit.

Shinobi   Reduced shadow clones for Bunshin no Jutsu, and shadow clones only mimic Shinobi skills

Before, the validity of the builds that included Shinobi was whether Bunshin no Jutsu was able to mimic the skill or not. This went against the philosophy behind Re:Build.


The damage of other Shinobi skills have been increased and the new [Raiton no Jutsu] skill has been added to reduce the player’s reliance on the [Bunshin no Jutsu] skill. However, the charging time for [Bunshin no Jutsu] was removed to make it possible for the class to deal sudden bursts of damage.

Thaumaturge Transpose Swell left/right arm merged

The efficacy of [Swell Left/Right Arm] was dependant on the target characters’ equipment. Also, having two different skills that serve a similar purpose was rather inconvenient. The two skills have therefore been combined as [Swell Hands] and the increase in attack damage was reduced slightly for balancing.


[Transpose] was removed as it did not fit in with the new rank system where character stat is automatically distributed. Thaumaturge will undergo further adjustments in the future as it is a key support class in the Scout tree.

Enchanter Empowering  

After Re:Build, SP has become one of the most important stats. Skills that increased the maximum SP have been either altered or removed and [Empowering] was removed because of this same reason.


While Enchanters needed to invest in DEX in the Wizard class tree, there is no need for players to needlessly invest in DEX stats now that the class belongs to the Scout tree. Due to this stat synergy, skills like [Enchant Lightning] and [Lightning Hands] can be improved naturally with the Scout tree’s stat progression.


In case of [Lightning Hands], we must admit that it is yet not as effective as we intended it to be. But since the DEX focused stat progression is now introduced, we will further review the skill to see if any more adjustments are required.

Linker Spiritual Chain Lifeline nerfed

Linker’s [Lifeline] was a great skill in that it allowed party members to share each of their strengths. But since most players had min-maxed stats prior to Re:Build, everyone became overpowered while under its effects.


On top of this, using [Spiritual Chain] to share buffs made the party next to invincible.[Lifeline] was changed so that only the caster’s highest stat is shared among the party, and [Spiritual Chain] was removed altogether.


Now that the Linker class is in the Scout tree, skills like [Electric Shock] and [Joint Penalty] will see more use, but there still are further plans for adjustments after seeing how the change in [Lifeline] pans out in the future.






[Vendetta] and [Capture] have been removed as they were underused skills in the Rogue class. [Capture] was a fun skill but it was difficult to utilize and always had been a source of problems for many players.


Rogue’s overall DPS has been increased as it is an offensive class specializing in daggers. The [Knife Throwing] skill has been added to increase the critical rate and enhance the class’ offensive concept.

Schwarzer Reiter Wild Shot   The Schwarzer Reiter has come to wield one-handed swords as its main weapon after moving to the Scout tree. [Wild Shot] has been removed because of this change, but since Schwarzer Reiter has always maintained continuous ranged attack using the [Limacon] skill, [Wild Shot] won’t be missed as much as other skills.
Bullet Marker    

As explained before, many classes have their number of skills reduced after Re:Build, but Bullet Marker is an exception.


This is because the Bullet Marker is a hybrid class that has both mounted and unmounted skills. The Bullet Marker was designed to be compatible with all mounted and unmounted classes and hence it has 1.5 times the number of skills when compared to other classes.




Tree of Savior is a game with a myriad of class combinations and play styles available. There is always the risk of implemented mechanics not playing out as the devs had first intended. We promise that we will do our best to keep our eyes out for any serious concerns that hinder the game’s balance in the future and also keep our ears open to the feedback from our players.



Thank you for reading.