UPDATEUpcoming: New Season Server! Pre-Register and Get Rewards!

By STAFF_Brand

Oct 23rd, 2020

Greetings, Saviors!


New Season Server is coming! Therefore, we have prepared a Pre-Registration event for the upcoming New Season Server! Don't miss the great opportunity to boost your New Season Server's experience!



Pre-Registration Period


From the scheduled maintenance on August 4, 2020

To the scheduled maintenance on August 11, 2020



About the New Season Server


- The New Season Server will run from August 11 to November 10, 2020, and will be merged into the original world after the scheduled maintenance on November 10.

- The New World's Server name is:

     New Season Server     


 Original Server 

Season [NA]

 North America 


Season [EU]



Season [SEA]

Southeast Asia


Season [SA]

 South America 





How to Pre-Register


Log-in to the New Season Server and create a new team.

- You can create a team in the New Season Server only if you don't have a team in the original server. If the existing team in the original server is in a low growth, you may delete the team by newly added team delete function.

- Be aware of that inventory and storage and every content that the character in the team has, will be removed when deleting the team.

(Unused 'Premium TP' will be preserved and will be restored and added at the time of the World Merge.)


Special Rewards for Pre-Registration

- Lv.400 Legend Growth Weapon Selection Box x1
- Growth Weapon Stage 5 Transcendence Voucher x1
- Growth Weapon +11 Enhancement Voucher x1
- Medeina Emoticon: Flustered and Joy
- [Event] Unlock Voucher Selection Box  x 1
- [Event] Character Slot Voucher x1
- x8 EXP Tome x3
- Miracle Seeds x 30
- Goddess Sculpture x30
- [Event] Token: 14 Days x1


Special Benefits for New Season Server

- Special Benefits:

- Bonus EXP +300%
[update]- Looting Chance +1000
- Ichor Extraction Bonus +20%
- Enhancement Price -50%
- Every Stage Transcendence Price -50% 
- The amount of Raid Portal Stone needed is fixed to 1 when entering the Unique Raid fixed.




Rewards for reaching the Maximum Level

[UPdate]- Rewards are the following:

Item Name Amount Team Storage Market/Trade
Tiny Tini 1 O X
[Event] 11 EHN 10 TRA Varna Weapon Selection Box 2 O X
[Event] 11 EHN 10 TRA Varna Armor Selection Box 2 O X
Arts Reset Potion Profession Selection Box 4 O X
[Event] Lv.400 Jumping Box 1 O X
[Event] Character Slot Voucher 1 O X
[Event] Maximum Level Emoji Box 1 O X
[Event] Reset Pack 1 O X

- Check whether you have received the reward or not by entering /maxLevel.

- [Event] 11 EHN 10 TRA Varna Armor Selection Box will be given when reaching Lv.440, others when reaching Lv.450.


* Maximum Level Emoji Box contents :
 - Emoticon: Kupole (Evil)
 - Emoticon: Kupole (Sigh)
 - Emoticon: Kupole (Peace)
 - Emote: Boruble (Shy)
 - Emote: Rozalija (Joy)
 - Emoticon: Marnoxi(Chocolate)
 - Emoticon: Medeina (Handwashing)
 - Emoticon: Medeina (Flustered)
 - Emoticon: Medeina (Joy)
 - Motion Emoticon: Kupole (Sigh)
 - Motion Emoticon: Kupole (Shocked)
 - Motion Emoticon: Kupole (Cheeky)
 - Motion Emoticon: Medeina (Flustered)
 - Motion Emoticon: Medeina (Joy)


* Reset Pack Contents : 

 - Stat Reset Potion x1
 - Skill Reset Potion x1
 - Attribute Reset Potion



New Season Server Event


- There will be following events on our season server:

 1. Goddess’ Roulette 

 2. Season Server Guild Event 

You can check on the events here.



Merge Policy


 - Our New Season Server will be merged into the Original Server after the scheduled maintenance on November 10, 2020. The policy below only applies to the New World. 


*Basic Merge Term (Transfers when any one of the following conditions is completed.)

 1. A character with level 140 or higher must exist in your account
 2. Record of purchase in Premium TP or TP Purchases and consuming records.

: Please note that accounts that do not complete the conditions will not be transferred, it will be removed.  

 - For accounts that are subject to transfer by achieving the Basic Merge Terms, all other than the ones specified below will be maintained.


Resets and Removals
Team Lodge Message Box
Guild Guild application
Battle in Sulivinas Lair
Guild Territory Wars seized status
Character Rubber Records
Golden Fish
Remnants of Bernice Ranking (Only the ranking, not the rewards.)
Weekly Boss Raids (Only the scores, not the rewards.)
Chats Group Chat
Party Chat
Item Market List up Items ( Cancel and move to the cabinet)


※ The information above may change due to updates.





1. Can I purchase TP in the New Growth Support Servers?
- Yes. You can purchase all TP items as same as the Original Servers.  You could check the guide details at here. [Guide - TP Shop]

2. Will the guild from the New Growth Support Server preserve?
- Yes. The whole guild will be transferred to the Original Server. 
3. I read the clear time for the Legend Raids will be gone. What about the titles?
- The first kill titles of the New Servers will be preserved. 

4. Will the titles from the Team Battle League transferred?
- No. The Team Battle League titles are temporary titles which last for a season. It will not be preserved. 

5. Will my friend list remain?
- Yes. Your friend list will be transferred. 

6. What happens to the items that I obtain from the New Growth Support Server?
- All items except some event items will be preserved. Any event items that will disappear after the event will have a notification sentence on their tooltips. 

7. Will the Adventure Journal be reset?
- No. Only your ranking and points will be reset. If you already received the rewards, the rewards and record will be preserved. 

8. Will my achievements transferred?
- Yes. All of your achievements will be preserved. 

9. Will my collections transferred?
- Yes. All of your collections will be preserved. 

10. What will happen to the monster cards?
- They will be preserved. 

11. What happens to the items on the market during the unification?
- We advise you to retrieve all items from the market before the unification. Any unsold items will be sent to your market cabinet. 

※The FAQ will be updated continuously.