UPDATEOverview of the New Season Server Event

By STAFF_Brand

Oct 23rd, 2020

Greetings, Saviors!


We prepared 4 events for New Season Server! Please check the following information.



[1. Goddess' Roulette]




FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 11, 2020
TO the scheduled maintenance on November 10, 2020



Who can Participate


- All Users in the New Season Server



How to Participate


- Earn Coins by completing missions. You can check the number of coins you have by clicking Goddess' Roulette Coin UI, under the left side of Minimap. You can also open the UI by entering /Coin command on the chat window.


- Goddess' Roulette NPC will be in every village 2 weeks before the end of the event(from October 27 to November 10). Consume 10 coins to participate in the Roulette event.


How to obtain the Coins


1. Stamp Tour

- Clear the missions every week and get coins.


2. Daily Mission

- Clear in-game contents and get coins.


3. Maintain log in

- Maintain log in for 1 hour and get coins.





- Possible rewards! 



: Giltine's Wings, Dionys Cub Egg, Boruta Seal Selection Box, and more!


- Click here for the event details!



[2. Grow Your Guild]





FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 11, 2020
TO the scheduled maintenance on November 10, 2020



Who can Participate


- All guilds in the New Season Server



How to Participate


STEP 1 Reach the Guild Level 8 before the scheduled maintenance on November 10, 2020. 


STEP 2 Complete any Guild Quests 12 times within the event period. The Guild Quests are available up to 3 times a week and the Guild Quest attempt count resets at every Monday 6 am(EST).

- Please be advised that only 3 Guild Quests per week will be counted for the event. Sulivianas Lair will count as 3 Guild Quests.

STEP 3 The guilds which completed STEP 1 and STEP 2 will receive the rewards.





- Guild Quest One Entry Box x1 and Guild Mileage Box x1

: Via Guild Tower, 2 weeks before the Server Merge(27, October 00:00 EST).


- Guild Quest One Extry Box will grant Guild Quest One Entry Voucher x30. 

- Guild Mileage Box will grant Guild Mileage: 200 x50. 





- All items except the Guild Mileage: 200 are untradable and untransferrable. The Guild Mileage: 200 is untradable but can be transferred via team storage. 

- You can check how many Guild Quests you have cleared at the Guild Tower. 




[3. Gather Here Guild Event]





From the scheduled maintenance on 11 August, 2020 
TO the scheduled maintenance on  10 November, 2020



Who can Participate

1. Every Guild in the New Season Server

[Update] 2. Level of guild master has to be 440 or higher

[Update] 3. Number of guild members has to be 10 or above including the guild master 


How to participate


STEP 1  Be part of a guild in the New Season Server.

STEP 2 [Update] Gather 10 or more guild members including the guild master who reached lever 420 or higher

STEP 3 Register Guild Promotion


STEP 4 The Guilds which completed STEP 1-STEP 3 will unlock Guilds only Buff. 


* Guilds only Buff

 : Guild members who meet all the conditions can receive the buff via guild tower, and only the guild master can activate the buff. The Buff can be used every 6 hours, and if use the buff again before the 24-hour is over, the buff time renews to 24 hours again.




- Attribute Point 80% discount
- Extract Attribute Points exemption
- Cube Reopen Price 50% discount

[Update]- White Witch's Forest

- Cube Reopen Price 75% Discount [Update]

- Earth Tower 

- Velcoffer's Nest 

- Tomb of White Crow Legend Raid
-  Lepidoptera Junction Legend

- Rewards x2 when Reopening the Cube

- Earth Tower 
- Velcoffer's Nest 
- Tomb of the White Crow Legend
- Tomb of the White Crow Legend Casual
-  Lepidoptera Junction Legend

- Acquisition of Class Change Points + 500%
- Mercenary Badges x2,000 per team when log-in
- Mercenary Badge Shop 20% discount




[4. Be Together Event]


This event is for after the Server merge.


We prepared a guild event for Original Worlds saviors.

Please check the following details for participation.





From the scheduled maintenance on 10 November, 2020

To the scheduled maintenance on 22 December, 2020

* Servers will be merged on 10 November, 2020



Who can Participate


1. Guild from New Season Server

[UPDATE] - 5 or more users from the season server have to be in the guild, and have to be Lv.420 or above.

- Guild created in the New Season Server.
  : Not a guild created in the Original server by Season Server user.

2. Guild from Original Server

[UPDATE] - 3 or more New Season Server users have to be in the guild and have to be Lv.420 or above.  



How to participate


STEP 1 Items can be obtained as much as you clear the guild quest.


STEP 2 If you clear a certain amount of mission, you can receive the rewards via guild tower during the period.


STEP 3 Guild Quest Clear Criteria:

- Only the guild from the New World.
- Counts when 10 or more New World users are in the zone after the quest.


STEP 4  You can check how many times you cleared the quests by the guild tower.

STEP 5 Guild Quest Clear is counted 1, but Sulivinas Lair is counted 3 per 1 time. So if you clear Sulivinas Lair 1 time, you can proceed in stage 2 of Guild Quest Clear mission.


STEP 6 Get a scroll that ables you to check how many users from the New World is in the zone via guild tower by selecting [Guild Quest] Retrieve the Revealing Scroll (Once per team).

: The Scroll can only be used at the Guild Quest Zone.



About Missions


Guild Quest Clear Mission


- Stage 1: Guild Mission Clear x1 time
- Stage 2: Guild Mission Clear x3 time
- Stage 3: Guild Mission Clear x5 time
- Stage 4: Guild Mission Clear x7 time
- Stage 5: Guild Mission Clear x9 time


Sulivinas Lair Clear Mission


- Sulivinas Lair Clear : 1 time

- Sulivinas Lair Clear : 2 time

- Sulivinas Lair Clear : 3 time


Hero Mission

- Sulivinas Lair Clear: Clear with Guild from New World + 15 users from New World 





- Guild Quest Mission: Challenge Reset Box, Awakening Box S Rank will be obtained additionally based on your stages.

- Sulivinas Lair Clear Mission: Boruta's Pouch: Guild x5, Boruta Seal Box: Guild x3 based on the stages you have cleared.

- Hero Mission: Boruta's Pouch: Guild x5, Boruta Seal Box: Guild x3


- Users from New World will get an additional special reward if participating in the Guild mission.





- Guild Quest Participate Ticket resets every Monday 6 AM EST

- Guild Level must be 15 or higher to process the Sulivinas Lair Mission.

- Although 3 times of Guild Mission is processed, it won't be regarded as processing the Sulivinas Lair Mission.

- 2 times of Guild mission, 1 time of Sulivinas Lair Mission is regarded as guild mission stage 3 (2+3), and 1 time for Sulivinas Lair Mission.