Gone Fishing Again


Oct 15th, 2018

Greetings, Saviors!

Fishing season is back... IN STYLE! Pack up and go fishing during the event season for a chance to catch yourself the fabulous Butler & Maid Costumes.



Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on October 16, 2018
TO the scheduled maintenance on November 13, 2018



Who Can Participate


- Characters of all levels



How to Participate


STEP 1. Visit the plaza area in Klaipeda and purchase a fishing rod and bait from the Fishing Manager NPC if you haven't already.


STEP 2. Visit the Fishing Spot in Klaipeda or Cobalt Forest. Right-click the fishing rod in your inventory, then place the bait on the slot to begin fishing.


STEP 3. You know how the rest goes... Hold patiently for your catch! 



Event Items


These items can only be fished during the event period!

- Butler & Maid Costume Box (Black)
- Butler & Maid Costume Box (Pink)
- Butler & Maid Costume Box (Blue)




- If you are new to the game, please refer to our guide on fishing in the Guide section of our homepage for more details.
- All Costume Boxes obtained through the fishing event will not be tradable or transferable by any means.
- All Butler & Maid costumes obtained from the costume boxes will be tradable between players, can be listed on the market and transferred between characters using the team storage but not sellable to NPC merchants.