Announcement regarding our policy on add-ons

By STAFF_Ethan

Jun 24th, 2016

Greetings Saviors,

There have been some recent incidents regarding add-on usage and we would like to use this chance to address something that may players have been asking for a long time. We have decided to cover those incidents in a separate announcement so make sure to check it for more details.


1. We do not endorse the usage of add-ons due to the possibility of user harm and other various dangers.
Any damage or inconvenience that occurs from using add-ons is the responsibility of the user.

2. While the fact that a player used an add-on by itself may not be enough to be penalized, there will be certain add-ons that will not be in-line with our service policies. Any usage of such add-ons will be penalized, so please keep a close eye on any related announcements on our official channels.

2-1) Add-ons that fall under the following categories are strictly prohibited and will be penalized to a far greater degree.

 i. Tampering the client files to allow abnormal activities
 ii. Automating certain actions within the game that violate normal gameplay mechanics
 iii. Deceiving or creating confusion amongst the players

3) Restrictions incurred by add-on usage
When penalizing users of certain add-ons deemed inappropriate by our standards, we will announce the list of add-ons or functions. Any users using those add-ons or functions after the mentioned time-period on such announcements will be penalized.

Please make sure to read the details mentioned above and keep a close eye on the official website for any announcements to which add-ons are deemed as inappropriate to make sure that you do not experience any inconveniences.