[Tree of Savior] Revelator Figure for Sale


Mar 31st, 2023


Good day, people of the Kingdom! Having a busy day as usual?



I am Kupole... let me see... a <Mysterious Kupole>, whose name doesn't have much to be spoken about!

That seems cooler, don't you think?



Oops, I got off the topic!





Today, I have some good news for you!



How much do you know about the <Revelator>?


I assume many of you are already aware of this person, and that some more of you have received help from this <Revelator>!




Yes, that's the one! The Revelator, who is still struggling to save the world!


Here's some good news about the very <Revelator> we all love!




At the request of many people and goddesses, the Magic Association and the Kedoran Merchant Alliance collaborated and finally completed... (Drum roll)





Ta da - ☆





A custom figure statue of the <Revelator> for the fans!





It can even be customed to the looks of your wish!


Hmm? what did you sa...

Oh! The pre-order's already started?! There's no time for this!


I'd better go and make an order myself!



The address to the pre-order store is... here! I'll share it only with you guys, a fellow fan of the Revelator!








Well then, everyone! I hope we meet again soon!



May the grace of the goddesses stay with you☆