Goddess' Glory: August 23, 2022


Aug 22nd, 2022

Rank Item Amount
A [Re] Starlight Palace Costume Selection Box 1
[Re] Romantic Pilot Costume Selection Box 1
[Re] Candy Killer Costume Selection Box 1
[Re] Haunted Hospital Costume Selection Box 1
[Re] Deputy Chef Costume Selection Box 1
[Re] Restaurant Manager Costume Selection Box 1
Animal Kindergarten Bunny Moo Costume Selection Box 1
Animal Kindergarten Duck Fox Costume Selection Box 1
Eternal Savior Lumen Costume Selection Box 1
Eternal Savior Nox Costume Selection Box 1
Tos Hero Penguin Costume Set Selection Box 1
Tos Hero Chick Costume Set Selection Box 1
Tos Hero Cardinal Costume Set Selection Box 1
Tos Hero Crow-tit Costume Set Selection Box 1
Tos Hero Sparrow Costume Set Selection Box 1
Knight of Zemyna Defender Costume Selection Box 1
Knight of Zemyna Guardian Costume Selection Box 1
B [Re] Rose in Glass Globe 1
[Re] Red Fox Brooch 1
[Re] Pilot Goggles 1
[Re] Twinkling Star 1
[Re] Glowing Star 1
[Re] Starlight Palace Crown 1
[Re] Boa Constrictor Hat 1
[Re] Chef Hat 1
[Re] Culinary Hat 1
[Re] Toque Blanche 1
[Re] Head Chef Hat 1
[Re] Clown Mask 1
[Re] Butcher Knife Headband 1
[Re] Skull Party Mask 1
[Re] Toy Whisk 1
[Re] Toy Saltshaker 1
[Re] Toy Frying Pan 1
[Re] Red Fox Sword 1
[Re] Red Fox Two-handed Sword 1
[Re] Blooming Rose Spear 1
[Re] Fully Blooming Rose Pike 1
[Re] Precious Small Rose Mace 1
[Re] Precious Rose Two-handed Mace 1
[Re] Prickly Rose Bow 1
[Re] Rose and the Fox Cannon 1
[Re] Asteroid Shield 1
[Re] Simmering Starlight Rapier 1
[Re] Simmering Starlight Dagger 1
[Re] Boa Constrictor Musket 1
[Re] Soaring Bluebird Rod 1
[Re] Soaring Bluebird Staff 1
[Re] West Biplane Pistol 1
[Re] East Biplane Crossbow 1
[Re] The Bat Count Sword 1
[Re] The Bat Count Two-handed Sword 1
[Re] Pumpkin Lantern Spear 1
[Re] Pumpkin Streetlamp Pike 1
[Re] Surgical Scissors Rapier 1
[Re] Ripped Teddy Mace 1
[Re] Rag Doll Two-handed Mace 1
[Re] Haunted Oak Bow 1
[Re] Clown Crossbow 1
[Re] Pumpkin Mage Musket 1
[Re] Heavy Coffin Cannon 1
[Re] Surgical Scalpel Dagger 1
[Re] Vital Sign Pistol 1
[Re] Haunted Skull Staff 1
[Re] Hallowventer Hand Rod 1
[Re] Occult Paper Charm Shield 1
[Re] Whisk Spear 1
[Re] Fish-Carver Raiper 1
[Re] Wine Glass Rod 1
[Re] Saltshaker Mace 1
[Re] Pot-lid Shield 1
[Re] Whisk Pike 1
[Re] Pepper Shaker Two-handed Mace 1
[Re] Spatula Staff 1
[Re] Cheese Knife 1
[Re] Two-handed Butcher Knife 1
[Re] Pepper Grinder Cannon 1
[Re] Hand Mixer Pistol 1
[Re] Table Knife Sword 1
Animal Kindergarten White Duck Hat 1
Animal Kindergarten Red Fox Hat 1
Animal Kindergarten Bubble Two-handed Sword 1
Animal Kindergarten Cotton Candy Mace 1
Animal Kindergarten Duckling Two-handed Mace 1
Animal Kindergarten Candy Rod 1
Eternal Savior Lumen Wing Corolla 1
Eternal Savior Nox WIng Corolla 1
Eternal Savior Lumen Staff 1
Eternal Savior Nox Two-handed Mace 1
Tos Hero Crossbow 1
Tos Hero Mace 1
Tos Hero Pistol 1
Knight of Zemyna Two-handed Sword 1
Knight of Zemyna Shield 1
Knight of Zemyna Bow 1
Knight of Zemyna Rapier 1
Knight of Zemyna Crown 1
Knight of Zemyna Flower Feather Hairpin 1
C [Re] Steel Helmet 1
[Re] Hamster 1
[Re] Sunflower Seed 1
[Re] Toaster 1
[Re] Wi-Fi 1
[Re] Paper Ticket 1
[Re] Wing Decoration 1
[Re] Demon Wings 1
[Re] Kateen Flower Decoration 1
[Re] Sky Blue Ribbon 1
[Re] Blue Laced Hat 1
[Re] Banana Peel 1
[Re] Peacock Feather 1
[Re] Orange Candy 1
[Re] Sweet Biscuit 1
[Re] Buried Carrot 1
[Re] Crocus 1
[Re] Flarestone Horn 1
[Re] Tiger Swallowtail 1
[Re] Blue Ribbon 1