FAQ about Brief plans for 2021 Updates - (2)

By STAFF_Brand

May 12th, 2021

Hello, This is Tree of Savior Development Team.


This is a 2nd posting about the questions we had about the Brief Plans for 2021 updates.




Class · Balance



Q. The reorganization of the healer has been canceled, but the current healer cannot play Lepidoptera Junction (Solo), Tel Harsha, and Weekly Boss Raid even with the updated gears. Are there any plans for this in the future?​


If there is a team content that is difficult for a Healer, you will be able to clear it with a DPS by a lower cost.




Q. Does the answer to the previous question mean “grow a dealer instead since healers cannot play individual contents”?


Yes, this is why we planned the healer class adjustment, but since we’ve changed to character-based casual content, it’s been canceled.




Q. ​I think having 1 new class per month is too much. The new class is good but please pay more attention to the existing class.


We are going to have 1 character per month or the remake of existing class once the reorganization is done. It is not only releasing a new class, but includes the remake of an existing class.




Q. Will Alchemist Homunculus return?


We will look into the skills that have been deleted in the past. At the time, there were many gaps in the planning, making it difficult to raise the degree of completion. Thus, it was deleted by choice and concentration.




Q. Because of 'Increases Dagger attacks (Dagger Slash, etc)' in Scout Dagger buff, Rangda, Shinobi, and other classes cannot have it applied. Do you have any plans to adjust this?


We will change it to ‘when attacking while Dagger is equipped’ to make sure All weapon skills can receive the appropriate buff.




Q. I am curious if you think the Aggro damage-based system, which is the cause of the destruction of the role group, is alright and if there is any willingness to improve it. What do you think about 1. removing the Provoke Immunity, 2. receiving buff and debuff by moving each group organically with Gimmick, 3. changing Aggro in response to a specific skill or distance in a pattern, and 4. the tanker taking away the Aggro again?


It’s a great idea. It is similar to what we aimed for in the Healer reorganization before it was canceled. We will refer to it.




Q. ​Can you divide the balance of PvP/PvE?


We will divide the balance of PvP. We are currently adjusting separate skill specifications in Guild Territory War, which is the most important PvP content.




Q. Is there a plan to implement 'Dancer'?


We will consider it as an idea when releasing new characters.




Q. Please consider new users… When creating a new account (Team Lv.1), Kepa dies when hitting 14 times. Then, the level increases and gets attention from a variety of monsters and becomes incapable of combat. Are you aware of this issue?


We’ve got the point that it is extremely difficult to play before learning the first skill. We will take action as soon as possible.




Q. Do you have a plan to diversify invincible skill, mobile skill by class? There are lots of limits when playing content except for some classes.


It is true that invincibility skill is not fairly distributed among the classes and that its ​usability is high. We will consider it important when working on the Balance Patch.




Q.  Don’t you think every class should be able to evade the pattern with proper invincible skill or mobile skill?


From the future raid, patterns that cannot be evaded without invincible skill won’t appear.




Q. Please have the Heal Floor back.


We agree that Heal Floor was one of the attractive points Tree of Savior had in the past. However, this method brings a lot of loads even now that many optimizations have been made through 64-bit updates. The concept of Heal Floor will be implemented via new class or class reorganization other than the current Cleric after appropriately optimizing the design.




Q. Are there any plans for adjustment of installation classes such as Quarrel Shooter, Sapper, Dievdirbys?


We do have a plan, but the Balance patch will proceed in order by all classes. The orders have yet been set, and so as the installation class




Q. Enchanter, Thaumaturge, Linker is changed to Scout, but they are still Wizards in the TOS world. Costumes are also close to Wizard, which are irrelevant to the Scout. Please officialize the minor appearance change and concepts that are suitable for Scout even slightly. 


We will prepare the class with probability via class adjustment in the future. 




Q. Support class organization and Common Class is separate content and the examples you’ve shown are mostly about support class organization. Why do you cancel both? I was against the Healer/Support class organization but was looking forward to the common class. 


The development team believes that there is a lot of content and reorganization elements that must be presented with higher quality than the current Tree of Savior.

We’ve canceled the Common class because it wasn't a necessary system but had a lot of risk factors. The development team also doesn't think that the concept of the Common Class itself is wrong, so it could proceed someday, but not now.




Q. Rune Caster Giant attribute is limited only to use Rune caster. I wonder what the reason is.


Due to the property of the engine used in Tree of Savior, all effects and hit points are not automatically adjusted according to the scale change. Thus, there is difficulty in doing this one by one.

Since it is difficult not only to manage existing skills but also to maintain them afterward, it has been limited to the skills of the Rune Caster.




Q. Rather than focusing on a balance that is difficult to match, do you have any plans to release a Class tree change voucher?


Class change function was created for care after the Re:Build update, not for the regular system. Thus, it is expected that there is a high possibility of bugs occurring at this time.
Because it is risky to sacrifice something to add an unstable feature, there are no plans at the moment. After the update of Goddess system, the hurdles for new character development will come down, and we think this will be helpful to the problem indirectly.




Q. Will Pied Piper or Appraiser be rolled back? Seems like they were well organized.


The rollback of the support class is not a batch process. Some classes will remain largely unchanged in their current state, and some will almost go back to their previous status. 




Q. When will the Alchemist Gem roasting speed be reorganized? 


We will progress on it as soon as possible.




Q.  It is a little sad that the production class has only advanced once and is being completely abandoned. 


We agree. Since production classes are in the village, synergy with the class combination system cannot occur at all, and it is difficult to make any connection related to battles in the future. So we think it would have been nice to have these features separate from the class composition system. However, as the current roadmap is being settled first, it is difficult to confirm any changes in the near future 




Q. I suggest increasing the basic attack. Currently, we are too dependent on skills.


As the balance patch was repeated for a long time, inflation of the skill factor occurred, and now, in addition to some basic attacks with DPS at the level of attack skill (Limacon, Running Shot, Binatio, Muay Boran, etc.), 100% basic attacks have no practical meaning. Specialized (?) basic attacks such as Limacon are performances that can only be achieved by investing in extra skill points as well as investing to Enhance attribute and Enhanced Upgrade through Arts so you cannot just increase basic attacks like these.




Item · Supply



Q. I am very curious about the direction of the Res Sacrae Gem in PvE. Please let me know if you have any plans to make adjustments or not.


It is true that the proportion of Attack that the Res Sacrae has is very high. Since Goddess equipment is a weapon/armor of a higher level and rank, the default value is set higher than the current 440 Legend. We cannot suddenly make the Res Sacrae stake smaller, but at least it will be relatively smaller than its current stake.




Q. There is a huge difference in capabilities depending on whether or not a Goddess Gem is acquired, but the acquisition of a Goddess Gem only applies with 100% luck. Change the way Goddess gems are obtained!


To be honest, regarding the acquisition method and performance management for the Res Sacrae Gem is difficult to quickly respond here. As it is the most important management system, we will update it carefully.




Q. Fix the Goddess Magenta Gem. Gems come out randomly from a box where it is difficult to obtain one while playing? 


For the Res Sacrae Gem, we are preparing a way to collect the unused Res Sacrae Gems to obtain other Res Sacrae Gems. Currently, it is done by dismantling the Gem to obtain Prism Coal, and obtaining again by combine, and we are aware that the cost is expensive and the procedure is bothering.




Q. Do you have any plans to create a ceiling for acquiring Res Sacrae Gem? I want to have a Determination gem, but I'm in tears because I have 4 Armed and 1 Testify. Other user obtained more than 20 Armed and Determination gems…


We have reconsidered the Res Sacrae Gem ceiling plans but decided not to have it.




Q. Will the Boruta Seal keep its value? Will it be used in the future?


We don’t have a plan to change the Boruta Seal from the current Enhance system. However, supply will be added from the advanced content according to the Goddess season. 




Q. Are there any plans to change the number of Vaivora Coin needed for Weapon Type Change Tome?


We will set the Weapon Type Change Tome cheaper from the Goddess system.


Q. After the patch, enchant needs to be on the equipment separately, and items needed for enchant will be needed much more than usual when growing multiple characters. Are there any supply plans about items needed for enchant?


Like other items, we will increase the supply of Enchant Jewel.




Q. How do I enhance Goddess equipment?


In order to enhance Goddess equipment, you need ingredients from the Goddess Raid and the current anvils.




Q. Show us the number of how you’ll adjust the Ingredients for the Transmutation of Vaivora and Goddess/Demon God’s Armor.


We will inform the detailed number about the Goddess System via a separate post.




Q. When will the change of Vaivora lv.4 come?


Dismantle of Vaivora will be supported first. For Lv.4, it will be reverted to 8 Lv.1 Vaivora, 70 Transmutator, silver.  




Q. Instead of having a 0 potential of  Goddess equipment, you said that it does not drop the enhance rate and does not break. Then, how strong will the Attack be?


We will inform the Goddess equipment’s enhancement value or Storage value via separate post. 




Q. Do you have any plans to resell the items from the Content Point Shop that were sold for a limited time? If so, when?


Currently, we don’t. But we do have a plan to provide it via event for a limited time. We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide more as this may reduce the effectiveness of the event.




Q. Are there any plans to release Scout costumes at Exchange Shop?


Currently, we do not have any plan. We are deeply sorry.




Q. Because you’ve said that there are no plans for Scout costume at Exchange Shop despite there are no Scout costume at this point, do you have any plans to release it for common use?  ​​


The current Exchange shop’s costumes are made exclusively for each class only, so it takes a lot of time to change it to common use.




Q. Please change the Trinket and weapon type One-handed, Two-handed regardless of type… 


Trinket, One-handed, Two-handed will have no difference in cost from Goddess. Thus, changing type will be available.




Q. Why is the release cycle of Hairstyle so long?


Unlike other parts, hair in Tree of Savior is implemented in 2D, so it requires a lot of movements and motion which takes a long time to develop. 




Q. Please sell the Gesture Emoticon that was on sale for a period of time at TP shop!


We will update content consistently.




Q. Currently, the items in the Tree of Savior TP shop are so terrible that it seems that users rarely use cash except for Leticia and Hair. Do you have any plans to make money with elements that do not affect the game such as Weapon Type Change Tome which depends on Vaivora coins acquired via existing attendance check? 


We will reconsider all of the contents from the TP shop.




Q. Continuous with the question, how about selling items that do not affect the game such as hair accessories, something to ride, costume, appearance change item at TP shop? I think selling a Challenge Mode Reset Box or multiply token with a price proportion to Token’s cost is also fine.


We will reconsider the contents from the TP shop.




Q. Are there any plans to let Hair Accessory stats transfer like awakening and enchant stats?


We do not have plans for it.




Q. ​Why is the price higher in the Season Off Contents Point Shop?


We set the price like this because if the price of the item is reduced in the off-season, it would be a loss for those who purchased the item during the season.




Q. Wouldn't it be right for those who want to get ahead of the season to spend more and sell it cheaply during off-season for the latecomers so that it's easy to catch up?


You have a point, but our planning intentions are more consistent to the concept of a "compensation for those who remain and grind hard during season," and since it's more efficient to purchase it during the season, users split up the insufficient money during the season within a limited time and latecomers do it without time limits.




Q. ​If this continues, the gap between content points will widen because latecomers won’t be able to catch up.


Because of the mentioned ‘difficulties of the latecomers’, we do not plan to add any more Elements to the Contents Point Shop.




Q. Do you have any plans to make a place to consume Nucle Powder, lower the minimum market price or at least set a silver price so that we can sell it in the NPC shops in towns?


We are planning to continue to increase the number of places to spend.




Q. If more Goddesses' Blessed Gems are required for High Attribute, it will become more difficult for users with multiple characters. How will you solve this problem?


We will consider ways to increase the supply of Mystic Tome.




Q. Will you increase the chance of obtaining Arch Stone? Entry barriers of making Karaliene Accessories by obtaining Arch Stone is too high compared to Luciferie Accessories.


The total number of Arch Stone required (Ark, Luciferie) for a single character will decrease when the Storage system is applied.




Q. Please do not destroy Res Sacrae Gem when transferring it. Leveling up 1 Black Gem is hard enough, how do you suppose to level everything up according to property and boss type? Since the cost of leveling up is high, make transfer fee free and destroy-proof.


We will try to constantly maintain the relative discount of the enhancement fee.




Q. Please let Unique Ichors be equipped to the Goddess equipments. Why are you throwing away completely fine-working ichors?


Some stats of the current unique weapon stats can have a great impact on the balancing. With many current and future stat balance issues of Vaivora equipment to be dealt with, it is a bit too much for us to consider the unique weapons of the past. We will refer to the new Vaivoras, Arts, skills, etc. in the future for interesting stats that are shameful to be lost.




Q. When are you going to reduce the heavy chance system of Res Sacrae? Even within the users with Res Sacrae, there are many without Goddess Magenta.


We will gradually increase the methods to obtain Res Sacrae Gem.




Q. Will Lv.2, Lv.4 Skill Gems come out in the future?


In the Goddess system, skill gem equipment slots will be expanded to 8 (2 per part), which will increase the quantity required for each character. Therefore it probably won’t happen or happen in the distant future.




Field · Contents



Q. Field, one of the most attractive points of TOS, is still dead. What do you think of silver and item drop on the field?


It is hard to provide silver in the normal field which has low difficulty. Thus, we are going to increase the usage of Badge Boost items, Seasoned Coins, and Mercenary Badge Shop in order to invigorate the field content. Also, contents related to learning a new class or achieving items required for a certain mission might take place in the field.




Q. The Auto Match Challenge Mode Map is always the same, which is very monotonous.


Challenge Mode will be changed in the future, big and small. The map is also included in these changes. However, because the role and the concept of Challenge Mode, Division Singularity, and Dimensional Collapse Point is rather similar at the moment, we are debating whether to put this in order first or keep it as it is.




Q. I’m curious whether if the difficulty of the Uphill Defense and Dimensional Collapse Point that increased after Episode 13 will be maintained. Before the update, both the new and returning users could enjoy the content but nowadays it’s become very challenging.


Before the update, these were too easy that even poorly geared second accounts could clear the content and achieve the reward. As the episode reward is improved and enhancing these equipment is constantly supported by the events, we believe that the difficulty level of the current version is not very difficult.




Q. You previously answered that there will no longer be raid patterns that cannot be breached by invincible skill. Does this mean that we can just use the CAPS LOCK bug to clear Lepidoptera Junction solo raid? Without this, Magic DPS Clerics cannot evade the swap pattern.


We will no longer make patterns that cannot be evaded. The swap pattern of Lepidoptera Junction solo will either be deleted or be changed to be evadable in the future.







Q. You really need to solve the GTW lags by increasing the server or something. If you can’t, how about limiting the number of people per guild and spot? About 25 to 30.


Limiting the number of people per guild has received very negative feedbacks when it was applied to the current Boruta and other contents.




Q. Everybody knows that the rules of the GTW are messed up. Why aren’t you fixing it or giving fast feedback on the matter? Do we have to wait for months until it’s fixed, sucking our fingers?


We will manage the lags and OP in GTW first and then adjust the rules. We promise the priority of this will be high.




Q. I think a Team Battle League Uniform Mode will be great.


We believe uniform mode is undesirable according to the example of the Crystal Mine.




Guild · Guild Contents



Q. Do you have any plans to sell Guild Name Change Voucher?


We do not have any plans to sell Guild Name Change Voucher.




Q. Currently, you cannot participate in the Battle in Suilivinas Lair and Battle in Demonic Sanctuary at the same time. In my guild, we barely participate in GTW and can only participate in Battle in Suilivinas Lair due to the limit. Because of this, we are left behind by the other guilds. Can you remove this limit? Guilds with a few people wish to participate in all contents.


This limit of participants to clear both Blockade Battles is an intended factor. It is a reward for the guilds that recruit guild members, increase force, and manage the schedule of each guild member. By choosing the more favorable boss, we rather think medium-sized guilds with elite members, may be able to increase the ranking in one blockade battle compared to the large guilds divided on both battles than when 60 people were required for the Battle in Sulivinas Lair.




Collection · Title · Adventure Journal Reward



Q. Please change the compensation for the existing collection.


The development team has registered it.




Q. Why on earth aren’t you raising the compensation for the existing collections?


Raising collection rewards means that this can become a meaningful stat to collect and it may be considered a must-to-do requirement when raising a character. However, the current collection list, drop rate, spawn cycle of field monster, and combat ability are not of the quality to handle this change.

We might be able to consider the reorganization in the future after confirming that the current road map is working as intended and that there’s no need for an additional big reorganization.




Q. Do you have any plans to reorganize the Adventure Journal Rewards? Adventure Journal is actually useless at the moment.


The Adventure Journal is currently in need of compensation as well as maintenance on what is being reset and what is accumulated. We cannot state exactly when but we will reorganize the Adventure Journal and Achievements in the future.




Q. Do you have any plans to increase the stage of title collection buff when you merge, from the current title buff 40 maximum? Also, are you going to leave the stats increased by the buff as it is? (since it is very subtle) And will there be more rewards according to the title stage? It might become a motivation to play the game with enthusiasm. I wonder how you think.


The mentioned content is impossible with the current number of titles, so we might need to increase the type of titles to make it possible. The reason why the reward according to the stage cannot increase greatly is equal to the reason for the collections.







Q. There are so many items that are not registered at the market. Why aren’t you merging the market?


We have considered the market merge, but it is hard to apply it in high priority since it is a task with high difficulty. 




Q. I admit that the market registration time is random due to prevent RMT. But isn’t 2 hours too long? 


With the experience of management, it wasn’t that fatal to have 2 hours for registering the item on the market when the purpose was normal. It is true that it is bothersome, but the item registering time has its purpose of preventing personal market trade. Thank you for your understanding.




Q. I think the skill effect of the Healer or Support class is too weak. Are there any plans to increase the skill effect? It would be better to have a fancier effect since we cannot use it again for 30 minutes once the buff skill is used.


As for the effect-related system, the effect-related system of our engine is old. Thus, we will need to take a lot of time to improve the engine in order to create a beautiful and satisfactory effect.


Q. Let me say something about the effect. I hope you refer to the Ragnarok online skills you have developed in the past. Various angels from Priest Magnificat/Lex Aeterna/Magnus, etc, Lex Aeterna's sound, etc. convey a clear perception of the skills currently used to not only myself but also to the party members. But TOS has less intuitive.


We will reconsider the quality upgrade of effect.




Q. Do you have any plans to update the story of Orsha before the reorganization and quest event video?


It won’t be processed since the storyline after the Orsha reorganization is newly organized, and the episode is currently ongoing. 




Q. Please let us make a Refreshment Table in towns.




Q. Dissatisfaction of party recruitment made only by Shout is kind of resolved through Auto Match, but do you still have no plans to create means to support party recruitment?


We don’t have plans for now.




Q. Are there plans to add various instrument contents like Flute/Erhu?


It won’t be frequent, but we will release a new instrument in the future.





This concludes the QnA about Brief Plans for 2021 Update. Thank you.



※ Contents described in this posting may change according to the future development policy.