Changes in the Exchange Shop

By STAFF_Brand

Mar 8th, 2021

Greetings Saviors!


With the separation of decorating items from Leticia's Cube, Goddess' Blessed Cube is coming back to TOS!

Due to the return of Goddess' Blessed Cube, there will be a reorganization of the items sold at the Exchange Shop.


From the scheduled maintenance on March 23, 2021, costumes except Class Tree Costume will be deleted from the exchange shop.


In addition, from the first day the Goddess' Blessed Cube starts sale, the costumes of the Cube will also be sold in the Exchange Shop during the sales period. This event will continue until further updates.


Items in the Goddess' Blessed Cube: Costume, Hair Accessories/Helmet, and Weapon Appearance items, etc can be exchanged into 30 Exchange shop medal as before.


However, you cannot exchange the items in both Demon God's Temptation and Goddess' Blessed Cube event into medals, but Demon God's Temptation Point.

Please note that items purchased from the Exchange Shop cannot be traded or sold in the market and can only be moved to the Team Storage!


※ Costume Collection and the Demon God's Point Shop will not be affected.

※ Contents above may change according to future updates.