Episode 13 : New class and Class Adjustments

By STAFF_Brand

Jan 22nd, 2021

Greetings, Saviors. This is Tree of Savior Developer Team. 


This posting is the 2nd part of the Ep.13 Update, which is about New class and Class Adjustments, and balance patch.



1st : Episode 13 : Scar of Fate

2nd : New Classes and Class Adjustments

3rd : New Contents, System and System Adjustments



Swordsman: Strike Property Class Adjustments

Like we said in the previous posting, there won’t be a new class in Swordsman Class, but there will be a adjustments of Strike property class.

Nak Muay will be adjusted to have the effect of improving the performance of hit attack within strike oriented concepts and this will create synergy with other strike attack classes.

Murmillo will be adjusted to have a position as a major strike property class with Rodelero, Peltasta, and Nak Muay due to change in mechanism and performance of the deal cycle. There will also be a slight change in the attacking skill of Peltasta and Rodelero.

Additionally, the performance of Shield Attack will be increased slightly, and the reliability of block in the Midnight Baptism activation condition will be decreased slightly.


Nak Muay


[Changes] Nak Muay has the key to improve the performance of a Strike attack.

Ram Muay

Attack factor will be adjusted drastically, and when attacking with Strike during buff ignores some of the enemy’s Defense.


If the basic attack is accurate, the [Ram Muay: Shock] debuff will be applied instead of [Shock].

[Ram Muay: Shock] decreases Defense against victim’s strike attack and stacks with ignoring opponent’s Defense effect caused by basic buff status.


▲ Effect of Nak Muay’s New Vaivora weapon


Also, a new Vaivora weapon which will be added with the adjustments will expand the usage of Ram Muay.

Previous [Arts] Ram Muay: Warrior will be deleted.

Muay Thai

It will be fixed to increase Duration and shorten Cooldown of the skill. 

Khao Loi will be excluded from auto-activate skill, but Te Kha, Sok Chiang, Te Trong will be included in the item stats that need basic attack requirements and final damage increases proportionally to those three skills.


For [Arts] Muay Boran, the penalty of increasing magic damage from enemies will be deleted, and Cooldown of Muay Thai will be the same.

Khao Loi

The condition to learn the skill will be changed from Lv.16 to Lv.1, and the Max. skill level will be changed to 15. 

Does not auto-activate in Muay Thai status, the factor will be adjusted with a separate unique attack skill. 

Teleports to the targeted enemy and give damage, and puts the enemy under [Stun] when you learn the new [Arts] Khao Loi: Khao Trong

Te Kha,
Sok Chiang, Te Trong

Te Kha, Sok Chiang, Te Trong which activates under Muay Thai status will have increased attack factor and Cooldown.


For all three skills, the max. skill level will be changed to Lv.5 and consume only 15 skill points when all skills are mastered regardless of the learned class level.

All of the attack property is unified to Strike and when used solely, the Cooldown will increase than before.





[Changes] The skills that had low usability will be changed to a new form, and the skill tree will change.

Frenzied Slash

→ Frenzied Burst

Frenzied Slash skill will be deleted and changed to Frenzied Burst skill.


Frenzied Burst is a skill that flies high into the sky and then falls to a targeted area to attack an enemy in the range. Shield Attack is applied to the Strike properties and stun which was a key function of the Frenzied Slash is inherited.

Evade Thrust→ Butterfly

Evade Thrust skill will be deleted and changed to the Butterfly skill.


Butterfly, which uses shield and sword to attack continuously, is a powerful skill that applies Shield Attack to Strike property, increases damage to the enemy under Loophole to Strike property and drags Shield’s Defense to higher Attack like Rodelero's Shooting Star. Also, a minimum Critical Strike Chance which was one of the effects of Evade Thrust is guaranteed. 

Emperor's Bane → 

Headbutt: Emperor's Bane

Emperor's Bane skill will be deleted and changed to Headbutt’s attribute.


Headbutt is changed to Lv.16 learned, Lv.10 mastered, and applying final 2 continuous hits to medium-sized enemies including PC will be loaded as basic.

Emperor's Bane, which was a separate skill, will be able to be used just as before if [Headbutt: Emperor's Bane] is learned, and some performance will be adjusted.

Sprint: Melee

The previous effect of the Melee attribute which was hard for users to predict control will be deleted and changed to buff which is immune to Knockdown, Knockback, some debuff for a certain amount of time.

Scutum Hit Shield Train

The bleeding effect will be deleted from Scutum Hit.


Shield Train will be changed to Lv.31 learned, Lv.5 mastered, and the factor will be adjusted.





[Changes] Existing skills with duplicate concepts will be converted to new attack skills.

Umbo Blow →


Umbo Blow skill will be deleted and changed to Langort skill.


Langort, which uses shield and sword at the same time to attack the enemy, is a skill that applies Shield Attack to Strike property, increases damage to the enemy under Loophole to Strike property and drags Shield’s Defense to higher Attack like Shooting Star and Butterfly. Also, it can block the enemy’s attack while casting.

Rim Blow

The number of overheats will be adjusted, and the missing Umbo Blow’s stun function will be inherited to [Rim Blow: Stern].

Shield Lob

Throw shield in a straight line to damage the enemies on the path, and damage the enemies once again by turning back. Unlike before, you don't have to control the distance, you just take the direction to attack more enemies.



[Common] Shield Class


Shield Attack

In the Shield Attack attribute, the rate of converting Shield Defense to Attack will increase slightly.

Midnight Baptism

Midnight Baptism’s activation requirement which increases the damage of Shield Attack when the block is successful (+100% per part) is changed to increase basic damage (+25% per part) and increase damage when blocking (+75% per part).

Maximum damage increase effect is +400%, the same as before in total of every part when the block is successful.


In addition, balance adjustments will be added to reduce combat capability deviations between class builds of weapons(attack property) within the Swordsman.
The performance of some buff skills will be adjusted, and the signature buff skills that have clear enhancement effects, such as StartUp and Epee Garde, will be limited to be applied only to the skills with the same attack properties with the corresponding class.
In the future, the balance adjustment of the Swordsman will focus on reducing the performance and utilization gap between the three attack properties, which are largely related to the major weapon, such as Slash, Pierce, and Strike, so that players can build based on the weapons they like.



Wizard: Remake & Adjustments Made According to Property

Wizards will have adjustments and factor adjustments for class distribution of each property.
Currently, the Taoist of Wizard class is included in most builds with unlimited secondary additional strikes, and other combinations are limited.
After the adjustments, the property of Wizard will be categorized into 3 properties of [Fire, Ice, Lightning], 3 properties of [Earth, Psychokinesis, Non], Dark property and Summon property. 
6 properties will be combined as classes with single property consisting of Pyromancer(Fire), Cryomancer(Ice), Terramancer(Earth), Psychokino(Psychokinesis), Sage(Non) (Exclusive Lightning property class is yet), Elementalist, and Taoist with 3 properties of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Rune Caster and Onmyoji with 3 properties of Earth, Psychokinesis, Non.
Bokor will be excluded from Summon and remade as Dark property Wizard so it could be used with Warlock, Featherfoot, Shadowmancer.
Only Sorcerer, Necromancer will be the pure Summon so another class should be chosen according to the play type, and Chronomancer, Alchemist will be excluded from the synergy based on trees.
Also, when equipping Rod Mastery effect on the Dagger it changes to Convert to Magic Attack, so reward for two weapons will be given.
The final classification of the Wizard’s property and role are as follows.


Class (bold: Remake Class)




Pyromancer, Elementalist, Taoist

Cryomancer,  Elementalist, Taoist

Elementalist, Taoist




Terramancer, Rune Caster, Onmyoji

Psychokino, Rune Caster, Onmyoji 

Sage, Rune Caster, Onmyoji


Bokor, Shadowmancer, Warlock, Featherfoot


Sorcerer, Necromancer


Chronomancer, Alchemist





Rod Mastery

Effect of Rod Mastery will be changed to convert a certain rate of Dagger’s Attack to Magic Attack when Dagger and Rod are equipped together.





[Changes] The biggest change of Taoist is the change of Lightning Charm, which used to copy all attacks and strike with Lightning property regardless of property.

Upper Level → Fire Charm

Upper Level skill will be deleted and changed to Fire Charm skill.


If you throw Fire Charm at the designated place, it summons a magic circle of flames for a certain time and damages the enemies in range with fire property.

Magic circle air strike effect of Upper Level will be inherited to the new [Fire Charm: Updraft] attribute.

Begone Demon


Flame Radiation Charm

Begone Demon skill is deleted and changed to Flame Radiation Charm.


Flame Radiation Charm is a skill that burns the fire property talisman and fires flame in front to inflict damage.

Storm Calling

→ Snow Tempest Charm

Storm Calling skill is deleted and changed to Snow Tempest Charm skill.


Snow Tempest Charm causes chill wind and damages enemy with ice property.

Lightning Charm → Strengthen Charm

Lightning Charm is deleted and changed to Strengthen Charm skill. 

Strengthen Charm additionally damages the enemy by chance when Fire, Ice, 


Lightning property attack is used during the buff.

While the buff persists, fire, ice, and electrical property attacks are likely to cause additional damage to the enemy. 

Property of additional damage is the same as the original attack property.

Creeping Death Charm

Attack property will be changed to [Ice].


Skill learned level will be changed from 31 to 16, Max. skill level will be changed to 10.

Eradication: Previous Arts will be changed to increase final damage but the overheat of Eradication will be decreased.





[Changes] Elementalist which had 4 kinds of property will be modified to have 3 kinds of property, excluding the Earth property.

Element Mastery: Elemental

Earth property will be removed and damage increase rate and duration will increase slightly.

Storm Dust

→ Blizzard Storm 

Storm Dust will be changed to Blizzard Storm of Ice property.

 Blizzard Storm, which creates Snowstorm in the designated area, can damage continuously with Ice property.

Stone Curse

→ Lightning Orb

Stone Curse will be changed to Lightning Orb.


▲ Feature using [Lightning Orb] 


Lightning Spear creates lightning crystal while casting and after casting, created lightning crystal flies to the enemy in front to damage.

Elemental Essence

→ Elemental Burst

Elemental Essence, which used to adjust compatibilities of 4 properties, will be changed to a multi-property attack skill, Elemental Burst.


Elemental Burst is a skill that gathers the energy of Fire, Ice, Lightning property and fires to the front, and damages with three properties in order.



Rune Caster


[Changes] Rune Caster will be a class that can use all Earth, Psychokinesis, and Non properties.

Rune of Ice →

Rune of Earth

Rune of Ice skill will be removed and changed to Rune of Earth which summons the stones from the ground to damage the enemy.

Rune of Giants →

Rune of Repulsion

Rune of Giants skill will be removed and changed to Rune of Repulsion.


When using Rune of Repulsion, it pushes away the enemy and damages by firing a Psychokinesis property sphere in front. 

Existing Rune of Giants effect will be moved to the attribute [Rune of Protection: Giant].

Rune of Beginning

Rune of Beginning is a new skill that enhances the Earth, Psychokinesis, Non property skill that you use.

Rune of Gravity

Rune of Gravity is a new skill that attacks the enemy by spinning Psychokinesis property sphere around the character.





[Changes] Onmyoji will be changed as a wizard with Earth, Psychokinesis, Non property like Rune Caster.


Fire Fox Shikigami →

Soul Fox Shikigami

Fire Fox Shikigami skill will be removed and changed to Soul Fox Shikigami skill.


The summoned Soul Fox Shikigami follows the caster while automatically attacking nearby enemies and priorly attacks the target the caster is attacking.

Shikigami → Wind Shikigami

Water Shikigami skill will be removed and changed to Wind Shikigami skill.


Invoke the power of the Wind Shikigami to summon strong wind currents and attack enemies.

Essence of Shikigami

Essence of Shikigami is a new skill, which fires psychic abilities in front and moves to a certain distance, damaging the enemy in the path and causing additional damage by returning to the caster.

Yin Yang Harmony

Attack property will be changed t3o [Non], [Earth], [Psychokinesis].





[Changes] Bokor will be modified to a class that uses Dark property and debuff.

Bokor is a Dark property class that uses buff/debuff such as [Dark Force], [Curse of Debility], [Pollution], [Decay], etc to attack the enemy.

[Dark Force] stacks to the caster with maintaining [Curse of Debility], [Decay] debuff from the Bokor skill.
Some skills improve performance by consuming these stacks.

Hexing →

Curse of Debility

Hexing skill is removed and changed to Curse of Debility skill.

Apply [Curse of Debility] to the target and decreases the magic Defense and damages continuously. 

If you learn the new Arts [Curse of Debility: Dark Force], the chance of [Dark Force] buff applied will increase instead of damage increase effect according to the stacks.


Effigy will be changed to the skill which applies [Pollution] to the enemy under [Curse of Debility] for 30 seconds. Enemy under [Pollution] gets damage continuously.


Samediveve’s effect will be changed to the skill which applies [Decay] debuff by cursing in a certain range.


Increases final damage to the enemy by the [Decay] debuff when applying [Samediveve: Enhance Pattern].



Zombie with no extra attack ability is summoned for a certain period of time and charges [Dark Force] buff to the caster for 1 time periodically.
Only one zombie can be dragged out and different effects can be selected according to the additional attribute.


Large Zombie applies [Decay] debuff to the nearby enemies, and Wheelchair Zombie applies [Curse of Debility].


Damballa will be changed to a skill that damages the enemy by consuming some of the [Dark Force]. 

Aslo, Damballa and [Dark Force] can be enhanced with new Vaivora weapons.


Mackangdal has an effect that decreases damage received, and increases duration according to the number of [Dark Force] stacks.


Bwa Kayiman

Summons magic circle which remains for a certain period of time by consuming [Dark Force] when using new Bwa Kayiman.


Removes [Curse of Debility], [Pollution], [Decay] from the enemy in the magic circle range and remaining [Dark Force] buff of the caster, increases damage proportionally to the removed ones. Also increases Physical/Magic Defense of allies on the magic circle.



Other Classes 



Function of Enchant Fire which changes the attack property will be removed and changed to buff that causes additional damage of fire property to the nearby enemies with explosion when defeating the enemy with fire property.

Rest of the attack skills’ factor will be adjusted.


When separating shadow with Infernal Shadow, the body will not receive damages from the caster’s attack.

The body receives enlarged damage when the caster attacks the shadow. Also, Infernal Shadow can be casted from a further range than before, so you can separate the shadow to attack the body in a safer place if there is an ally who can get the monster's attention.


Darkness attribute which additionally damages proportionally to the Attack will be changed to the narrow final damage increase format. 


Factors of attack skill will be adjusted slightly.


Debuff pre-qualification will be removed from Maestro of Dimension attribute.


Factor, Cooldown, Casting time of Micro Dimension, Ultimate Dimension, Dimension Compression, etc will be adjusted.


Hole of Darkness will be changed to damage the enemy during the magic circle duration, and casting will be added.


When attacking Mutant-type in each skill, damage increase stat will be removed,
factor and duration will be adjusted.




Archer: New Class [Arquebusier] 





After Medzio Diana, the Kingdom felt the need for snipers. The Kingdom reinforced the existing training process to mass-produce snipers, which gave an excellent result, the Arquebusier. Arquebusiers are an outstanding sniper who remains calm and doesn't fail to hit the target, even in harsh environments.

It is a class that attacks a single target in far distance, which can use both Musket and Cannon.


It has various skills that can attack the enemy from a far distance. For some skills, because it has a striking method that deals damage to the first target on the path of a straight line, it will have stronger power when using the skill by well measuring the distance and path of the enemy.

Also, Arquebusier skill has a mechanism that creates/consumes [Clean Hit] buff, and the key point is to manage [Clean Hit] buff efficiently in situations because skills that consume [Clean Hit] activate skills in more enhanced form than the existing skill. 


([Enhance] attribute and [Enhanced Upgrade] Arts are excluded)



Keep an eye on the front to predict and prepare for the next combat.

Momentarily increase your accuracy, and charges [Clean Hit] buff for 3 times.

[Arts] Prediction: Perfect Hit


Final damage increases in proportion to the Accuracy of the hit during buff, instead of Prediction's increase in Accuracy effect

Pinpoint Fire


Damages the target by firing the weapon.


Consume 1 [Clean Hit] buff to increase minimum Critical Rate of Pinpoint Fire. 

Lucky Strike


Fires weapon in front and damages the first enemy who was hit in the straight line.


Charges 1 [Clean Hit] buff when striking the enemy.

Lucky Strike: Long-range Fire

The farther distance with the struck enemy, the more increase in damage of  Lucky Strike.

Arquebus Barrage


Fires weapon to damage enemies in radial range to the back of the hit target.


Consume 2 [Clean Hit] buff to increase 1 strike of Arquebus Barrage.

Dusty Salute


Fires shotgun towards the sky, which spreads on the air and damages the enemy in range.


Consume 1 [Clean Hit] buff to apply [Silence] to the damaged enemy temporarily.

Dusty Salute: Ceremony


Enemy hit by the Dusty Salute temporarily gets decrease in evasion to the attack from the caster. 

Desperate Defense


Build a castle wall where you're standing and apply [Defend Position] buff.

During the buff, the Movement Speed decrease effect of Sniper's Serenity is nullified, and [Clean Hit] buff is created as a basic attack.


[Defend Position] buff removes when getting off the defending range.


During the [Defend Position] buff, the strike of Lucky Strike and Precision Fire shoots to the targeted enemy by penetrating the enemies in the way.

▲ Feature using [Lucky Strike] after using [Desperate Defense] 

Desperate Defense: Maintain

The duration of castle wall increases according to the attribute level.

[Arts] Desperate Defense: Courage


Effect of Desperate Defense changes and is changed to designate party member buff skill.


[Courage] buff stacks to the targeted character as much as the number of [Clean Hit] stacks when the skill is cast. Decreases the damage received according to the number of stacks during [Courage] buff.  Charges [Clean Hit] buff periodically when the caster is near the character who received the [Courage] buff. (Does not charge when the caster casts itself.)

Precision Fire


Fires a weapon towards the target and damages continuously while maintaining the channeling. If there is an enemy reaching the straight line in the path with the target, damages the corresponding enemy.


Consume all [Clean Hit] buff and decrease Cooldown proportionally to the number of buff stacks, charges 1 [Clean Hit] buff every time you strike the enemy.

Precision Fire: Long-range Fire

The further distance with the struck enemy, the more increase in damage of Precision Fire.

Sniper's Breathing

When using [Leap: Dexterity], does not leap backward but temporarily decreases damage received.



Quarrel Shooter


[Changes] Kneeling Shot will be removed and Running Shot for Crossbow will be added.

Kneeling Shot →

Running Shot

Kneeling Shot will be removed and changed to Running Shot.


Running Shot is a buff skill that improves the performance of Crossbow’s basic attack in Swift Step status.


[Arts] Kneeling Shot: Fortress will be changed to Deploy Pavise: Fortress, and a shield will be created near the installed Pavise. 




Cleric: Sadhu Remake





[Changes] Sadhu is a magic dealer class which uses soul buff to have a performance effect.

Sadhu is a Holy property magic dealer class which uses [Sadhu's Soul] buff to have additional effect on Sadhu skill.


The more [Sadhu's Soul] you have, the more additional effect of each skill you will have. Thus, using the skill that creates and uses the [Sadhu's Soul] evenly and managing the number of [Sadhu's Soul] according to the combat environment is the key to playing Sadhu.

[Arts] Cloth Mastery: Communion →

[Arts] Sadhu: Penance

Effect of the Arts will change.

 Increases minimum Critical Rate when attacking with Holy Property regardless of Armor.

Spirit Strike

New skill will be added.


Cast for a certain time and damage the enemy in front, charge 1 [Sadhu's Soul] to the caster.

 - Increases damage and SP consumption per 1 [Sadhu's Soul].

Out of Body

Skill effect will change.

- Creates a spirit of your own that follows the caster. The spirit charges the caster's [Sadhu's Soul] buff 1 time periodically.

Astral Body Explosion

Skill effect will change.


 - Consume all of [Sadhu's Soul] to damage the enemies in the designated range. Increases damage proportionally to consumed [Sadhu's Soul].


Skill effect will change.


 - Consume some of [Sadhu's Soul] to create a magic circle that lasts for a certain time. Increases damage of Sadhu skill used on the magic circle.


Skill effect will change.


 - Consume all of [ Sadhu's Soul] during channeling to damage the target. Increases damage proportionally to consumed [Sadhu's Soul].


▲ Feature using [Possession] 

Vashita Siddhi

Skill effect will change.


 - Consume all of [Sadhu's Soul] to damage the enemies in the designated range. Increases damage proportionally to consumed [Sadhu's Soul] and apply stun to enemy, proportionally to the time.


Skill effect will be added.

- Creates 5 [Sadhu's Soul].





[Changes] Some follow-up measures will be added to the last balance patch.

Shield Mastery:


New attribute will be added.


Increases additional damage stat by a certain rate of the equipping Shield’s Defense. 

Visible Talent

Visible Talent does not damage the gathered damage during the duration at once, but damages separately by 25 strikes as an additional hit of basic attack.


Even if the accumulated total damage exceeds the maximum damage limit, consuming time can cause full damage with divided strikes, and each strike also adds an increase effect by additional damage stats.

However, causing any sudden major damage immediately after the accumulated time is unavailable.




Scout: Overall Performances Enhanced & New Class [Clown]


Due to working on improving attack performance of overall Scouts, the attack skill factor of many classes will be adjusted. Main weapon Attack transfer rate of Scout Double Attack will increase, stamina rate consumed when using dash will decrease.


The party buff class Thaumaturge and Enchanter skill will have changes, and a new class Clown will be added.





It hasn't been long since the group called the Clown began to make its name known in the history of the kingdom. The dagger of the Clowns living under their mask is enough to mercilessly eliminate their enemies. With the genius master, Jorick Show, the Clowns is winning fame all over the continent.

It is a Dagger Class which can throw a dagger in long distance to attack the target.


Use some skill to spread [Pocket Knife] on the ground, and use the other attack skill to fire the [Pocket Knife] on the ground for additional strike to the enemy. 

Also, it can be useful in party play with the means that can tie up the opponents and the debuff that can be helpful to the combat.


([Enhance] attribute and [Enhanced Upgrade] Arts are excluded)

Spinning Knife


Throw a dagger just like a boomerang to damage the enemy. If there is a [Pocket Knife] on the ground, one of random [Pocket Knife] will fly to damage the target.

[Arts] Spinning Knife: Juggling


Activates Spinning Knife periodically to the enemy nearby, but the final damage of Spinning Knife decreases. (when activating, the Cooldown of Spinning Knife does not apply.)


Activation requirements are as follows, and Cooldown does exist  until reactivation.

 - Enemy must exist nearby

 - Requires SP that can use Spinning Knife as the number of Overheats

 - Does not activate while directing the Quest.



Throw multiple [Pocket Knife] to the sky. Thrown [Pocket Knife] stays on the air for a moment and falls near the caster, and the enemies located in that area get damage.


[Pocket Knife] stays in the fallen area for a certain time.

[Arts] Replica : Trickery


Fires [Pocket Knife] in front and move forward instantaneously.



Damages the enemy by throwing the dagger continuously. If the [Pocket Knife] is on the ground, [Pocket Knife] damages the target by flying to the target in order per every Climax strike. 

Climax: Bleeding


Enemy hit by the Climax gets inflicted by Bleeding.

Trick or Treat


Drop a [Pocket Knife] around you with a gesture of getting something out of your arms, apply [Trick] debuff to nearby enemies, or apply [Treat] buff to you.


Effect of [Trick] debuff: Temporarily ignores some of Defense against the damage.

Effect of [Treat] debuff : Your Clown skill ignores some of enemy’s Defense momentarily.

Clown Walk

Apply [Slow] debuff to nearby enemy characters by deluding with quick foot skills while pressing a key. ([Immobility] will be applied to the monster instead of [Slow].)

Clown Walk: Cheat Box


Summons the box periodically while using Clown Walk, and damages the nearby enemies by exploding when the Clown Walk is finished. (Attack factor of the attribute will be applied separately, proportional to the [Clown Walk] level.)


▲ [Clown Walk] with [Clown Walk: Cheat Box] applied.

([Colorful Spotlight] effect costume is applied)


You can damage the enemy by disturbing the enemy’s movement if you combine the [Clown Walk] and [Clown Walk: Cheat Box] attribute.

Fatal Roulette


Throw a dagger to nearby enemies by spinning the body while pressing the key. [Pocket Knife] falls to the ground by chance periodically.

Fatal Roulette: Infinity 


When the thrown dagger is accurate to the target, it bounces to another nearby enemy and gives damage.





[Changes] It will be slightly separated to a build that assists the party and a build for the individual buff.

Enchant Lightning

→ Enchant Weapon 

Enchant Lightning which changed the party members’ attack property to Lightning will be applied only to yourself and will be changed to Enchant Weapon which increases additional damage. Additional damage rate will not be proportioned to the value of STR and DEX but will differ by the character level and the skill level, and the rate will be increased than before.


Movement Speed of Agility will increase slightly proportionally to the skill level. and the skill learn condition will be changed from class Lv.1 to Lv.16, and the maximum skill level will be changed from Lv.15 to Lv.10.

Enchant Earth

Enchant Earth will not increase the Block Chance, but will be a buff that increases Block Penetration of party members to rates like Enchant Globe.


Skill learn condition will be changed from class Lv.16 to Lv.1, and the maximum skill level will be changed from Lv.10 to Lv.15.





[Changes] Thaumaturge will not increase the party member’s income.

Swell Body

Shrink Body

Swell Body cannot be casted to the enemy, and the buff that improves the HP and Physical/Magic Defense of party members like current Arts will be the basic function. (Arts will be removed)


Shrink Body cannot be used as ally buff but can be used only as a debuff that decreases the combat abilities of the opponent (current skill function). 


Existing Arts of Swell Body, Shrink Body will be reset and returned.

Swell Hands

Swell hands increase Attack proportionally not only to skill levels but also to the performance of the caster's subweapons (Pistol, dagger only).

If you have a high performance weapon, you can have a higher effect than the existing Swell Hands.


And the calculation that adjusts the minimum/maximum Attack gap will be unified to increase only maximum Attack like the last [Barbarian: Animal Instinct] patch, and the difference in buff effect between the party members’ weapon will be adjusted.


Other Classes



Increases One-handed Sword Attack transfer rate of Double attack, decreases STA consumption than before when using dash.








Each skill’s factor will be increased.

Bullet Marker

Napalm Bullet factor of Tase debuff will slightly increase.

Ignoring the enemy’s defense of using R.I.P during Outrage buff will be deleted and the amount of final damage increase will increase more. Damage decrease rate of using Mozambique Drill under Outrage will be eased and the factor of all attack skill will improve.




Beside these, PvP performance adjustments for some classes, balance adjustments for some skills will also be included in the Class adjustments.

The details, exact value and the lists are under final check, so the finalized contents can be checked via Patch Note for the next Big Update.

Thank you for watching the New Class and Adjustments. We will inform the New Contents and System Adjustments on the next posting.


※ Contents, values, and attached materials described in this posting may be added, deleted, or changed when applying to the live server.