UPDATEKnown Issue: November 18, 2020

By STAFF_Brand

Nov 19th, 2020

Greetings, Saviors!


The following issues have come to our attention. 



- The Harvest Festival: Grow a sapling of your own! event is currently ongoing unlike it was announced on the event page. We will re-address the issue after solving it.

→ The issue has been fixed. Please re-login to solve the issue.

If you re-log into the game, the planted seeds will be harvested after 1 minute and the fixed reward will be given. (Please refer to the modified event page.)

We will send 10 [Event] Blessed Seed to the Mail Box. Please receive the item within 1 week, until November 25, 2020.



- Some of the Skill Balance content of the future updates was included in the patch note on November 16-17. We have modified the misguided contents and we apologize deeply for the inconvenience.



[UPDATE]- The 'damage increases by 25%' in the tooltip of Sauk Savinose Dysnai Leather Armor is currently misguided as 'healing increases by 25%'.

The actual effect of the Armor is applied as 'damage increases by 25%' and the tooltip will be corrected during the scheduled maintenance next week on November 24, 2020. 



Thank you for your patience and understanding.



IMC staff