UPDATEHarvest Festival: Grow a sapling of your own!

By STAFF_Brand

Nov 19th, 2020

Greetings saviors!


Goddess Medeina has given the special seed! Plant, Grow, and Harvest the seeds and get rewards! Happy Thanksgiving:)






From the scheduled maintenance on November 17, 2020

To the scheduled maintenance on December 15, 2020



Who can Participate


- All saviors



How to Participate


STEP 1. Go to [Harvest Festival] Kupole NPC and get [Event] Blessed Seed


- The [Event] Blessed Seed can be obtained once a day.


STEP 2. Plant the [Event] Blessed Seed


- [Event] Blessed Seed can be planted in the [Greene Manor], [Shaton Farm], [Tenants' Farm], [Myrkiti Farm].

- The Sapling will have the Team Name on it.

- Applies a buff when planted in other areas. (please refer to Step 4)


STEP 3. Harvest reward(s) from the full-grown Sapling!


[UPDATE]- The seed grows into a sapling after 1 minute and cannot be harvested during the growth.

- 1~3 reward(s) will be given by chance from the following:

Name Team Storage Market/Trade Amount
[Event] Unidentified Mystic Tome O X 1
[Harvest] Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher O X 1
[Harvest] Mercenary Badge Voucher O X 1
[Harvest] Ruby Anvil O X 1
[Harvest] Sandra's Magnifier O X 1
[Harvest] Attribute Point 1,000 O X 1
[Harvest] Attribute Point 10,000 O X 1

[UPDATE] ※ The planted seed will be removed when you leave the area where you planted the seed.

[UPDATE] ※ The seed won't be deleted for up to 1 hour if you stay in the area where you planted the seed.

[UPDATE] ※ 10 [Event] Blessed Seed will be given to the mailbox. Please receive the item within 1 week, until November 26, 2020.


STEP 4. Receive the buff full of Goddess' Energy by using [Event] Blessed Seed in the area other than [Greene Manor], [Shaton Farm], [Tenants' Farm], [Myrkiti Farm].


- Effect of the buff:

- Increases EXP by 50% 

- Increases Physical/Magic Attack by 1000

- Increases Movement Speed by 3

- Increases Maximum HP by 10,000

- Increases Maximum SP by 2,000

- The buff lasts for 6 hours and the effect of the buff cannot be stacked.

※ When you use the buff again, the time will reset.





- Daily acquisition limit resets at 6:00 AM (server time) every day.

- [Event] Blessed Seed will be deleted during the scheduled maintenance on December 15, 2020.
- Items with [Harvest] header will be deleted during the scheduled maintenance on December 22, 2020.