Update Preview Pt. 3: Hunting Grounds & Field Boss


Aug 9th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors.


Today we would like to introduce you two more updates coming your way!


- New Hunting Grounds: Outer Wall Sewers
- New Field Boss and Field Boss Reward Changes




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Outer Wall Sewers (Recommended Level: 400)



In a time when the Kingdom was prosperous, its people flocked towards the Kingdom's Capital in search of gold and glory. To accommodate the shift in population, King Taniel the First had commissioned the building of the Kingdom's sewer system. The Kingdom's sewer systems were constructed by the finest architects the Kingdom had to offer along with the help of the Kedora Merchant Alliance over the course of many years. The Outer Wall Sewers is one of the many different areas present in the Kingdom's sewer system and was built specifically to provide clean water for the soldiers guarding the Kingdom's outer walls.



While most the Kingdom lay in ruins after Medzio Diena, the Outer Wall Sewers remained miraculously intact. Some survivors had taken refuge in the depth of the sewers with the oncoming demon invasion but no one knows what has become of them.



Just as the remaining people were starting to forget about its existence, the Outer Wall Sewers is discovered once again by adventurers. With this, the Savior ventures into the wretched sewers, drawn by the loathsome screams of terrible beasts that lie within.


Venture and find out what secrets remain locked away in the depths of the Outer Wall Sewers.




Lv. 420 Hunting Grounds Boss Misrus


Lv. 420 boss monster Misrus


The new Lv. 400 Hunting Grounds has a special area that is sealed away and cannot be entered by normal means. This is the Misrus' chamber where it silently awaits the arrival of its next prey.



You can enter the boss area through the Chamber Entry Device, and you will be prompted to choose a difficulty upon entry. Defeating Misrus will yield different amount of rewards depending on the difficulty.



Misrus is a two-headed dog created by the powers of the Demon King. It viciously attacks anyone that approaches with its ceaseless Psychokinesis and Poison-property attacks.


Without the suppressor, Misrus' attack grows even more fierce.


Misrus has its power repressed by the Suppressor Device built by the Chesha who live in the sewers. The Suppressor loses its efficacy after a certain duration and Misrus' power grows, making the fight even more difficult. Use the various objects scattered around the Outer Wall Sewers to gain an advantage in the battle against Misrus.




Boss Challenges


Challenges available while fighting Misrus


Players can take part in challenges while battling Misrus. After defeating Misrus, players will be able to obtain a single Outer Wall Sewers Legend Cube and Spirit Fragment: Misrus in equal amount to the successfully completed challenges.


Misrus Spirit Fragment



You can obtain the recipe for new Unique gear by collecting Spirit Fragment: Misrus



Players will be able to obtain an Outer Wall Sewers Legend Cube when defeating Misrus. This cube will contain either a Unique equipment recipe, Magic Stone, Spirit Fragment: Misrus, Misrus Card, Enraged Misrus Card or Misrus' Chain, which is an ingredient used in crafting the new Misrus gear.




Outer Wall Sewers Rewards and New Set Stats



New Set Stats and Ingredient


Along with the new Set Stats available with the new Misrus Unique gear, Misrus' Chain item will be added to be used as an ingredient in adding Set Stats to your new equipment.



Passive effect. [1/x] damage on up to 10 enemies within 60 range when critical attack occurs where x is the number of enemies affected (Cooldown: 8 sec).

Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Increases the damage of the effect by 100%


Increases your damage limit to 1,999,999. 20% additional damage is dealt when damage is over 999,999 (Duration: 25 sec, Cooldown: 100 sec).

Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Increases the additional damage effect to 30%


Grants a buff to all summons that causes them to deal additional damage equal to the damage dealt against targets (Duration: 30 sec, Cooldown: 100 sec).

Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Duration increased by +15 sec.




Outer Wall Sewers Location and Entry


The Outer Wall Sewers is located in the Outer Wall District 14 area.



The entry device can be located in the southern part of the map.

Players can complete the gimmick related to the Chamber Entry Device within the Sewers map to enter the Chamber where Misrus dwells.



Misrus' Chamber can only be entered through the Chamber Entry Device.


Players can obtain Lv. 400 Unique-grade recipes by defeating Lv. 420 Misrus. The ingredients used in crafting this new equipment can be obtained by defeating the Lv. 400 monster in the area.


Misrus shares its entry count with the bosses in Irredian Shelter. The entry count for Irredian Shelter bosses will be reset when the new Outer Wall Sewers Hunting Grounds is added.




New Field Boss


Demon Lord Moringponia



Moringponia is one of the most influential Demon Lords under Baiga's command.


Many Schaffenstar members guarding the Outer Walls have met their ends at the hands of Demon Lord Moringponia. She reigns supreme over her demon army in the Northern Parias Forest with an iron fist.




Demon Lord Moringponia: Blessing of the Goddess Event


Unlike the other Field Bosses, rewards that come from defeating Moringponia can be obtained even if you had not participated in defeating the boss. Once Moringponia is defeated, the Blessing of the Goddess Event is held, which all players can participate in.



The Blessing of the Goddess Event is held to celebrate the downfall of the evil Demon Lord Moringponia. All participating users can donate a certain amount of Silver for a chance to receive the rewards that are dropped when the Demon Lord is defeated. The Silver spent in participation is distributed among the top 5 parties that have contributed to defeating the Demon Lord.


This event is ended when either 5 minutes have passed or 2 Legend-grade equipment is distributed to participating players.




Demon Lord Moringponia: New Rewards


Reward List

Moringponia Headdress Storage Case

Moringponia Unqiue Weapon Selection Box

Mystic Encyclopedia: Swordsman Vol. 1

Moringponia Unique Armor Selection Box

Mystic Encyclopedia: Swordsman Vol. 2

Recipe – Morningponia Headdress

Mystic Encyclopedia: Swordsman Vol. 3

Mystic Page

Mystic Encyclopedia: Wizard Vol. 1

Goddess Support Box: Punishment

Mystic Encyclopedia: Wizard Vol. 2

Goddess Support Box: Protection

Mystic Encyclopedia: Wizard Vol. 3

Goddess’ Blessed Gem

Mystic Encyclopedia: Archer Vol. 1


Mystic Encyclopedia: Archer Vol. 2


Mystic Encyclopedia: Archer Vol. 3


Mystic Encyclopedia: Cleric Vol. 1


Mystic Encyclopedia: Cleric Vol. 2


Mystic Encyclopedia: Cleric Vol. 3


Mystic Encyclopedia: Scout Vol. 1


Mystic Encyclopedia: Scout Vol. 2


Mystic Encyclopedia: Scout Vol. 3





Moringponia Set Stats



Casts a red spell circle. The Attack of all allies within the magic circle is increased by 30% and they also recover HP equal to 0.1% of damage dealt (does not stack, Duration: 10 sec).

Final damage received by caster reduced by 50% (Duration: 100 sec, cannot be removed).

Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Ally attack increase effect raised to 50%


Passive effect. Creates a shield around the caster when an enemy is defeated. Shield amount: 60% of target’s max. HP (Duration: 30 sec, Cooldown: 10 sec).

Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Shield amount increased to 100% of target’s max. HP.


Returns received damage in amount equal to DEF value of the equipped shield (Duration: 50 sec, Cooldown: 100 sec)

Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Physical DEF value is increased to 160% of the equipped shield’s DEF value.




Field Boss System Overhaul


The following changes have been made to the game's Field Boss system in order to make Field Bosses more accessible to the general player base.





Spawn Interval

Between 4 – 8 hours

4 hours

Spawn Location

Demon Lord
Demon Lord Rexipher
Demon Lord Helgasercle

Demon Lord Marnox

Outer Wall District 9

Inner Wall District 9

Inner Wall District 8

City Wall District 8

Jeromel Park

Jonael Memorial

Inner Wall District 8

Demon Lord Nuaele

Demon Lord Zaura

Demon Lord Blut

Emmet Forest

Pystis Forest

Syla Forest

Mishekan Forest

Emmet Forest


The lower level Field Bosses always had been first-come-first-serve, which lead to an unbalanced distribution of Field Boss rewards among the player base. Because of this, we have decided to remove the lower level Field bosses and merge their rewards with the remaining Field Bosses in the game.


However, this would cause the drop rates of certain items to be much too low for certain items that are deemed more vital to the gameplay. These items are planned to be included as rewards in other contents that the game provides in the near future.




* All features showcased above are works in progress and are subject to change with future developments.