All You Need to Know: The Savinose Gear Guide


May 14th, 2019

Where to Go

- Planiums are required to craft the new Savinose equipment and are dropped randomly when you defeat monsters in areas above Lv 390.
- Planiums can be acquired from the following areas:
Maven 31 Waters (Lv. 390)
Maven 32 Waters (Lv. 395)
Outer Wall District 11 (Lv. 391)
Inner Wall District 10 (Lv. 394)
Outer Wall District 13 (Lv. 397)
Outer Wall District 14 (Lv. 401)
Outer Wall District 15 (Lv. 404)
Northern Parias Forest (Lv. 408)
Central Parias Forest (Lv. 411)
Southern Parias Forest (Lv. 415)



How to Get There

- The new NPC Pajauta in Fedimian will be providing warps to these new areas, available 5 times per character.
- Pajauta will be providing warps to Northern Paris Forest, Outer Wall District 11 and Barynwell 27 Waters.
- Pajauta’s warp service can be used after completing the Episode 11 pre-requisite quests given by the NPC.



How to Farm

- The best way to farm Planiums will be through Challenge Modes.
- Challenge Modes are preferred as this is where you can hunt hordes of different monsters unique to the area without having to roam around the map.
- Defeating 200 monsters within an area will produce a Challenge Mode portal in the area.
- You will be able to acquire new Legva gear and other materials for crafting new Episode 11 items.


Challenge Mode Items

Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher

- Challenge Modes can be entered only once per day per character. Using voucher will allow you to enter Challenge Mode one more time.


Challenge Portal Scroll

- Using a Challenge Portal Scroll will produce a Challenge Mode portal in the area without having to hunt 200 monsters.



Crafting Savinose Gear

- The blacksmith Teliavelis in Fedimian will craft Savinose items using the Planiums you have collected.


- Planiums Required to Craft Savinose Gear:
Weapon/Sub-weapon: x8
Armor (Top/Bottom/Gloves/Boots): x3



Set Stats: Pamoka Solution

- Savinose equipment can be given Set Stats that give players bonus item stats or usable skills like Velcoffer gear.



- You are required to collect EXP using Pamoka Solutions to apply set stats, which is purchasable from the Alchemist Master Vaidotas in the Miner’s Village.



- You must activate the Pamoka Solution item in your inventory by right-clicking on it in order to collect EXP for applying set stats.
- The item slot for the Pamoka Solution will light up when right-clicked, confirming that it has been activated.
- Number of Pamoka Solutions required to apply Savinose Set Stats:
Weapon/Sub-weapon: x26
Armor (Top/Bottom/Gloves/Boots): x8


Pro Tip

- Add the Pamoka Solution to your quick slot.
- Always remember to right-click the Pamoka Solution before beginning each Challenge Mode or Dungeon run.
- Use an EXP Tome for bigger EXP gain.




Set Stats: Korup & Rykuma

- Set Stats can be applied through the Alchemist Master Vaidotas in the Miner’s Village.



- You will be able to choose one of two Set Stats that you want to apply to your gear, which are Korup and Rykuma.


Set Stat Details


- 3 Set: STR +32, INT +32
- 4 Set: AoE Attack Ratio +3
- 5 Set: Korup’s Decay
- Dragon Strength Lv. 1: The following additional effects are applied during the duration of Korup’s Decay
- Increased Physical and Poison damage by 10%
- Increases the minimum critical rates for Magic and Curse attacks by 20%



- 3 Set: STR +42
- 4 Set: Movement Speed +3, STA +30
- 5 Set: Grace of Rykuma
- Dragon Strength Lv. 1: Increases the duration of Grace of Rykuma by 10 seconds


- You will be able to use a new skill when equipped with 5 Savinose items with identical Set Stats.



- Using either Korup or Rykuma skills consumes skill items (Riperium and Lensterseum respectively)
- Skill items for Set Stat skills can be purchased from the Alchemist Master Vaidotas in the Miner’s Village.


- Riperium: Using Korup skill consumes Riperium x1

- Lensterseum: Using Rykuma skill consumes Lensterseum x1




※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.