[CLOSED] Klaipeda Summer Festival


Aug 22nd, 2017


Greetings, Saviors!

To celebrate the renovations in Klaipeda, the city is hosting a summer festival for all its residents! Head to the new plaza and get your commemorative balloon from the friendly Popolion mascot!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 1, 2017
TO the scheduled maintenance on August 22, 2017

Who Can Participate

- Characters of all levels

How to Participate

STEP 1. Find the Popolion Mascot NPC in the city of Klaipeda and interact with it to receive a commemorative balloon. You can receive one of three balloons at random: T, O, or S.
        - Your character can only have one balloon at a time, so if you want a different balloon you need to first discard the one in your inventory.
        - There is no limit to the number of times your characters can receive a balloon from the NPC during the event period.

STEP 2. Have fun! Right-click the balloon from your inventory to bring it along as you stroll down the new plaza in Klaipeda, admire the festival decorations or have a go at fishing. And of course, you can arrange your balloon with your friends’ to spell ‘TOS’!


- The TOS balloons will be automatically deleted during the scheduled maintenance of September 19, 2017.