The laws regarding the aristocracy in the Kingdom have been fortified over the years and many aristocrats have become de-classed as commoners. Many of these former aristocrats trained their children as Squires, which gave birth to the class. Although Squires have established themselves as a respectable profession, they are still at times looked down as de-classed aristocrats.
Squires are warriors who support their allies. They support by repairing and enhancing the weapons of their allies, or by setting up a base camp to aid their team.


  • ArrestNone

    Bind enemies, including boss monsters, to prevent them from moving.

  • Base CampNone

    Set up a base camp for party members. Party members can use the base camp to gain buffs and access to storage.
    Party members will also be able to teleport to the Base Camp when in the same map as the Camp.
    The storage can be accessed without the Squire being present at the location of the Base Camp.
    Leaving the map or leaving the party will erase the buffs you have received from the Base Camp.

  • Deadly ComboSlash

    Slashes multiple times in front of you.

  • Equipment MaintenanceNone

    Opens a shop to process weapons and armor, temporarily increasing their abilities. Armor upgrades are for top, bottom and shield items only. Shop prices increase when installed in a dungeon map.

  • Refreshment TableNone

    Set up a refreshment table to prepare dishes that temporarily increases the abilities of your party members. A refreshment table can only placed near a base camp. If the camp is removed, the refreshment table will be removed as well.

  • RepairNone

    Opens a shop to repair damaged equipment. Items can be repaired beyond their maximum durability and last longer. Shop prices increase when installed in a map with a dungeon.


  • Deadly Combo: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Deadly Combo] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Refreshment Table: Salad

    * Increases duration of [Refreshment Table] Salad effects by 1 minute per attribute level

  • Refreshment Table: Sandwich

    * Increases duration of [Refreshment Table] Sandwich effects by 1 minute per attribute level

  • Refreshment Table: Soup

    * Increases duration of [Refreshment Table] Soup effects by 1 minute per attribute level

  • Refreshment Table: Yogurt

    * Increases duration of [Refreshment Table] Yogurt effects by 1 minute per attribute level