Rogues were wanted felons in the Kingdom who gained pardon after they assisted many great adventurers in their quests. Around 300 years ago, during Nachel I's reign, they gained a pardon that grants them immunity from punishment unless their crimes are something as serious as murder or treason.
Rogues will do anything to win in battle. They are a class specialized in stealthily ambushing their targets from behind.


  • BackstabPierce

    Continuously attack using your dagger. First overheat may stun the enemy.
    In the PVP zone, attacking enemy under [Feint: Expose Weakness] by the first overheat will apply [Backstab Penalty] debuff on yourself. (Decreases Defense by 30% for 3 seconds).

  • BurrowNone

    Hide under the ground to conceal your body. Inside the ground
    Movement Speed is fixed at 15 and it is possible to move.
    Reveals yourself when using once again, applies Silence to enemies.
    When attacked in PVP, the buff is removed and Silence does not apply.

  • EvasionNone

    Significantly increases your evasion.

  • FeintNone

    Moves behind the enemy and makes
    debuffs that cannot move or change direction.
    If an enemy is under debuff with [Feint: Expose Weakness], Backstab final damage increases depending on the number of debuffs you have made.(Maximum 15)
    If the enemy has 3 or more debuffs, the Backstab's Batter is added once.

  • Knife ThrowPierce

    Throw a knife at an enemy to inflict the [Bull's-eye] debuff. Enemies affected by Bull's-eye have their Critical Resistance and Block reduced, and cannot evade Melee Physical Attack. Damage given to the enemy increases when both the One-handed Sword and the Dagger is equipped.

  • LachrymatorNone

    Throw tear gas at a targeted area. The target becomes afflicted with [Blind] and unable to attack.

  • Sneak HitNone

    Temporarily increases the minimum Critical Chance when attacking enemy from behind with a dagger.
    Halves on the front, side of the enemy.


  • Dagger Mastery: Sudden Attack

    * Increases damage by 4% per attribute level
    when attacking with Dagger.

  • Backstab: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Backstab] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Burrow: Enhance

    * Increases [Burrow] duration by 0.5% per attribute level
    * Increases additionally by 10% when mastering the maximum level

  • Knife Throw: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Knife Throw] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • [Arts] Knife Throw: Zenith

    * The range of [Knife Throwing] is changed to a circular area around you
    * [Bull's eye] debuff does not occur

  • [Arts] Backstab: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the Skill Factor of [Backstab] by 1.25% per attribute level

  • [Arts] Knife Throw: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the Skill Factor of [Knife Throw] by 1.25% per attribute level

  • [Arts] Lachrymator: Lethal Gas

    * Original effect is removed
    * Decreases cooldown by 10 seconds
    * Damages the enemy inside the Lachrymator by 1463% per second

  • Lachrymator: Escape

    * Casts instantly, apply Silence, Invincibility for 1 second, increases Movement Speed by 30
    * Increases SP consumption by 40%

  • Backstab: Massive Bleeding

    * Inflicts bleeding enemies with [Massive Bleeding] for 10 seconds when attacked by [Backstab]
    * Increases the duration by 1 second per attribute level
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%

  • Lachrymator: Increased Range

    * Increases range of [Lachrymator] to 75
    * Increases SP consumption by 40%