Pied Piper

The larger population of the Kingdom isn't fond of Pied Pipers. They are needed for the welfare of the Kingdom but people don't want them around because they fear them. However, public reception has improved a little for Pied Pipers ever since the Kingdom has officially sanctioned a Pied Piper Master.
Pied Pipers play the flute to control enemies or create beneficial effects for their allies.


  • DissonanzNone

    Play the flute to stun nearby enemies. If used against hidden enemies, the hiding effects are canceled and they become stunned.

  • FriedensliedPierce

    Play the flute to make allies and enemies dance together for 5 seconds. Dancing allies receive no damage, while dancing enemies have one of their buffs removed.

  • Hameln NagetierNone

    When casting certain Pied Piper skills, summons a mouse and applies the Hameln Nagetier buff. You can have a maximum of 5 mice at any time. After the mice are summoned, you can use the Hameln Nagetier skill to have the mice attack by flying to the designated spot. All mice disappear when the Hameln Nagetier buff is canceled.

    Mouse-summoning skills:
    - Dissonanz
    - Wiegenlied
    - Hypnotische Floete
    - Friedenslied
    - Marschierendeslied

  • Hypnotische FloetePierce

    Play the flute to hypnotize nearby monsters. Hypnotized monsters will follow your character and become unable to evade or block. Applies only to regular monsters. Your character cannot be knocked back or knocked down during Hypnotische Floete. After the skill, affected enemies become confused.

  • StegreifspielNone

    Play the flute to deploy one Pied Piper skill at random from the list of skills you have learned. The skill will be activated even if you fail to play the flute, but its effects will be reduced. Stegreifspiel does not affect the cooldown of the skills it activates.

  • Lied des WeltbaumNone

    Applies a buff that increases damage given to the enemy. Nullifies a set number of enemy attacks. Nearby enemies attack those under the buff.(The final efficiency of this buff decreases when the basic ATK of the caster is lower compared to the basic ATK of the target.)

  • MarschierendesliedNone

    Applies a buff that makes you and your party members immune to knockback and knockdown. The buff count decreases with each attack received. Movement speed is increased for 5 seconds, and you receive additional defense counts for every party member who is a Swordsman tree character.

  • WiegenliedPierce

    Play the flute to lull nearby enemies to sleep. Sleeping enemies cannot evade or block, and the damage they receive applies as critical. When enemies wake or the duration ends, they have their accuracy momentarily lowered by the Drowsy debuff.


  • Hameln Nagetier: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Hameln Nagetier] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Hameln Nagetier: Rare Species

    * 2% chance per attribute level of summoning a rare mouse species
    * Rare mice deal 2 hits when attacking [Hameln Nagetier]

  • Lied des Weltbaum: Duration

    * Increases the duration of [Lied des Weltbaum] by 1 sec per attribute level
    * Increases SP consumption by 20%

  • Stegreifspiel: Reduce Cooldown

    * Reduces the cooldown of [Stegreifspiel] by 10 sec
    * Increases SP consumption by 20%

  • [Arts] Stegreifspiel: Marschierendeslied

    * [Stegreifspiel] will always trigger [Marschierendeslied] upon use

  • [Arts] Stegreifspiel: Lied des Weltbaum

    * [Stegreifspiel] will always trigger [Lied des Weltbaum] upon use

  • [Arts] Stegreifspiel: Wiegenlied

    * [Stegreifspiel] will always trigger [Wiegenlied] upon use

  • [Arts] Stegreifspiel: Dissonanz

    * [Stegreifspiel] will always trigger [Dissonanz] upon use

  • [Arts] Hameln Nagetier: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the skill factor of [Hameln Nagetier] by 1.25% per attribute level

  • [Arts]Friedenslied: SmileClap

    * [Friedenslied] can be used while moving and only applied to enemy. Debuff applies to enemy in range, dances [Smile~Clap] by the chance of 50% for a certain period

  • Hypnotische Floete: Elite

    * Applies [Hypnotische Floete] to Elite monsters as well
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%