Oracles are spokespersons for the goddesses, who answer the questions people may have for Them. The goddesses do not interfere in the free will of humans, so most prophecies are told through symbols and metaphors. Even now, when the goddesses are out of reach, Oracles can still deliver prophecies from the goddesses because They provide limitless wisdom despite being disconnected from the world.
Oracles are clerics who possess foresight. They can predict or interfere with an enemy's attacks and determine their fate.


  • Arcane EnergyNone

    Applies the Arcane Energy buff to you and your party members. The buff records your current SP and STA, and if the amount of SP and STA consumed during the buff is higher than the one recorded, at the end of the buff all the SP and STA you consumed are restored.

  • ClairvoyanceNone

    Predict and show which item the monster will drop in advance.

  • Counter SpellNone

    Removes enemy magic circles nearby, and summons another magic circle that reduces the damage taken from enemy magic attacks.

  • Death SentenceNone

    Announce your enemy's death, largely increasing the damage received by them. If the target is a boss monster, duration and damage-increasing effects are cut in half.

  • Divine MightNone

    Temporarily increases the skill levels of you and your party members by 1.

  • ForetellNone

    Summons a magic circle that interferes with the enemy attacks. Reduces damage received from enemies while inside the magic circle.

  • ProphecyNone

    Grants a temporary effect preventing Lv. 1 status ailments and crowd control effects from affecting nearby party members.

  • ResettingNone

    Change the item dropped from an enemy to a different item. You will be notified when an item is changed.

  • Gender SwitchMagic

    Set up a shop that can change a character's gender. 'Mirror of Truth' x1 is required to perform each gender change.

  • Twist of FateMagic

    Deal a fixed amount of damage to the selected target based on its maximum HP. The target gradually recovers HP, with the total amount recovered matching double the amount lost by the attack. Only half of the damage is applied to boss monsters, and the skill does not apply to field boss monsters. Cannot be used inside the Guild Hangout.


  • Arcane Energy: Reduce Damage

    * Reduces the damage received from enemies by 10% while [Arcane Energy] is active

  • Prophecy: Increase Damage

    * Increases the damage dealt to enemies by 30% while [Prophecy] is active
    * Increases SP consumption by 10%

  • Counter Spell: Enhance

    * Increases [Counter Spell]'s magic damage taken reducing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Counter Spell: Duration

    * Increases the duration of [Counter Spell] by 1 second per attribute level

  • Foretell: Threat

    * Allies within the range of [Foretell] apply 10% less threat per attribute level to enemies
    * Increases SP consumption by 20%

  • Death Sentence: Reset

    * Reduces the duration of [Death Sentence] to [11 + attribute level] seconds, but resets its cooldown if the enemy dies while there is still time left in the debuff
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%

  • Death Sentence: Enhance

    * Increases [Death Sentence]'s damage increasing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Divine Might: Increase Count

    * Increases [Divine Might]'s count by 1 per attribute level
    * Increases SP consumption by 10%

  • Twist of Fate: Enhance

    * Decreases [Twist of Fate]'s total amount of HP recovered by 0.5% per attribute level
    * -10% added decrease at maximum level

  • Foretell: Enhance

    * Increases damage reduced using [Foretell] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level.

  • Arcane Energy: Duration

    * Increases the duration of [Arcane Energy] by 1 second per attribute level

  • Death Sentence: Slow

    * Decreases the movement speed of enemies affected by [Death Sentence] by 15% per attribute level
    * Increases SP consumption by 10%