Kabbalists are a group that searches for the ultimate truth that governs the cosmos. They have predicted Medzio Diena in the past and also succeeded in deciphering Goddess Laima's prophecy of transferring the Kingdom's capital. Kabbalists are priests who practice the ancient magic known as Kabbalah. They can support allies by using infinite power or attack by using a defensive formation to disintegrate the enemy's name.


  • Ein SofMagic

    Creates a magic circle that drastically increases the maximum HP limit of the designated party member for a period of time and applies a buff that decreases the cooldown of skill. Also recovers HP as much as the final HP recovery value of the caster per 5 seconds during Ein Sof. Decrease Cooldown effect does not activate during the Statue of Goddess Laima effect.

  • CloneMagic

    Clone a selected monster based on the number calculated from the formula. Cloned monsters will not yield EXP, but items can still be dropped. Furthermore, the original monster and the copy cannot be further cloned.

  • GevuraMagic

    Triggers Gevura on enemies based on the numbers calculated from the Notarikon. Enemies attacked while under the effect of Gevura receives additional damage proportional to the number of enemies.
    Half of the damage increase effect and duration applies to the boss monster.
    The Cooldown of 30th skill that attacked the boss monster under Gevura decreases by 30%,
    and the most recent skill that has been decreased its cooldown does not stack the attack count.
    Enemies under Gevura debuff can receive damage exceeding the maximum damage cap.

  • MerkabahMagic

    Summons the wagon of the goddess to explode at a predetermined spot, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Receives [Merkabah: Holy Protection] buff when you are near Merkabah. Temporarily increases Magic Defense, and activates additional Holy property hit proportionally to the damage dealt when attacking the enemy. Decreases boss monster's damage for a certain period of time against the boss monster.

  • NachashMagic

    Use the power of Kabbalah to summon serpents that attack your enemies and remove all removable debuffs from allies periodically. When the party member attacks enemy on the magic circle, the caster recovers HP as much as their HP recovery value.

  • NotarikonMagic

    Calculate a new number from the first and the last letter of an enemy's name. Defense Formation remains longer proportionally to the skill level from lv.2.

  • Revenged SevenfoldMagic

    Imbues allies with the power of the goddess. Decreases damage received from enemies when under the buff's effect and reflects the decreased damage on the attacking enemy. Effects are not applied on certain boss monsters and the buff is removed after reflecting damage is dealt on enemies.

  • Tree of SepirothMagic

    Invoke a magic circle in the shape of the Tree of Sepiroth which continuously restores the HP of allies and decreases damage received.


  • Merkabah: Reduced Movement Speed

    * Reduces the movement speed of [Merkabah]

  • Enhanced Defense Formation: Target Increased

    * [Notarikon] affect 1 additional target per attribute level

  • Ein Sof: Stacked Healing

    * While under the effect of [Ein Sof], the amount recovered by [Heal] and [Mass Heal] increases by 30%
    * While under the effect of [Ein Sof], the amount of HP recovered increases by 30%
    * Both effects do not stack with each other

  • Revenged Sevenfold: Curse

    * Inflicts [Curse] at a 10% chance for 4 seconds on an enemy when damage is dealt with [Revenged Sevenfold]
    * Increases SP consumption by 10%

  • Gevura: Minimal Correction

    * If the number used with the skill [Gevura] is less than 3, it will apply at least 3 times
    * SP consumption increased by 50%

  • Kabbalah Garments

    * When equipped with 4 pieces of [Cloth] armor, movement speed increases by 5 and can block without equipping a shield

  • Ein Sof: Double Magic

    * [Ein Sof]'s effects are applied to all party members. The maximum HP increase effect and duration of the skill is reduced by half
    * Increases SP consumption by 50%

  • Tree of Sepiroth: Enhance

    * Increases [Tree of Sepiroth]'s Heal Factor by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Ein Sof: Enhance

    * Increases [Ein Sof]'s maximum HP increasing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • [Arts] Merkabah: Comfort

    * While riding [Merkabah], you cannot be hit by enemies
    * Once the [Merkabah: Comfort] buff is removed, you cannot receive it again for 40 seconds

  • [Arts] Nachash: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the Skill Factor of [Nachash] by 1.25% per attribute level

  • [Arts] Merkabah: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the Skill Factor of [Merkabah] by 1.25% per attribute level

  • Nachash: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Nachash] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • [Arts] Tree of Sepiroth: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the Skill Factor of [Tree of Sepiroth] by 1.25% per attribute level

  • [Arts] Revenged Sevenfold: Last Chance

    * Removes original effect of [Revenged Sevenfold], changes duration to 1 second per skill level
    * Prevents incapable of combat for once during the duration
    * Recovers 10% of maximum HP, Invincible for 3 seconds
    * Changes cooldown to 5 minutes

  • Merkabah: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Merkabah] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level