Druids channel their powers via the goddesses by spiritually connecting with nature and materializing that spiritual power in the world. The Druids are clerics who use the power of nature.
Druids take control of nature's powers to control plants and help allies in battle, or transform into monsters to use that monster's abilities.


  • CarnivoryMagic

    After defeating an enemy under the effects of Rash due to Chortasmata, you can generate carnivorous plants in the same spot. Corpse Flower stats depend on the level of the defeated enemy.

  • ChortasmataMagic

    Grass temporarily grows in the targeted area. Monsters within the targeted area become Plant-type monsters and become afflicted with Rash debuff for continuous damage. Allies who step on the area receive the Floral Scent buff and have their HP restored.
    If the Statue of Goddess Zemyna buff is active, Floral Scent restores 10% more HP.
    The type-changing effect on bosses vary depending on the grade of the boss.
    * Unique Raid Boss: 50%
    * Legend Raid Boss: 25%
    * Boruta: 12.5%

  • Henge StoneNone

    Summon the Henge Stone. Increases the skill level of magic circle and installation skills from Cleric-tree classes within range by 1. Increases the damage of Druid skills and changes the SP consumed during Lycanthropy to 0.

  • LycanthropyNone

    Temporarily transform into a wolf. Upon transforming, nearby enemies are threatened, with additional threat applied when using wolf skills. When transformed, you cannot use your character's skills and your SP is continuously consumed. In wolf form, some of your stats increase, and you restore 2% of your max. HP every 8 seconds.

  • Seed BombNone

    Applies a seed buff to allies. If the ally is attacked while the buff is active or the buff expires, magic damage is dealt to nearby enemies.

  • Shape ShiftingNone

    Transform into a monster of the Animal-type, Plant-type or Insect-type in front of you for a given duration.

  • Sterea TrofhNone

    Increase your combat power through the heat of nature. Your physical and magic critical damage increase while the Sterea Trofh buff is active.

  • ThornMagic

    Throw thorny vines at enemies in front of you to deal continuous damage and make them unable to move.

  • TransformNone

    Transform back into the monster that you last shape shifted to.


  • Sterea Trofh: Enhance

    * Increases [Sterea Trofh]'s physical and magic critical damage increasing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Lycanthropy: Human Form

    * Transform into a human hybrid instead of a wolf when using [Lycanthropy]
    * Alters stat increases and changes duration to 60 seconds
    * Basic attack changes to Scratch (5% chance of Bleeding)
    * 2% of maximum HP restored every 8 seconds
    * Physical damage +[Lycanthropy skill level x 4%]
    * Magic damage +[Lycanthropy skill level x 6%]
    * Critical rate +[Lycanthropy skill level x 10%]

  • Chortasmata: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Chortasmata] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Seed Bomb: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Seed Bomb] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Thorn: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Thorn] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Druid: Wolf Spirit

    * Increases the duration of [Lycanthropy] and [Lycanthropy: Human Form] by 3 seconds per attribute level

  • Thorn: Bleeding

    * 10% chance of inflicting Bleeding for 10 seconds on enemies affected by [Thorn]

  • Druid: Transformation Speciality

    * Increases critical rate, evasion and HP recovery by 10% when transformed with [Shape Shifting], [Transform] or [Lycanthropy]

  • Chortasmata: Undo Plant-type

    * Cancels [Chortasmata]'s Plant-type effects