There has only been one Dievdirbys Master since they were officially recognized as clergy by the Kingdom. That same Dievdirbys Master still holds his position to this day and everyone who has been trained as a Dievdirbys has at least once studied under Tesla, the Dievdirbys Master.
Dievdirbys can carve and place sacred statues. Their statues can protect allies or attack enemies.


  • Carve AttackPierce

    Attack the target using a carving knife. Plant-type monsters take additional bonus damage.

  • Statue of Goddess AusrineStrike

    Carve a statue of Ausrine, Goddess of the Morning Star. The statue amplifies the stats of other statues installed nearby.

  • Carve World TreeStrike

    Carve a divine World Tree that silences nearby enemies and reduces their evasion.

  • Statue of Goddess LaimaNone

    Carve a statue of Laima, the Goddess of Fate. Within range of the statue, party members have their skill cooldown reduced, while enemies have theirs increased. The statue also reduces enemies' movement speed.

  • Carve OwlMagic

    Carve an Owl Sculpture to watch over you, attacking enemies nearby.

  • Statue of Goddess VakarineNone

    Carve a statue of Vakarine, the Goddess of the Evening Star. You may warp to other areas through the Goddess Statue.

  • Statue of Goddess ZemynaNone

    Carve a statue of Zemyna, the goddess of the earth. Decreases the SP cost and SP recovery time when using skills for nearby allies who are within the radius of the Goddess Statue.


  • Carve Attack: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Carve Attack] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Carve Owl: Enhance

    * Increases the skill factor of [Carve Owl] by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Carve Attack: Process Wood

    * 10% chance of dropping Sculpting Wood
    when using [Carve Attack]

  • Carve World Tree: Enhance

    * Increases [Carve World Tree]'s evasion reducing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Dievdirbys: Plant-type Damage

    * Deal 10% additional physical damage to Plant-type monsters while equipped with a [Blunt] type weapon

  • Increased Maximum Weight

    * Increases the character's maximum inventory weight by 20 per attribute level