Chronomancers hail from the school of magic that Agailla Flurry established before passing away. The position of the Chronomancer Master had been vacant for many years until Lucid Winterspoon stepped up to carry on the legacy of chronomancy left behind by Agailla Flurry.
Chronomancers are magic users that manipulate time. They can quicken or slow time to assist their party members in combat.


  • BackmaskingMagic

    Control time in an area, temporarily changing it back to its previous state.
    If you use Backmasking inside a magic circle, the circle's duration will rewind.

  • PassMagic

    Reduces the cooldown of your skills and those of your party members. The individual skill cooldowns cannot be reduced again until given the skill is used.

  • Quick CastMagic

    Reduces skill casting time. The reduced casting time will not surpass 90% of the original casting time.

  • ReincarnateMagic

    Manipulate time to make a monster reappear on the same spot it was defeated. You must use it near monsters for it to have effect. Reincarnated monsters cannot be reincarnated again.

  • SlowMagic

    Controls time to decrease the movement speed of enemies.

  • StopMagic

    Stops time of monsters within the targeted area. Enemies do not receive damage when time is stopped.

  • Time ForwardMagic

    Increases the cooldown time of a random skill belonging an enemy within range.


  • Stop: Break Time

    * Applies [Stop] to yourself instead for 5 seconds, removing debuffs of rank 3 and below.
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%

  • Slow: Enchant Slow

    * The caster receives [Enchant Slow] buff when casting [Slow]
    * 1% chance per attribute level to apply [Slow] to enemies upon attack
    * Cannot be used along with [Enchant Lethargy] and cannot be used in PvP
    * Increases SP consumption by 50%

  • Reincarnate: Ally

    * Changes [Reincarnate] into a buff that applies to party members
    * While active, the buff prevents one from becoming incapable of combat once and restores full HP
    * Same duration as Reincarnate
    * Increases SP consumption by 20%

  • Pass: Focus Time

    * Applies [Pass] to yourself only, increasing its effects by 2x
    * Increases SP consumption by 20%

  • Time Forward: Attack Skills

    * Applies [Time Forward] to the cooldown of attack skills only
    * 10% chance per attribute level
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%

  • Quick Cast: Increase Accuracy

    * Reduces the chances of your magic attacks missing the target by 5% per attribute level while [Quick Cast] is active
    * Increases SP consumption by 10%

  • Reincarnate: Enhance

    * Increases [Reincarnate]'s success chances by 0.5% per attribute level

  • Reincarnate: Two

    * When an enemy affected by [Reincarnate] dies and is revived, two enemies will appear with a chance of 0.1% per attribute level
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%

  • Stop: Control Boss Monster

    * Allows [Stop] to also stop boss monsters once
    * Increases SP consumption by 10
    * Increases SP consumption by 30%

  • Pass: Additional Reduction

    * Offers a 0.5% chance per attribute level of reducing cooldown by an additional 5 seconds when using [Pass]