[Available from the 2nd Advancement]
Appraisers are considered a friend by many. Their jobs sees that they form relations with many different people from various walks of life so they hardly have any enemies. They are known to keep secrets as they often deal in appraising rare and valuable items for many people.
Appraisers are a class that can identify unidentified items. In combat, Appraisers use their skills to evaluate both allies and enemies.


  • IdentifyNone

    Set up a shop to identify unidentified items. The higher the skill level, the higher the chances of applying additional stats to the item.

  • BlindsideArrow

    Use a magnifying glass to find the enemy's blind side and attack. Foes around the attacked enemy will have a higher chance of being critically attacked.
    (The effects of Blindside and the character's critical rate apply separately.)

  • DevaluationNone

    Provides a chance to turn all enemy equipment enhancement and transcendence values to 0. When the enemy is a monster, reduces physical and magic attack and defense. This amount is reduced by half if the enemy is a boss monster.

  • ForgeryNone

    Creates a forgery of the accessory your character is wearing. Only party members can use the forgery and receive its effects. The Appraiser will not receive the effects of the accessory when the forgery is used.

  • InsuranceNone

    Activates an insurance which reduces the penalties applied when you become incapable of combat.

  • OverestimateNone

    Increases the enhancement values of your main weapon.


  • Devaluation: Increased Chance

    * Chance of inflicting the [Devaluation] debuff increased by 1% per attribute level

  • Blindside: Enhance

    * Increases [Blindside]'s Skill Factor and minimum critical rate by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Devaluation: Enhance

    * Increases [Devaluation]'s physical and magic attack and defense reducing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Insurance: Enhance

    * Increases [Insurance]'s durability penalty decreasing effects by 0.5% per attribute level
    * +10% added increase at maximum level

  • Overestimate: Enhance Allies

    * Applies [Overestimate] buff to party members.
    * Increases SP consumption by 200%

  • [Arts] Blindside: Focus

    * Changes the Overheat of [Blindside] to 1, and changes it to a [Fire] property attack that can be channeled for 2 seconds.
    Inflicts the [Expose Weakness] debuff on enemies that causes them to take 30% more damage from critical strikes.

  • [Arts] Blindside: Enhanced Upgrade

    * Increases the Skill Factor of [Blindside] by 1.25% per attribute level