[UPDATED 3] New Event: Survival Instinct


Jan 24th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!

We have a new event challenge coming up for you. If you’re brave enough not to shy away from a little danger, that is. Survive the new event dungeon without the help of any skills or items and you’ll be rewarded with lucky prizes every day. Read the details below to find out how to participate.

1. Event Period

From: scheduled maintenance on January 24, 2017
To: scheduled maintenance on February 14, 2017

2. How to Participate

- Go to the Event Notice Board in Klaipeda or Orsha and enter the event ‘Ashaq Underground Prison’ dungeon in a pre-made or auto-matched party.
Survive the bosses inside the event dungeon without using skills or items. The event dungeon consists of 3 stages, explained under ‘3. Ashaq Underground Prison Stages’.
- The more stages you clear in the event dungeon, the more cubes you will be rewarded with. The cube rewards stack as you clear each stage, and clearing all 3 stages will win you a total of 6 Prison Cubes. See ‘4. Prison Cube Drop Items’ for the list of items you can get from the event cubes.
- After you clear the dungeon, you can receive your cube(s) from the Event Notice Board.

- You can also collect prizes for the number of times you run the event dungeon:
   10 runs: Enchant Scroll (14 Days) x3
   20 runs: Pink Rooster Headband x1

3. [UPDATED] ‘Ashaq Underground Prison’ Stages

Stage 1: survive 3 bosses for 2 minutes (reward = 1 Prison Cube + 1 Fortune Cookie)
Stage 2: survive 4 bosses for 2 minutes (reward = 2 Prison Cubes + 1 Fortune Cookie)
Stage 3: survive 4 bosses for 3 minutes (reward = 3 Prison Cubes + 1 Fortune Cookie)

4. Prison Cube Drop Items

Random boss monster cube x1 = 50% chance
Keista Protective Potion = 15% chance
Keistas Bravery Potion = 15% chance
Instanced One Entry Voucher (14 Days) = 15% chance
Superior Gem Abrasive (14 Days) = 5% chance

5. Important

- Only characters of level 100 or higher can participate in the event.
- [UPDATED 2] You can enter the event dungeon once per day (2 times for Token users), per character.
Participation in the event is counted on a per-team basis. You can participate with different characters and all their runs will count towards the total number of runs of your team.
- Prizes earned from the total number of runs can only be received once per team.
- Stage survival prizes and participation count prizes can be received from the Event Message Board.
- Prizes will time limits (’14 Days’) will start counting down as soon as they are received.
- Event dungeon entries are reset every day at EST 06:00.
- The number of entries in the event dungeon cannot be reset with an Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher item.
- [UPDATED] When using "Restart from the Nearest Revival Point", you will be teleported to Orsha. You will be able to re-enter the event mission.
[UPDATED] All buffs except for EXP-related will be removed. e.g. The EXP buff from EXP Tome will not be removed.
[UPDATED] Upon entering the event your Max. HP will be changed to 1.

We offer our most sincere apologies for the typos and misinformation regarding this event announcement.