Free Rank Reset AND 20% Attribute Discounts Coming Soon!


Dec 26th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

The much-awaited Rank Reset Voucher, an item which allows you to redo the class tree of one of your characters, is finally arriving on December 27, 2016.

If you’re considering using the Rank Reset Voucher, you will know that this item will also reset your learned attributes. While attributes learned before the reset can be relearned at no cost, we want to support your dream class tree even further by introducing a limited-time 20% discount to all attributes. See below for the details.

About the Attribute Discount

- All attributes will be available at a 20% off discount from the scheduled maintenance on December 27, 2016 until January 24, 2017.

- The attribute discount will apply to every team and character (not just the ones using the Rank Reset).

To ensure that you make the most of your Voucher, we would like to remind you of some important aspects you should keep in mind when retrieving and using this item. You will not be given additional Vouchers, so make sure you understand all the conditions and take all the precautions necessary.

About the Rank Reset Voucher

- During the scheduled maintenance on December 27, 2016, you will receive one ‘Rank Reset Voucher (14 Days)’ item in the Message Box, which is located inside your in-game lodge.

- The Rank Reset Voucher can be retrieved until January 17, 2017 (EST).

- Upon retrieving the Rank Reset Voucher from your Message Box, you will be asked to give it to one of your characters. The Voucher cannot be traded and cannot be moved via Team Storage, so make sure you are giving it to the correct character.

- After one of your characters receives the Rank Reset Voucher, you will have 14 days to use it. The Voucher can no longer be used after the 14-day period expires.

- Before you use the Rank Reset Voucher, make sure your character gathers all the conditions necessary. The most important details are made explicit in the item description itself, but you should also read the full explanation here to avoid any mistakes.


1. You MUST have all your items unequipped AND all the costumes received from class advancements unlocked in your inventory.
2. You MUST NOT have any attribute learning in progress.
3. You MUST NOT have any companions following your character.
4. You MUST be inside a city (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian).
5. You MUST NOT be using any shops.
6. You MUST NOT be crafting, enhancing or combining any items.
7. You MUST NOT be a guild master if your character is a Templar.

IMPORTANT: Read the rest of the details in our Rank Reset Voucher dev post here: