New Event: New Year’s Fortune


Dec 26th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

The New Year is almost here and we’re starting 2017 off on the right foot with a little help from some lucky Fortune Cookies. See the details below to find out how to participate in the event.

1. Event Period

From: scheduled maintenance on December 27, 2016
To: scheduled maintenance on January 17, 2017

2. How to Participate

Defeat the final boss in any mission or instanced dungeon to receive a Fortune Cookie.
Use the Fortune Cookie item from your inventory to receive its buff effects.
- Each Fortune Cookie will give you 30 minutes of +30% EXP gains and +1 movement speed.
- Receive different prizes according to the total number of Fortune Cookies used.

3. Fortune Cookie Prizes

10 Cookies used: Token: 7 Days x1
20 Cookies used: Settlement Support Potion x10
30 Cookies used: Old Enhancement Card x1
40 Cookies used: Superior Gem Abrasive (14 Days) x1
50 Cookies used: Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
60 Cookies used: Penguin Hair Accessory x1

4. Important

- This event is open to characters of all levels.
- Fortune Cookie items are untradable.
- You can stack the effects of up to 5 Fortune Cookies.
- Each prize can be received a maximum of once per account.
- The number of Fortune Cookies used is calculated on a per-account basis.
- You will see the total number of Fortune Cookies used by your team appear every time one of your characters uses one.
Prizes will be delivered directly to the inventory of the character that achieves the required Fortune Cookie use count (i.e. since used Cookies are counted on a per-team basis, whatever character in your team is the 10th to use a Fortune Cookie will receive the prize corresponding to 10 Cookies used, and so on). Keep this in mind when consuming the Fortune Cookies.
- Prizes with time limits will begin counting down as soon as they are received by your character.