Introducing the Rank Reset Voucher


Jan 1st, 2018

 Greetings, Saviors!


Today we would like to introduce the long-awaited Rank Reset Voucher, an item that, as the name implies, allows you to reset your character’s rank. We understand our players will have a lot of questions on how this item works and how it can be used, so we wanted to do this round-up guide to show you how you can take the best advantage of the Rank Reset Voucher.

First, we hope you understand that, as much as the Rank Reset Voucher will help you redo an important part of your build, there are a few things to consider before you decide to use yours.

And so, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, we urge you to read the information here very carefully. We know it’s a lot, but we don’t want your precious Rank Reset Voucher to go to waste!


1. What kind of item is the ‘Rank Reset Voucher’?

  1. The Voucher can be retrieved from the message box in your lodge until XXday, XX XX, 2017, at XX:XX (EST).

  2. One Voucher will be provided per account, and the Voucher can only be given to one character in your team.

※ You will not be given additional vouchers, and you cannot move the Voucher from one character to another, so choose wisely!!

  1. After you retrieve the Rank Reset Voucher from your message box, you must use it within 14 days.

  2. The received Voucher will then appear in the inventory of the character to whom you give it. The item cannot be disposed of, cannot be traded, and cannot be moved via team storage.



2. What do I need to do before resetting my rank?

  1. Unequip all items your character may be equipping.

  2. Unlock any costumes received via class advancement your character may have in their inventory.

  3. If your character is learning an attribute, wait until all attributes your character may be learning are complete. Your character cannot be learning any attributes when you use the Rank Reset Voucher.

  4. Make sure there are no companions following with your character (you can disassociate a companion from a character at your lodge).

  5. You cannot be using shops (buff shops, etc.) or have any shops open while using the Rank Reset Voucher.

  6. You cannot be crafting items, enhancing items, enhancing gems or combining cards while using the Voucher.

  7. If your character is a Templar guild master, you need to transfer the position of guild master to another member or leave the guild entirely.


※ Before using the Voucher, make sure to check whether you gather all the conditions for a successful rank reset through the Voucher’s UI.


3. What happens to my character after I use the Rank Reset?

  1. You character will reset to Class Level 1 of Rank 1, and you will automatically receive the amount of Rank Cards necessary to return to Class Level 1 of your character’s original Rank. All Rank Cards obtained are bound to the character that receives them and are untradeable.

Your character’s Class Level and EXP will completely reset when you use the Rank Reset Voucher.

※ If your character’s Class Level is 15, you will also receive a Rank Card corresponding to the next Rank.

For example, a character of Rank 7 and Class Level 15 will receive Rank Cards up to Rank Card 8, allowing them to reach Class Level 1 of Rank 8 after using the Cards and completing the corresponding advancement quests. Meanwhile, a character of Rank 7 and Class Level 10 will only receive Rank Cards up to Rank Card 7, allowing them to reach Class Level 1 of Rank 7 after using the Cards and completing the corresponding advancement quests.

※ Each Rank Card can only be used when your character is in the Rank immediately prior to it (e.g. when you are on Rank 1, you will need to use the Rank 2 Card; when you are on Rank 2, you will need to use the Rank 3 Card, and so on).

  • All of your character’s learned attributes will reset.
  • However, after the Rank Reset your character can learn the same attributes they had learned before the Reset, as long as the Class/Circle and Skill Level are the same before and after the Rank Reset. The attributes where your character meets these conditions can be learned by them free of charge (no silver consumed) up until the attribute level reached before the Rank Reset.

  • All costumes received via class advancement will be deleted. Hair accessories will remain in your inventory.

  • Hidden class advancement requirements remain the same after you use the Rank Reset Voucher. ※ If you had advanced into a hidden class before the Reset and want to advance into the same hidden class after the Reset, you will need to gather the exact same conditions once again in order to advance.

  • All advancement quests will be reset. In order to advance to your desired class, you will have to use the Rank Cards provided to increase your Class Level and complete each advancement quest according to the class you want.

  • Equipped monster cards will be unequipped and moved to your inventory. No penalty will be applied to your cards after they are automatically unequipped during the Rank Reset (i.e. they will remain the same as they were before the Reset).

  • Companion vouchers obtained via class advancement will be deleted when you use the Reset. Companions previously obtained via voucher will not be deleted and will remain in your team.

  • Remember that Circle 3 Costumes may become unequippable by your character after the Rank Reset if you choose a different Circle 3 class than the one you had before the Reset.

  • If your current character is a Kannushi and you wish to advance into the same class again, after the Rank Reset you can only do so with a female character.


    Again, make sure you understand what the Rank Reset entails and how to use the Voucher before you jump into your new class tree. May the goddess’ blessing accompany you in your path.

    PS. We are currently proceeding with tests regarding a Hidden Class, Earth Tower Solmiki contents, Rank Reset Vouchers etc and they will be released as soon as the tests are finished.