Weekly Question and Answer – November 18th, 2016


Nov 18th, 2016

Q1. On keyboard mode you use the space bar to interact with NPCs, but on mouse mode all you can do is click, which can be a bit complicated to use in busy cities. Any plans to work on this?

A1. We are aware that TOS’ fixed quarter-view style can sometimes make things difficult for mouse mode users, especially when objects are too close or overlap. This is something that we’re concerned about as well and definitely want to improve. We’re still considering this issue in general, but some improvements that maybe could be applied in the future would be, for example, defining specific keyboard keys for certain actions or allowing for more flexible control setting in mouse mode.

Q2. We know kTOS introduced equipment slots in companions already, but they only work with the same equipment used by player characters. Are you planning to add any companion-specific equipment?

A2. Yes, one of the reasons we created those equipment slots for companions was to eventually have items made specifically for them. As of now, this feature is still very much in the early stages of development so there’s no telling when the final products will be out, but we are looking over a few companion equipment options, including some companion hair accessories.