Weekly Question and Answer – November 11th, 2016


Nov 11th, 2016

Q1. The statement on trade restriction that we can retrieve our silver in 48 hours from the market. Will you consider making more comfortable for us?

  • In-game market is inevitably tied to malicious criminal acts such as RMT because it is the main distribution channels in the in-game items and currencies. We are continuously monitoring the transactions of major RMT-items on the market and requires a period of delay to detect illicit activities and prevent such actions from significantly affecting iTOS. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the 48 hours restriction. It is difficult to remove 48 hours restriction, We are examining all the options for reducing the current waiting time more in the future patch.

    Q2. There is no function and system to change our companion even we typed wrongly. Is there any plan to allow us to change companion's name?

  • We've usually received suggestion about changing companion's name. So we did make a plan to allow our players to change your precious companions. We firmly promise that it will be applied in a future patch. 

    Q3. When can we meet any of new Gestures and Emoticons to express our characters as eating popcorn and etc ? 

  • We are planning to develop new Gestures and Emoticons for our players as possible as we can. However, we firmly focus on fixing bugs as the top priority.