Weekly Question and Answer – October 28th, 2016


Oct 28th, 2016

Q1. SPR and INT don’t seem to be as effective as other stats in the game. Any plans to address this?

  • We agree, so we did make a few plans to address stat effectiveness. Starting with the INT and STR stats, we are currently undergoing internal tests to improve their effects. In the case of SPR, however, instead of increasing the effects of the stat in itself, we focused more on improving how certain skills scale with it (particularly skills in the Cleric class tree.)

    Q2. All the Lv 270 and Lv 315 items right now are either purple or red. Are you going to introduce any regular high-level items as well?

  • We know there are a few players who were curious about this, so we wanted to let you know that yes, we are in the process of preparing new regular items for the higher levels as well. The release date for the new items isn’t set yet, but if everything works out we expect to be able to launch them as soon as our next kTOS patch.

    Q3. Will our male characters ever get hairstyles with a beard or mustache included?

  • We’ve always received suggestions about beard/mustache and shaved head styles, and at the same time, there have always been those who feel like it doesn’t really fit with the design of the game. Considering the consistent requests we get from players, however, we feel like it’s time we give it a try, so we’re going to start designing a few samples.