'Halloween-special Fan Art Fest' Begins!


Sep 29th, 2016

Creepings, Saviors!


Now that Halloween is nigh we figured, the time is right to hold another fan art fest. This time it will be called ‘Halloween-special Fan Art Fest: Fan Art from the Crypt.’ The rules, policies and details will be pretty much the same as the last time except for one small but crucial difference, it should be Halloween-themed.

To clarify, something spooky or horror-themed is okay but nothing too graphic, too scary or too gory. In short, please keep it within the T rating of the game, you cool ghouls. Also, as always, the work has to be Tree of Savior related. The submitted works will have chances to be on in-game loading screens and, of corpse, receive certain prizes. We encourage much participation from our beloved users.

Fangs in advance.

1. Period: From Now Until 2016.10.18 11:59 PM (EDT)
2. Eligible Participants:
All Tree of Savior users
3. How to Participate: Upload your work on Forum > Fansites > Fan Art category with the '[SUBMIT]' in the topic title. And please include the following information in the post.
- Your Server Name
- Your Team Name
- Brief Description of the Work
- And most importantly your artwork
4. Prize: 300 TP + Ingame title (‘Haunted Artist’)

File Format : jpg/png/psd
Size :
1920 *1080px , 300dpi 

Type: Tree of Savior-related Halloween-themed works
- Illustration
- Comic panels
- Image that utilize ingame screenshots
- EXCEPT for real-life photography or image that utilize such

Policies and Disclaimers

The creator of the material will hold the rights of the submitted work, however, by submitting the work, you agreed to have the material to be applied to in-game loading screens and posted on the forum to introduce the selected works.

The images might undergo slight modification when applying them to the loading screen.

The date of loading screen application shall be announced at a later date. The loading screen images are subject to change without prior notification.

imcGAMES will not be held responsible for the plagiarized works submitted by a user.

When plagiarism or IP theft is confirmed, we may retrieve all the benefits and the prize given to the user.
You may not post materials that are sexually explicit, offensive to certain groups or generally inappropriate for the game’s T rating.