Weekly Question and Answer – September 9th, 2016


Sep 9th, 2016



Q1. Being unable to trade items between characters in my team makes it much harder to level other characters. Will we ever be able to share currently untradable items between characters in the same team?

A1. We are considering the removal of sharing restrictions on items up to the 'Rare(purple)' tier. However, we do not have any plans on removing the restrictions on 'Unique(red)' tier items which will continue to be character specific.
While slightly off topic, recipes that use other recipes as ingredients will appear in the future to add more variety to the crafting system.

Q2. Lower level players are having trouble in the Siauliai mission since the level of boss monsters are set to the highest level player. Are there any plans to make things more fair for all the players?

A2. We realize that the large level gap may have made it much harder for lower level players than we had intended. We plan to balance the monster levels according to each party. We expect that this will alleviate this issue and this feature is expected to be implemented soon.

Q3. It has been a while since we had our last event. Are there going to be any more events?

A3. We are currently planning and testing various types of events in order to provide more things to look forward to every time you log in. We hope that you will enjoy the next event we have planned for you.

Q4. It has been a while since the x4 and x8 EXP Tomes have been introduced in kTOS. When are we going to be able to use them?

A4. We had decided to postpone their introduction in order to make sure that players would be able to get their full potential. You will soon be able to craft them in the enhanced form that is currently available on kTOS.