Plans regarding the re-balancing of certain skills

By STAFF_Ethan

Aug 24th, 2016

Greetings Saviors,

We would like to announce that certain skills will be re-balanced due to changes in game mechanics.

The combined use of these certain skills had allowed players to deal much more damage than intended under certain circumstances.

They will be adjusted to meet original game design intentions.

The skills that will be affected due to the re-balanced are the following.

  • Joint Penalty
  • Hangman's Knot
  • Magic Missile
  • [Adjustment specifications]

    Additional attacks will no longer be possible against other monsters that are bound by Joint Penalty. Only the initial monster will receive additional attacks against from skills even though the damage from those attacks will still be registered to the other monsters.

    ※ Please note that certain aspects of the re-balancing may change as a result of continued refinement.

    Adjustment details will be re-mentioned in patchnotes prior to the change which is scheduled to happen during the month of September.


    IMC Staff