Weekly Question and Answer – August 12th, 2016


Aug 12th, 2016

1. I’m curious to know how auto-matching works in Team Battle League. Can you let us in on how the teams are matched together?

The process of matching teams together for the Battle League involves two major steps. First, teams applying for the Battle League are sorted by the average level of their members. Then, the system compares the MMR of the sorted teams and searches for the best match within a limited MMR range. If the matching process is delayed, this MMR range is automatically adjusted to allow for a bigger difference between both teams and reduce waiting time. Along with these methods, our plan is to gradually improve the system so as to include Elo ratings in the matching process as well.

2. Having the guild master as the sole administrator of a guild can be a little inconvenient. Any plans to create a sort of sub-master for guilds?

Having a single leader in a guild can in fact be less than ideal for the other members when the guild master isn’t around, especially in larger guilds. Because of this, we are planning to develop a new role of sub-master for guilds that want to assign one. This sub-master will have the authority to perform some of the same actions as the guild master, allowing members to participate in guild activities even when the guild master is not available. Nothing concrete has been settled about this feature yet, but we’ll keep you updated with more details in the future.

3. Will Rank 8 increase the current maximum level?

Indeed, it will. As you know, level 280 corresponds to the current maximum of Rank 7. Applying the Rank 8 patch, then, will not only unlock the new classes we already introduced in our blog, but also expand the maximum level to 330 for characters and companions. And, of course, the maximum team level will also increase accordingly.

4. Sometimes the boss monster in “Guild Boss Hunting” doesn’t appear when it should. Is this being fixed?

We are aware that this problem tends to occur at times during guild events, so to solve it, we’ve decided to adjust the conditions of the event. We’re in the process of developing a solution to this error and expect to apply the fix in a future patch.

5. We’ve waited long enough for the bunny costumes now, and the new swimwear costumes you released in Korea look really cute too. When can we expect them on Steam?

If you’ve been waiting for the bunny series costumes and the new swimwear line, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re planning on introducing them both on the TP Shop on Steam very soon. We’re very thankful for the interest the community has shown in our costume sets and will continue to develop new cosmetic items for those who enjoy personalizing their characters.