Coming Soon: Monster Card Equip, Transcendence, New Premium Items


Aug 8th, 2016


Greetings, Saviors!

Continuing our large-scale Big Brawl Update, that brought the Team Battle League and Regional Guild Battles to the international servers, we’re following up with a set of new features soon to be introduced to Steam. Here is a quick preview of some of the main additions you can expect to arrive in a maintenance not too far away.

Monster Card Equip System

Previously covered in our Developer’s Blog, this feature allows you to equip Monster Cards obtained from boss monsters into slots located in your character’s inventory. Each equipped card will then grant you different benefits that you can mix and match to your best advantage. You can check out the Monster Card Equip System dev blog post here for a better rundown of all the features, just remember that some aspects of the system can be different from the post by the time it is updated on Steam.

Item Transcendence

Transcendence is a new function that will allow you to improve the features of your equipment items, akin to item enhancement. To transcend an item, you will first need the ‘Blessed Shard’, a material obtained from a new mission soon to be introduced in the Saalus Convent region. With this material, you can purchase a recipe from an Accessory Merchant that will allow you to craft a Goddess Gem to transcend either a weapon, armor or accessory item. The transcendence process itself can then be completed at a Blacksmith NPC. More details about item transcendence are to come in a future announcement, so stay tuned to our news page.

New Premium Items

The updates we’re preparing include a whole range of premium cosmetic items to personalize your characters. The TP Shop will soon see the arrival of not only more thematic and class-specific costumes, but also hair accessories, hair dyes and contact lenses.

Make sure to keep an eye on our weekly patch notes for more updates and new events coming up.