The 'Survival and Victory' Event is coming!


Jul 22nd, 2016

Greetings Saviors!

We are pleased to announced that the "Survival and Victory" event will be released soon.

Please make sure to check all the details below for information about the event.


1. Event Period

- From : Scheduled Maintenance on July 26th 2016

- Until : Scheduled Maintenance on August 16th 2016


2. How to Participate

-You will automatically participate in the event if you join a Team Battle during the event period 

-You can see more information about the Team Battle League in this announcement.


3. Rewards

A. Weekly Challenge

-Achieve 15 wins per week on a character to earn 300 points which you will be to use at the Team Battle League Point Shop 

-You may earn up to 900 points per character during the event period

-Rewards will be applied to the relevant characters every scheduled maintenance throughout the event period

B. Best Combatant

-An honorary title will be given to the top ranked player for each base class (Archer, Cleric, Swordsman, Wizard) per region (NA, EU, SEA, SA)

-The title will be applied to relevant characters on the last scheduled maintenance of the event period


4. Important

-Participation Requirements: Characters must be over Rank 5 will be able to participate 

-Please note that the rankings are reset every Monday at midnight (EDT)

-Please remember that you will not be allowed to abuse bugs, you may be disqualified as a result.

-Please note that above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan.