Weekly Question and Answer – July 22th, 2016


Jul 22nd, 2016

1. When are we getting news about other Rank 8 classes?

We expect to update the Dev Blog with a preview of Rank 8 Swordsman classes today. The remaining Rank 8 classes will also be gradually introduced through the Dev Blog, so stay tuned.


2. Do you have an exact date planned for the kTOS patch?

We’ve been receiving many questions from players about when the kTOS patch will finally be applied to iTOS. We’re happy to announce that the kTOS patch is coming to Steam on our next scheduled maintenance, which is taking place on July 26th, 2016.


3. I’m wondering if you’re working to fix the weapon swap FPS drop issues.

We’re currently working on the problem of FPS decreases with weapon swap; it’s an issue we’re testing internally. We expect our frame improvements to produce positive results concerning this issue, and we will apply them as soon as the testing process is finished.


4. Can you tell us about the reasoning behind allowing non-swordsman classes to wear plate armor? 

- There has been a lot of feedback from users saying that the swordsman class feels underpowered as tanking type characters. 
We are planning on bringing armor sets that will be unique to the swordsman class to iTOS as soon as we can.


5. Can we expect to see 1280*720 Screen Mode resolutions? 

- We have receive quite a bit of user feedback about having difficulty playing on certain devices or 720p resolution recordings as Tree of Savior did not support 1280*720 resolution.
You will soon be able to play on that resolution as we will be able to support 1280*720 resolution soon.