Known Issues: July 5th


Jul 5th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors.

The following is the list of bugs that we are aware and currently working on them.




Face Disappearing When Using Fireball: "Dullahan Problem"

Losing the character's face when equipped with Love-Wave Perm and usingf the 'Fire Ball' skill


Going Over the Iron Gate: "Hang On A Second"

Being able to pass through the iron gate in Catacombs Underground Dungeon by using the Falconer's "Hanging Shot"


Elongaged Cooldown: "Travel-Weariness"

Skill cooldown increasing when changing channels


Stuck When Using Quest Teleport: "You Shall Not Pass!" 

Getting stuck after using the quest completion warp.


Slowed FPS After a Cutscene: "If I Could Save Time In A Bottle"

FPS getting slowed after a cutscene.




The Legendary Trick(2)': "Transformation Malfunction"

The transformed appearance being improperly printed if changing equipment while being transformed during the 'The Legendary Trick(2)' quest. 


Memorial Ceremony(3): "Multi-Tasking"

Being able to use skills while collecting Butterfly Fragrance during the 'Memorial Ceremony(3)' quest.



Cryomancer- Snow Rolling: "Impaler Escaper"
Being unable to cast Cataphract's "Impaler" skill on a Cryomancer even after the Cryomancer's Snow Rolling has been completed in a friendly duel.

Hunter- Hounding: "What a Drag" 
The companion draging a character with it when it is hit with the Hunter's "Hounding" skill and attacks the character.

Swordman- Bash: "Bash Not! Even! Once!"
The knockback effect not applying to the target.

Rodelero/Thaumarturge - Shield Bash/Transpose : "Man of Health and Taste" 
Being able to increase health stat to an absurd amount by using Shield Bash or Transpose

Dievdirby - Statue of Goddess Laima: "Idle Idol"
Certain skills not receiving the cooldown buff from the skill.

Linker- Physical Link: "A Problem Shared Is A Problem Doubled"
Damage is not reduced when using the skill.

Corsair- Jolly Roger: "Folly Roger, More Like"
Damage buff not working.

Please let us know via Support Ticket if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible. Screenshots, character/Team/server/class details, and timestamps would be greatly appreciated. That way we can have more information to work with on a more specified problem allowing it to be resolved faster.